SWP: 106 Why is Central Indiana Such a Great Place to Invest?

Today we are honored to have a very special guest with us on the Simple Wholesaling Podcast, Vickie Perry. Vickie is the executive director of the Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association or CIREIA. She works along with their board to provide education and networking events for those that invest around Indianapolis.

We wanted to have Vickie on because Indianapolis is such a great place for real estate investors and we thought that we could spend some time highlighting what some of those reason are. We also want to discuss what a great resource CIREIA is for investors.

Insight of the Week:

How are CRM systems helpful for real estate wholesalers?

Spiritual Foundations:

Isaiah 26:3

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Vickie’s background story
  • Her experience traveling the United States
  • The number of flips she has done so far
  • The advantages of living in flip houses
  • How she got the executive director of CIREIA role
  • What CIREIA offers
  • The main meetings in CIREIA
  • Why subgroups are important
  • What we can look forward to from CIREIA in 2018
  • Why she chose Indianapolis


“Get started first by just listening and learning.”
“If you are blessed enough to survive, that will change your life very quickly.”
“…one thing that we can’t be afraid to do in this business or in life in general is be afraid to ask for help.”
“If you’re stepping a job that you hate, the money maybe great, but you don’t know what’s down the road for you.”


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Brian: Hey, Kermit. I really want to learn to flip houses.

Brett: Hey Ms. Piggy. Why do you want to flip houses? I do not know, that is a little scary.

Brian: Because I want to make a lot of money and I want to retire and travel the world.

Brett: I think I am okay here in my little town. I do not know, you are starting to scare me.

Brian: Kermit, I am going to kiss you.

Brett: This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 106.

Welcome to Simple Wholesaling. A Christian podcast that supplies simple, yet effective content for real estate investors and business entrepreneurs. Get advice, tips, and tricks so that you can stay true to your values and achieve your dreams with real estate investing you can trust. Now, introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: What is going on all you Simple Wholesalers out there? Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. This is episode 106 and I am your host of today’s show, Brett Snodgrass. I am with my co-host, Brian Snider.

Brian: Hello, hello. How is it going my man?

Brett: It is good man. He did a wonderful Miss Piggy impersonation.

Brian: Is it better than my Darth Vader?

Brett: Now, we put that up for you guys because we are interviewing Vickie Perry and that is one of our random questions and I am not going to take what it is but it has to do with Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Stay tuned for that. Just a little bit about today’s show, we are going to go through our normal Brett’s Insight of the Week, Spiritual Foundations and then we have a wonderful interview with a local celebrity, Vickie Perry. What do you think about Vickie, Brian?

Brian: She kind of really is like a celebrity around here.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: Like if you are in real estate investing and you know who Vickie Perry is and you probably worked with her in some way here in Indianapolis.

Brett: We are going to get banners that say ‘Vickie Perry for President.’

Brian: I am good with that.

Brett: I am too but I love this show because I have known Vickie for a few years now. She is the executive director of our local CIREIA, which is the Central Indianan Real Estate Investors Association, say that five times, it is a mouthful. That is why we call it CIREIA. She has done a wonderful wonderful job of growing this organization where each meeting we have 200 plus people there and we have, I do not know how many members we have now, but it is like 400 or 500, something like that. She does such a great job but I love this show because she opens up. I have not seen this side of her.

Brian: Yes, this is really cool. Being able to interview her for this because you and I work with her all the time but yes, we definitely learned a lot about her through this interview.

Brett: Definitely.

Brian: That is one of the reasons we do these podcast too and especially like the Going Deep section of being able to really get into who somebody is and let them share a little bit more about themselves.

Brett: Yes. I always learn this every month or every year is that everybody has a story. What is your story? Vickie goes into some of her past 30 years ago when she got into flipping and she goes into with her husband who had passed away not too long ago and just a really heartfelt story. You guys are really going to want to stay tuned for this.

Brett’s Insight of the Week

Now, simple tips and tricks that make real estate investing easier, faster, and better. Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: For today’s Insight of the Week, we are going to talk about CRM systems and how are they helpful for real estate wholesalers. This is crucial, I believe, to any wholesalers business. If you do not have a CRM, which stands for customer relations manager, then you need to get with the agents. You need to speak in with the agents folks because this is going to help you so much. Because you need to stay organized. You have all these leads coming in, your phone is ringing, and how do you keep track of everything and this is what you do. CRM systems help you keep track of the leads, it helps he put notes into the property, it helps you put files attached to the property, put pictures of the property, and everything is in one place.

I think that is the flaw of most people getting in this business. They do not know how to run a business and it has actually changed our life when we got a CRM system. We were using spreadsheets and trying to color coordinate everything. Like green would be hot and yellow would be cold and pink would be we need to follow up in a week and all this weird stuff. What a CRM system can do for you is you can add tasks for yourself. Hey, I am going to follow up with this person next week. Then that next week comes and then you get a task saying, ‘Hey, Brett. You need a follow up.’ It is a great reminder. What did I last talked to that seller about, about the property? Oh, the CRM system has your notes right here in the property, right?

Everything is just in one place and it can help you keep you organized so much in your business. Some CRMs I recommend, we have gone through a few, we have gotten a little bit more sophisticated as our business has grown. But we started off with CRM called Highrise HQ. You can find it at HighriseHQ.com. A wonderful CRM system. It was simple to use. You put the lead in, the property in, and you could add a task for yourself. It was not sophisticated where you could add automatic follow ups for sellers or some of the more sophisticated things that we have now but it is a great starting out CRM that I highly recommend for people that have a small wholesaling business and just to keep it simple. From there we went into a CRM called Insightly.

Another wonderful CRM, a little bit more sophisticated where we could add automatic tasks for people. This is great for a team. Like if we close on a property, we click a button, and then automatically adds a task for Brian to create a presentation to list on our website. Things like that, right? So you do not have to manually do everything. Recently, we have gone into a wonderful CRM system called Podio. This is a very sophisticated CRM system. We can add automatic follow ups for motivated sellers so we can click a button.

For a whole year and a half, they will get e-mails from us, they will get text messages from us, they will get a purchase agreement in the mail from us, all these different automatic things so we do not have to manually follow up all the time. It also adds a lot of other things that it actually links with Zello. Before we would have to go to Google Maps or to Zello or to the MLS and pull comps, pull a street view image of the property. Well, as soon as we type in the property address on Podio, it pulls the Google Image street view straight into our CRM.

It just takes that step completely out, right? That is what we are using now. Highly recommend it, it is a lot more sophisticated. If I am just getting started out, I would not do it but if you scale your business, I would highly recommend Podio. That is what a lot of big dogs are doing and that is what we are doing.

Spiritual Foundation

Do you dream of a life that is purpose-driven and makes a difference? Spiritual Foundation.Spiritual Foundation.

Brett: For today’s Spiritual Foundations, we typically take a Bible verse and we really break it down and we talked about how that is relating to our life or our guests’ life, all of that. I love doing that. It is amazing. Today, I am going to talk a little bit about something different and it really relates to the guest of the show, Vickie. Again, I just have so much respect for her after this hearing. Everything that she has gone through and you guys are going to hear that a lot of in the Going Deep section about the sickness, about the loss of loved ones and how that has really transformed her life.

I know that death, when that happens, or either facing death or someone that we love has died, you always start reflecting about life. I hate that because it seems like whenever I go to a funeral or a loved one has died, I reflect on it, it affects me for a little while and then I end up back in the same track a lot of times. I get my priorities out of whack and all of that.

I really just want to hone in on let us not wait for us to have a crisis in our life to start doing the right thing. I believe that we can have a routine in the morning or each day that gets us in that mindset. I have been thinking more and more about this lately. When you guys get up in the morning, it is kind of a brand new beginning for us, right? You need to have some sort of routine to get your mind there. I remember we had an interview with Alex Pardo a couple of podcast ago and he was talking about his morning routine.

Instead of waking up reactive where you are just rushing around, trying to get the kids ready, looking at your phone, trying to get started, I need to do something else to keep my mind in check, to get my spiritual mind right. He talked about something I am really going to start doing. That is maybe playing a video of your family, of God, spiritual things to get your mind there. That is a great way to start out your day because then everything seems to go a lot more smoother because when crisis does happen, it does not affect us that much because we are thinking about really what is important. Yes, this person, this deal did not go well and my business but my mind is here. My mind is think about the most important things, is think about eternal things, it is thinking about God and how to please God and all that.

My whole point of this is when you start out each day, just try to get your mind somewhere to get your priorities in check. Do not let a crisis have to happen for your life to change. Because that is going to happen in your life, we are all going to have crisis happen. We are all going to face death or mortality, we are all going to have one of our loved ones pass away. Do not wait for that to happen, let us today. Let us start now. What do you have to do to change your mindset into that. I think it is just super important. I know this is kind of all over the place. Brian, what am I talking about? Sometimes I am just super transparent. Just put it out there and see what sticks. But Brian, what do you think about this and what are some things that you can do to help you get into that mindset each day?

Brian: I really like that idea of starting your day with a purpose, starting your day with… Basically taking control of it instead of being reactionary. One of the things is that, I know this is Spiritual Foundation, does not really plan to this but my grandfather was definitely like one of this biggest role models of my life and he is passed away now but he is a military man. I remember he told me a story about how when he woke up in the morning, like when he is in the military and stuff like that, they always had to make their bed and they would get inspected and everything like that. But one of the reasons that is is because they started their day off very simple task but they start their day off with something that was correct. They accomplished the first thing they had to do that day and then that kind of just like kept snowballing. They just felt accomplished and stuff like that.

I know for me, a lot of times, there is wake up, pick up my phone right away and just start responding to e-mails, responding to texts, all this stuff and all of a sudden I am just reactionary the entire day from that point on. I feel like I am always behind, I feel like I always need to catch up. I have kind of done that for the last week. Actually since you mentioned Alex and that podcast, since we did that podcast with him, I have kind of just woke up and first half hour or 45 minutes of the day I am doing something else. I am doing… I am going to go eat breakfast, I am going to go get ready for the day and not look at my phone yet. I am actually kind of I feel like a purpose there. Figuring out what that purpose is for my day instead of just starting off reactionary.

Brett: Yes and definitely. I am the same way. A quick story about me is my aunt had passed away. Her name was Myra and she had passed away at the age of maybe 51. That really affected me, this is when I was 30 years old, about eight years ago. I remember my uncle getting up at her funeral and he talked about Jesus. This was such a turning point in my life because he said, ‘If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, you need to really start seeking Him and start out maybe reading the Bible. He said, ‘Read the book of John, that is exactly what I did and I started pursuing God for the first time in my life and a couple months later giving my life to Christ.’ Absolutely changed my life. If you guys have a crisis in your life like that and you start to reflect, I encourage you to go to the Bible, go to God for it, start seeking him, pursuing him.

Your life will never be the same. It is not always going to be roses, not always going to be easy. If you read the Bible, Jesus obviously says, ‘It is not going to be easy, you are going to get persecuted, people are going to hate if you love me.’ That is okay but it is totally worth it. Sometimes we have to go through suffering and persecution and when we go through that, we know something amazing is on the other side and that is what this is all about. That is what this life is all about. We sometimes suffer and go through this to know that heaven and eternity is on the other side. Again, this is kind of all over the place guys and this is kind of a plethora and a buffet of spiritual foundations but if you guys can follow us and the whole point of this is just start today. Start today, do not wait for tomorrow because we do not know when that is going to be. Now, we are going to transition into the main part of the show with our interview with the one and only celebrity, Vickie Perry.


Brett: Guys, we are so honored to have a special guest with us today, Vickie Perry. If you live in Indianapolis and you have not heard of Vickie, she is the Executive Director of the Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association or for short we call it CIREIA. She works along with her board and she provides education and networking events to those who are interested in real estate investing in and around the Indianapolis area. Vickie wants to talk today about networking, about CIREIA and really about Indianapolis and why it is such a great place for real estate investors to come and to invest whether you are flipping or you are a buy and hold investor. We are just so excited have her on the show. This is going to be an entertaining show, I think and thanks for being here, Vickie. How are you doing?

Vickie: I am good. Thank you for having me.

Brian: Thanks for being with us today, Vickie. I know you are super excited about this because you love being on the radio and hearing your voice out there and stuff but we appreciate you being on here, we love working with you so thank you for everything you have done and thanks for being with us today.

Vickie: Thank you.

Brian: Let us start with just a little bit about you. Can you give us just a little bit about your background, how you got into real estate, how long you have been doing it, what kind of things you have been doing?

Vickie: I have been doing it forever and I got into it by accident. When my husband and I bought our first house to live in, we fixed it up. Of course, like a lot of women, I walked in and the first thing I said is, ‘Take down that wall right there.’ That started almost 30 years ago and I loved remodeling house. Well, then nine months later he transferred and we had to sell it and we made a huge amount of money. I was hooked. I saw the potential and we have been flipping houses ever since.

Brett: Wow. Where was that at again?

Vickie: That was in Portland, Indiana.

Brett: Portland, Indiana. Wow, I actually have a house in Portland, Indiana right now. Yes, we freaking have it.

Brian: Brian cannot sell it.

Brett: He cannot sell it because nobody has ever heard of Portland, not Indiana atleast.

Vickie: It is halfway between Fort Wayne and Richmond, if that helps you, Brian.

Brett: There you go. Thank you. We actually do not know where the house is located. You flipped that house and this was back 30 years ago. This was in the seventies?

Vickie: Actually, it was.

Brett: Awesome. Yes, I am just trying to imagine like the red chug carpet which you ripped out and everything. You got hooked, where did you guys go from there?

Vickie: We went to Elkhart, Indiana. That is where we raised our kids, they graduated from Elkhart Central. One went to Ball State, one went to Purdue and then we kind of, my mother likes to say, we went through our midlife crisis together. Once both of the boys were gone or at least in school, we quit our jobs, we bought a motor home and we traveled the United States for two years.

Brett: Wow.

Brian: That is awesome.

Vickie: It was awesome. You know the funny thing is, I am just sharing this because as you guys know I am an open book that anyone can ask me anything, if we had not done that, my husband who died six years ago, he would never would have had that opportunity. We have always kind of lived our lives in a way that is adventuresome or very independent and it has worked out. It has been a good life.

Brett: Yes. Where was your favorite place when you were traveling the United States and it so funny because just this past weekend I was sometimes I just like adventure too and I am more of the person in our family. My wife likes adventure but when we have kids and young kids, it kind of puts a damper on some of the adventure of our lives and our adventure now is like watching Paw Patrol on Saturday morning or something like that. But where is the favorite place you guys went in the United States?

Vickie: Well, it was funny. We would kind of go from Elkhart, Indiana. We would travel out to Denver, go down to New Mexico and then cross over and land in Florida almost every time and it was always basically that circle. The way we landed in Florida, we lived there just short of twenty years and the way we ended up being there is we were on Marco Island, so not a bad place to be, and at the end of the two year stretch we were so broke. We did not have the money to get off the island, to buy gas.

Brett: Well, if you are going to be like homeless and stuck somewhere, I guess Marco Island is that is a good place to land.

Vickie: It was, it was. We saw a sign in the front of a small resort that said pool boy needed and my husband and I both are college graduates, we both had pretty good successful careers. Steve gets out of the motor home, he goes in and he applies for the job for the pool boy. He gets hired on the spot. They let us move our motor home into their back parking. For the next six months, we lived on the Gulf of Mexico for free in our motor home as we recoup and restructured and restarted businesses and all that stuff. It was awesome.

Brett: Wow. That sounds so cool.

Brian: That is, that is great. I love that.

Vickie: But that was a long time ago, I think I was about your age.

Brett: That is awesome. Well, hey, let us just dive into. You talked about your first flip in Portland, Indiana. How many flips do you think that you have done in your life?

Vickie: Well, when we first started we were the vagabond kind where we would buy a house, move into it, subject our poor children to renovation, then we would sell it. That is how we started. We really did not get into true flipping until we moved to Florida and the real estate market was so hot at that time that we could not really go wrong. We flipped several condos. We really did not flip any houses in Florida but if I had to guess I would say maybe, I do not know, 25 maybe.

Brett: Awesome. I want you to talk about the live and flip because I think that that is something that we do not really talk about that much on this show and I have done that a lot when I was single and I would buy a house and fix it up and sell it and make a lot of money after a couple of years of living in the house. Can you talk about the advantages of that and why would somebody want to do that, number one, and is there any benefits to doing it that way versus not living in it and flipping it just on the side?

Vickie: Well, for us, it was not something we were doing full time. Obviously, if real estate investing is your full time career, that would not be the way you would make the most money. But we were doing it one house at a time, we never pulled our boys out of the same school so we always did it in the same neighborhood. We would buy a house and move into it and kind of live out. At one point, we were living out of just two rooms. Sometimes the refrigerator would be in the living room while we did the kitchen, that kind of thing.

The advantages are that you get tax advantages, you can get normal residential mortgages, you can stay there so that you are not having double payments. I am one of those old fashioned flippers or investors that I really have never gotten into the creative finance, not because it is not good, it just was not something that I was comfortable with at the time. This mechanism or this strategy allowed me to still flip houses. Earn money off of flipping them and each time we would move into a bigger house, the normal American story.

Brett: Yes, definitely. I love it. I remember when I first married Karen. It was so funny because I was moving into this house and we had just done the hardwood so they are moving furniture into this home and I said you cannot go into these two rooms because you cannot walk on the floors yet. It is just kind of funny and we just kind of did it one room at a time from there. I remember when we sold that house, I think that we made maybe $30000 and that was all tax free because we lived in the house for more than two years. If you guys are out there and if you are interested in this, and you are thinking about taxes, if you lived in a house for two years, you can sell it and the money that you make you do not have to pay the normal taxes on it because it was your primary residence. Great tax advantages, a great way and yes we had a traditional mortgage on it. We did not have to go through any hoops of trying to get creative with the financing, I love that. It is a great income you guys can make and I come from a teacher background so $30000 is…

Brian: That is a salary.

Brett: Yes, that is a whole year. That is cool.

Vickie: Well, it is a great way for people to get started. A lot of the people who come to CIREIA have never flipped a house before or never invested at all. What I tell them or what I try to remember to tell them is that if they have a home now, maybe they should consider selling that home, buying a fixer upper and do what you and I did, Brett. That way, they get their feet wet, they learn how to tell if the roof is good, they can look at the foundation. The hardest part about flipping houses is that when you walk in, you may fall in love with the neighborhood or fall in love with the rounded windows or whatever it was but boy if you do not know how to look at the bones of the house, you can really be in trouble.

Brett: Definitely.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: Thanks for that. You mentioned CIREIA and the people that come too it and what they can get out of it. Let us talk about you a little bit and how. You are the Executive Director of CIREIA, can you tell us just how you came into that role?

Vickie: Well, again, my life is full of surprises. As I mentioned, after my husband passed away, I could have lived anywhere and I came back to Indianapolis not really knowing where I was going to go but I decided to come to Indianapolis. I knew that I wanted to get back into investing, the time was right, and I needed a mission. I went to multiple REIAs and meet ups and just wanted to get a feel for where was I comfortable? Where did I get the vibe that people wanted to help me? I have never lived in Indianapolis before, this is just three years ago. I needed to meet people, I needed to get established, find out who the movers and shakers were. I went to CIREIA and the minute I went there I got a good feeling. It was just warm.

The people, you know how at some meeting you walk into a meeting and if you do not know anyone, you immediately feel like oh gosh I wish I had stayed home and watch TV. But I did not feel that my first meeting at CIREIA. I got active, I got on the board, and then just right at two and a half years ago I guess, CIREIA decided or I should say the board of directors decided to hire a full time executive or a director I should say to run the group. One of my friends on the board looked at me and she said you should do it. Well, I had not thought about it but I needed a mission and I needed a cause. I know how much real estate can affect someone’s life. I said okay and that is how it got started.

Brett: Wow, that is pretty cool. If you guys have not been to CIREIA and you are local, highly recommend and highly encourage it. I went to some CIREIA meetings, I do not know, it was a long time ago. It was maybe six years ago, I attended a few. I never really got too involved until a few years ago and I went and there was something different about the CIREIA now than I had gone to. I think a lot of that has been hiring Vickie and you have been able to really help grow and really put your focus on CIREIA which has been very important. I have seen so many great changes and you have helped so many people in the local market with their real estate investing but let us kind of talk about what CIREIA offers. Just kind of go into that and I know there is different sub-groups as well that maybe you can go into.

Vickie: Sure. Thank you for the compliment. CIREIA is a non-profit group. We are the largest and the oldest non-profit real estate investors group in the state of Indiana. Being in Indianapolis, we should be the biggest. When you have a non-profit group being run by a board of directors, the board of directors all have wonderful ideas. They are good people, they are donating and volunteering their time just like you guys do for your meet ups and the sub-groups that we have. But you need someone to take that vision and actually implement it. What the vision is basically networking and education, those are the two most important things that we concentrate on at CIREIA.

We implemented a program not long ago, maybe I do not know, maybe a year ago, and it is to have ambassadors at the door or greeters. We have between a 175 and 250 people who come to our meeting which is the first Thursday of every month and they come to hear speakers, and they come to hear panels and to learn. But they also come to networking or to come to network but when they come to network, sometimes they are by themselves. They do not know anyone, they just happen to find us on the Internet and so they want somebody to make them feel welcome and kind of show them the ropes and so we now have breeders.

I just feel that the thing that we try to do in CIREIA is make sure everyone understands that you have to be ethical and moral. We have a radio show and it is called Real Talk and it is teaching people real estate investing the right way. We use that word ‘the right way’ a lot because in our business there have been a lot of bad characters and if we find out that we have a bad character in CIREIA, we address it. We do not want people to feel that when they walk into that room of 200 people, that they are immediately going to be pounced on. That is uncomfortable for them and it is just not the right way to do the business.

Brett: Yes, definitely. The radio show just got launched a month or so ago. When is that and how can people tune into that?

Vickie: It is every Sunday from 12:05 to one o’clock. It is on FM 95.9 AM950. It streams live at Freedom95.us. Then on Monday, it is also put on to our website at CIREIA.org onto the calendar of events. If it is, let us just say, March 3rd in the day before we have a radio show, they can go on to the calendar of events and click on that episode. They can also find the episode on YouTube and all they have to do is just search on there for CIREIA and it will take them right to our CIREIA YouTube channel.

Brett: So good. You guys have a really handsome guy on that show, right?

Vickie: We have three handsome men.

Brett: Okay.

Vickie: For our listeners, Brett is one of our co-hosts. I tell you what, Brett, you are just a natural at this. People ask me why is CIREIA is so successful and I say it is because of people like Brett and Brian. People like Dave Short who is also on the show and then it is people like Ron Watson. Ron does not even actively try to grow his investment business anymore. He is a landlord but he is so busy running his restaurant that he still has stayed on as president of CIREIA just because it is the right thing to do and he knows what he is good at it and he is great at running in the radio show although Brian and Brett got to fill in for Ron this last.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: That was what I heard.

Brett: I was literally on the hot seat too because that is a different role when you are really running the show. It is a lot different.

Vickie: Yes.

Brett: But yes, guys, tune into that. I am one of the hosts on there. Dave Short is another host and he is one of the premier flippers in Indianapolis. He does not amazing job. He also actually been a guest on our podcast. We will put that show in the show notes at simplewholesaling.com/episode106. Then Ron Watson who again is just a great guy and he is the president of Syria Tune into that. But let us really dive into a little bit more of Syria. Can you talk about the subgroups? Why are those important? Because we have the main meeting and when is the main meeting? Tell that first and then go through some of the sub-groups.

Vickie: The main meeting is on the first Thursday of every month. It is at Broadmoor Country Club which is on West Kessler Boulevard. It starts at 5:30 for networking and then the main meeting starts at 6:30. Then we have additional networking that is at 8:30 after the speaker or the panel is done. Every single month, we also have what we call sub-groups. They are just basically they are meet ups. They are opportunities for our members to go and learn more. For instance, we have one on home inspections, we have one on rehabbing, we have one on landlording, we have one on notes whether you want none performing or performing. We have, oh gosh, I cannot even think of everyone.

Well, we have Dave shorts on rehabbing and then you guys as an affiliate for us, we try to promote your wholesaling meet up also. I know I am leaving someone out. Oh, we have one for the South Sider. It is funny because we have a lot of people who invest on the north side of Indianapolis and up into those areas but we have never really tried to encourage. We never encourage the south side people to get as active so we started the Southsider’s investment group. We typically have thirty to thirty five people at that meeting every month.

As a member of CIREIA, you can go to all of those meetings. Oh, I just remembered another one I forgot, passive investing. That is something that Matt Crawford runs. That says it is on the south side but it is open to all of our members. People think they want to get into investing but they are just kind of afraid of how to get started. One of the best ways to get started is either to wholesale, like what you guys do, or to do passive investing. What that is it is kind of like crowd funding but it is where they invest their money with other investors money.

It is done through an equity fund, through a group of attorney so it is all regulated by the SEC and that is another opportunity that our members have to invest and also to learn. Because if they do that with Matt, then every month Matt goes over the various projects that are going on very much like what Dave does with his rehab. Matt does it with their equity funds and they go over each project and they talk about where are we, what did we do, why did we do that? CIREIA is all about transparency and showing people why experienced successful people are experienced and successful.

Brian: That is so right. There are so many great people that are just a part of Syria and just like for you listeners out there, I know we are talking about CIREIA here because we are in Central Indianapolis and stuff but wherever you are, find what REIAS are out there for you, find what local meet ups there are and just hit those up to learn, to network, and just meet people. This is a great opportunity. Vickie, let us talk a little bit about what CIREIA has. What can we look forward to from CIREIA here in 2018?

Vickie: Oh my gosh, we do not have two hours to talk. We have so much going on. We started the radio show which has been a huge success. It has just been hugely successful. One of the first people that we interviewed said that the day he got, and remember our show is on Sunday, but those the Sunday that he got off the air he got three new investors that afternoon. That is awesome. Another investor that we interviewed is a property manager and he picked up two new clients that next week. We are reaching the people and we are reaching the people to make sure they understand that there is someone here who was a beginner at one time. We may not be beginners now but we can help you get to the point where we all are now. We have the radio show. We also…

CIREIA is a founding member of the Indiana State REIA. This is extremely exciting, we have our first annual conference in May, it is May 19th and 20th, and people can find out about it at indianastatereia.org. I actually am one of the board members for that organization and our goal is less with the education because we feel, like you said Brian, that people who are local they should go to their local REIAs and network and learn and get their education that way.

The purpose of the state is twofold. It is to work with the public and legislators and people of influence in the state of Indiana so that they understand that 75% of all of the homes that are rented out in Indiana are owned by people like you guys and like me. People who are small investors, not the big companies, not the hedge funds, and we have never had anyone in Indiana have a voice for that 75% of all those landlords. Yes, there have been some bad landlords but there are a whole lot of good ones. Our goal is to talk to the legislators and help them see that we contribute a very very important part to the economy, to the communities that we are in. We need a voice, and so that is part of what the state is doing. The other part of what the state is doing is to help people understand that they have options.

A lot of people go into investing thinking that they want to be a landlord or that they want to flip. They do not realize that you can also buy and sell notes which are basically mortgages. You can do all kinds of other strategies. What we are doing is forming a, what we are we are calling it is a call to action funnel, and it is going to be automated so that if someone in the Merrillville wants to find out what is happening legislatively in let us say Columbus, they can go to that funnel and they can find out what is going on. Same thing for legislation.

We have had some Airbnb issues this last year where some of the communities did not want to allow Airbnb. We were able to, I do not want to say ‘we’ because that means that I had some influence so I do not want to say that, but the people who have been working on that project were able to work with state legislators and get a House bill passed that will be beneficial to our industry. Those are the kinds of things that people need to know about and need to have a voice in and that is the goal of Indiana State REIA. Back to the conference, we are having a two day conference on May the 18th and 20th, it is all day. We have six speakers coming. We actually are affiliating with Think Realty and Think is a national group that will offer benefits to our members and it is going to be great.

Brett: So cool. Guys, check that out on our show at simplewholesaling.com/episode106. Wow, we have a lot going on in 2018. So cool, so much information. This is just all off for you guys. Like Vickie is the executive director but everybody else is just putting in their time, putting in their energy into making these things really special so we can really build up our local investments community and that is literally what it is all about. Vickie, I want you to talk about Indiana and Indianapolis a little bit. Talk about when your husband passed, you can move anywhere in the United States and you chose Indiana and then ultimately chose Indianapolis, why?

Vickie: Indianapolis is just an awesome place to live. A lot of the times when I have a meeting, I lived downtown or in Old Town Greenwood. A lot of the times I have a meeting, it is on the north side, and I will purposely drive through downtown Indianapolis or through some of the areas like Fountain Square or if I am going up on the west side in Kessler because we are just awesome. There are just many things to do. The people are good people. Again, yes there are always going to be some bad ones but you cannot concentrate on the bad things. You have to move forward and Indianapolis statistically, all the lists, whether it is from great places to invest or great places to eat or we have become one of the top convention cities in the United States. There are so many things to do and it is clean. We do have a few potholes, am I allowed to say that?

Brett: That is true.

Vickie: But rather than having potholes and doing nothing, we have a Mayor, well all of the cities, we have Mayors who are working to fill them and who are looking for grants in and additional income to take here what needs to be taken care of. It is just a great place to live and to invest.

Brett: Yes, definitely. I would really encourage you to Google and look for some of those lists, greatest places to live. I know that north side of Indianapolis and Hilton Count, we have been named. I think Fischer’s and Carmel had been named some of the best places to live as far as one of the cheapest but the economy is great, the schools are great and all that. Then one of the greatest places to invest. We have so many great areas that are being revitalize in downtown Indianapolis from Fountain Square, Bates Hendrix, or some of these other Windsor Park, some his other historical areas.

There is lists of these great places where you can make a lot of money flipping properties but then you can also get the cash flow. If you are in California, San Francisco, Florida, Arizona, some of these other states, it is hard to get the cash flow and Indianapolis has that. If you are looking to buy and hold, just great place all around to invest and to live, cool. Before we go to the next section of the show, Vickie, if someone is local or they are not local I guess and they are thinking about going to their very first networking event and I know you can only talk about CIREIA and what they have to offer but what are some things that they can do to prepare or to look into once again and why would be going to their local REIA be so crucial?

Vickie: Well, if they are brand new, and REIAs probably 50% of the attendants are going to be people who have never done a deal or are still doing just their first set of deals. What they want to do is go and look for opportunities to learn. One of the things that happens is people watch the TV shows and they get all excited because they make it look so glamorous and so easy. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into a house and had to go back, I should say an abandoned house, and had to go back out into my car and put on a pair of boots, spray myself with bug spray, sometimes I even wear a mask because a house that is abandon is probably was not lovingly cared for.

What people need to know is that it is not an easy business, but it is a rewarding business. At the end of it, when you get to actually see that you have taken a piece of property that looked horrible and you have turned it into something that is absolutely gorgeous, there is a set of self-satisfaction there that it is sometimes overwhelming and how satisfying that can be. My suggestion is that people going to a REIA or a local group, that they go to learn. I hate to say it this way but they keep their mouth shut and they just listen. I know… Brian is laughing at me.

Brian: That is a former teacher coming out to you.

Brett: Have you ever said at any of your meetings? ‘You guys need to be quiet.’

Vickie: Oh my gosh. Sometimes I feel horrible because I do tell people to go into the other room if they want to chat because the other part of going to these groups is networking. I do not want to make people think they cannot network but if there is a speaker at the front of the room, my parents taught me that we be polite and we go to another part of the room.

Brett: Amen.

Vickie: It seems like when people are on their telephone in the middle of a restaurant, I have actually gone over and tapped them on the shoulder and asked them to take it out. I mean I know, I know, I know. It is the mom, it is the grandma, it is the ex-school teacher in me and I apologize to the world for it but it is called common courtesy. But anyway, when people are coming to the REIA meetings, they just need to absorb at first and then they will find out. You can walk into one of our meetings and you can tell who you want to talk to pretty quickly.

You do need to be careful when you are going to REIAs or not necessarily REIAs but that meet ups for investing or even when the national gurus come to town and they have these big event, there is a lot to be cautious about because you can spend a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money in our industry. My best suggestion to anyone is to get started first by just listening and learning.

Brett: Love that, definitely.

Brian: I would say too. Well, after you get to a couple meetings, maybe it come from stuff, always look to see if you can volunteer to help out in some of those situations. I know that is how I got kind of got to know Vickie a little bit more. I just kind of just volunteered being able to do some technical stuff for CIREIA and just I mean I think it is a great way. I know Vickie has people volunteered as greeters at the door, signing people on. Everybody is and all of these organizations are always looking for volunteers. Just people to help out, it is a really good way to get involved.

Brett: It is a good way to get to know people. Yes, that is a great way just to network in itself, just helping out and then you get to rub shoulders with people that are actually doing something in this business It is really cool. Well, Vickie, we are running out of time for this section of the show and we are going to go into the section that Brian and I like to call Going Deep.

Brian: Going Deep.

Going Deep

Brett: In this section, I really want to talk about some personal questions if that is okay?

Vickie: Sure.

Brett: Okay, good. I want you to really talk about, because I am reaching a point in my life and I know a lot of our listeners are reaching a point, where like we all know that life is short and it is temporary, right? This life here in this world is temporary and you know that more than anybody from your experience with your husband passing away six years ago. I want you to talk about that just a little bit, you do not have go into depth, but I want to talk about how did that change you going through that experience and then after some of the grieving and I am sure it is still going on, but after a while of really letting it hit you how did it change you coming out versus what you did each day or how you looked at life or investing or whatever? Can you kind of go into that a little bit?

Vickie: Sure. First of all, let me back up even a little bit more than that because Brett, you and Brian I do not think know this, but 20 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and that is something that if you are blessed enough to survive, that will change your life very quickly. I was in my mid 40’s and I was diagnosed with this horrible disease. I had already lost one sister to ovarian cancer. I was frightened and that was the first thing that changed my life because before that the world revolved around me, you know? That is kind of how we are when we are growing up.

When we are in our 20’s, we are building our careers, we are having children, we are wanting more more more, and then in our 30’s we realized that okay we are there and we have all these wonderful things and we should be very happy and we have a wonderful husband and great kids. Then you get slapped in the face with something like cancer or sometimes it is worse for so many people. I was lucky they caught mine early and I survived and I am 20 years cancer free but that is what changed my life.

Now, that made me go from being a me me me person to a team person. But it did not happen until I was in my mid 40’s and that is a shame. Because if we could all realize that time is short back in our 20’s, life would be better for everyone. I know we are going deep but that was the first big thing that happened in my life. Then the next big thing of course was when Steve died. I was telling you guys before the show that one of my, actually my youngest granddaughter was born six months after he died, I do not remember her being born because we were married just short of 40 years and I was in so much shock for the first two years that I barely remember much of those two years.

I did what I had to do, I cried a lot but you keep moving forward. That is when you realize how really short you are on time. At that point, I think I was 59. At 59 you are still young and you get slapped with something like that and you are suddenly not that young anymore.

Brett: Definitely. Yes, definitely puts a perspective on life. I am 38 now and yes I am thinking about all those different things and I am probably at that point really, just to really to go deep, is I have outside looking in a lot of wonderful things. Wonderful marriage and kids and money and the business and all that but sometimes I do not know, I just kind of revolves around me and I wake up and just still trying to figure it out. Still trying to figure out what I want to do and what do I want my legacy to look like and all that. Yes, anyways, just to kind of think of sharing that, Vickie.

Brian: Yes, thank you very much for sharing that. Let us talk a little bit about you being the executive director of CIREIA, you are in that leadership position where you have a lot of people going to you, looking to you for advice and just help, can you speak on how do you deal with that a little bit and then who is that person that you go to when you need somebody to kind of whether it is just kind of a leader that you look to or you are seeing somebody at your sounding board, who is that that you get to?

Vickie: Well, my life has always revolved around two basic parts of my life. I have my family life and I am extremely close with my children and their wives and their children. Every month I make it a point to have a one on one date with one of my grandkids and it is awesome. We go do whatever we need to do. I only have one granddaughter here in Indiana and she and I will go to the mall. I swear that little girl could spend hours at the mall, well do not, but she could.

My family, that is my energy source away from work. If it is not then work, I would always have the type of job that always had a mission. That is what it is with CIREIA. As far as who do I go to for advice, I go to Ron Watson who is the president of the board. I go to Beth Linson who is our secretary. They are two people I trust, I like their judgment. I go to a lot of people like you guys. When it was time to make some decisions for CIREIA, I was way out of my element with all the digital stuff so I call you and thank God for Brian. Brian, you have helped me beyond what you realize. I go to members. We do a lot of back and forth stuff with members and I ask for help because the one thing, and again this may be my teacher experience, but the one thing that we cannot be afraid to do in this business or in life in general is be afraid to ask for help because we all need it.

Brian: That is such great advice. That is important. I think a lot of people in this industry, they kind of are that a lot of people are that type A personality and kind of want to… They think they can kind of conquer the world as they conquer real estate investing but it is okay to ask for help and you need to, you need to be able to do.

Brett: Yes. Even when you are scaling a business and you are successful, you still have to have someone to go to ask. You know what? Because you are going to run into things that you did not have before and it just different. Like for me, I was talking to my coach yesterday, and I was asking him I have this and I am doing this but I do not know if I should be doing this, what is your opinion and I really need that as well no matter if you are successful or just starting out. We all need to ask for help. Any last tip or advice Vickie before we wrap up the show?

Vickie: Well, one thing that I thought of with you Brett, I reinvent myself every five years and I think if you read stories about a lot of wealthy people or a lot of famous or happy people, a lot of people are that way. I have actually retired twice in my lifetime. Now that I am back to CIREIA or not back but I am back to working and I work 60 hours a week for CIREIA plus I was also flipping, I had a renewed energy. One of the recommendations I have for people is if you are stuck in a job that you hate, the money may be great but again you do not know what is down the road for you. I am not the kind of person that is willing to take that chance.

If that means, at the end of five or six or eight years, whatever or whatever the timing is, that I have to let go of a really good salary and a really good income in order to be happy, I believe that that is the step that you need to take. That is how I run my life. It is not for everyone I do not have my house paid off like most of my friends but I have a really…

Brett: But you have got to travel in your mobile home for two or three years.

Vickie: I did, I did.

Brett: That is true and you have a good story about Marco Island and your husband was a pool boy. Great story, great, awesome.

Touch of Randomness

It is time for a touch of randomness.

Brett: Hey, Vickie, we like to end every show with a touch of randomness. We are going to ask you a couple of questions and name the first thing that comes to your mind. Number one, if you are a character on Sesame Street, what character would you be?

Vickie: Now, okay. This is not Sesame Street but she is close and it would be Miss Piggy.

Brett: Wow. Why would you pick Miss Piggy.

Vickie: Because she is bossy, she gets things done. She keeps Kermit in line. Heck, guys you know me, that is me.

Brett: That is true. Miss Piggy definitely wears the pants on the show.

Vickie: She does.

Brian: I like that, that is great. Alright, we got one last question for you here, Vickie. We know that CIREIA has a lot of guest speakers and presenters that comes in the 0monthly meetings. If you could hear anyone speak outside of real estate, who would that be?

Vickie: It would be somebody fun. I get so tired of politicians and people preaching to us about how we should live our lives, it would be somebody really fun like Jimmy Buffet or for the young ladies it would be Channing Tatum. Maybe even Sean Penn or Sandra Bullock. It would be somebody and it is not that I believe the same thing they believe politically, it is that I think they would be entertaining. When I am not working, I want to be entertained. I do not want to be thinking about real heavy stuff that we are slammed with all the time.

Brett: Definitely agree, so so cool. Who would you pick, Brian?

Brian: I would say Jerry Seinfeld.

Brett: Yes?

Brian: Yes.

Brett: That is good.

Vickie: Yes. Who would you pick, Brett?

Brett: I would say, man put me in the spot, I will probably say Will Ferrell.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: That would be entertaining. Anyways…

Vickie: Yes.

Brian: Would you quote old school like in the crowd like…

Brett: Yes, probably. I take as a spotlight. Anyways, thank you so much, Vickie, for being on the show today. This was such a great show and really just getting to know you personally. I thought it was awesome because we have known each other for a few years now and we really went deep and I got to know some things that I did not know about you. Appreciate you opening up about that. But if someone wants to hear more about CIREIA, where is the best place for them to go?

Vickie: They can go to our website which is cireia.org or they are welcome to call me at 317-670-8491. Both of those ways are easy. I actually answer my phone pretty much all the time and I am happy to chat.

Brett: Cool. Thank you so much. You guys can find that in the show notes at simplewholesaling.com/episode106. That is a wrap, Vickie. Thank you so much.

Vickie: Thank you very much. This was fun.

Brian: Thanks. We will see you later.

Vickie: Bye.

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