SWP: 105 Committed to Wealth through Motivation and Real Estate

Juan Vargas is a family man that has found a way to live the life he wants through real estate investing. He has over 350 rental units and looks to help others achieve their goals of having passive cash flow as he hosts his own podcast called “Commit to Wealth.” He’s a full-time entrepreneur and real estate investor with a focus on multifamily.

Insight of the Week:

Why should branding be just as important to your business as acquisitions, dispositions, and transactions?

  1. Having a website and a strong social media presence
  2. Business cards or flyers
  3. How you dress, talk, and present yourself is all part of branding as well
  4. Everything you do is part of your brand

Spiritual Foundations:

Advice to people that struggle to read the Bible

  • The bible is not a book meant to be read front to back, so it is ok if you can’t do that
  • Find a version that you can understand, even if it is a children or teen’s bible
  • Use a Study Bible
  • Get bible verse of the day emails

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Juan’s background
  • Working his day job at the same time when he’s buying rentals
  • Number of single-family homes he acquired before he decided to transition into multifamily
  • The similarities and differences between multifamily and single-family
  • What the banks look at as far as his debt-to-income ratio buying an apartment building versus a single-family house
  • Certain amount that banks require to down
  • Having a wealthy mindset
  • Tactical action steps that he can give to a normal person to have this [wealthy mindset]
  • Great resources that he uses to find great deals
  • Resources he recommends
  • Tips for the listeners


“Being contented with what you have and being able to help others.”
“Being grateful with what you have is what it is all about.”
“Pick what it is that they wanna target.”
“Focus specifically on the niche that you want to do.”
“Do the things that you wanna do.”
“If you guys are even thinking about it, then that’s already the first step.”
“The deals won’t come to you. You have to go out there and hunt for them and search for them and make it happen on your own.”




The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Dave Jenks
Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Profile: Juan Vargas

Juan’s Email Address: juan@committowealth.com
Juan’s Website

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