SWP: 111 The Rockstar of Managing Leads

Today’s guest was a wholesaler who also toured full-time as a musician before venturing into the tech world. Familiar with the pain points entrepreneurs deal with since he is one himself, he eventually ended up creating an app that can help systemize and automate businesses so everyone’s life is made easier.

Dan Schwartz is the genius behind InvestorFuse—an amazing software product that helps entrepreneurs automate follow-ups, stay organized, and track their marketing so they can close more deals. Already serving 500 companies to date, he’s also preparing for the launch of InvestorFuse 2.0, a sleeker and more action-focused version of his highly innovative app.

Insight of the Week:

3 Things to help you build and scale your business

  • Always marketing
  • Always automating
  • Always outsourcing

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Dan’s background
  • How he came up with InvestorFuse
  • Instrument he played while he was in the band “Pigeons Playing Ping Pong”
  • The nuts and bolts of InvestorFuse
  • The things InvestorFuse can do
  • Other amazing features of the app
  • On creating a new version of the app
  • Features of InvestorFuse 2.0
  • How he deals with the competition in the market


“The most valuable asset that we all have is time.”
“As an entrepreneur, everything can be fixed.”
“We’re focusing on one thing instead of trying to be an expert at everything.”
“Simplicity. It’s what everybody needs.”
“You need to build your company intentionally around your ideal lifestyle.”
“Human to human interaction is how you compete.”


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Brett: I am Brett Maximus Snodgrass. I speak for the trees and I say come, no more lead management. No more posted notes, no more manual follow ups. I speak for all the people. I say InvestorFuse, InvestorFuse, InvestorFuse. This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 111.

Welcome to Simple Wholesaling. A Christian podcast that supplies simple, yet effective content for real estate investors and business entrepreneurs. Get advice, tips, and tricks so that you can stay true to your values and achieve your dreams with real estate investing you can trust. Now, introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: What is up? Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I am your host, Brett Snodgrass, and I am with my co-host, Brian Snider.

Brian: What is up everybody? So glad to be here today.

Brett: I am really glad to be here.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: Sitting with you, just chilling, talking to amazing people. It is awesome.

Brian: That is so cool. I mean we talk to some pretty amazing people, being able to do this podcast and stuff. Just went to a conference over the weekend with a bunch of real estate investors and they were actually commenting on that like, ‘Man, how do you guys get like all these guys on your podcast?’

Brett: I said I have no idea, like literally, I do not have any idea because I do not do it. It is you.

Brian: It is but it has been a pretty cool transition with us. When I first started, I was like booking guest for you and Jaren. Like I got to reach out to everybody and like have a ton of e-mails going out, ‘Hey, do you want to be on our podcast? This is what we do and blah blah blah. Now, it is like everybody is like reaching out to us which is pretty cool and makes my job a lot easier.

Brett: That is true.

Brian: But it has been really neat to see just that people that are doing some awesome stuff in real estate wants to talk to us and just kind of learn more about what we do but they will use this platform to talk to the wholesalers and even just our guest have been able to go deep in our Going Deep section and be able to talk about faith and everything like that. It is cool to talk to these people and just pick their brains.

Brett: Yes, definitely. I was actually talking to a wholesaler, we have a radio show here in Indianapolis, it is called REAL TALK: RE Investing The Right Way!, and we partner with CIREIA and I was talking to a gentleman on the radio show and they have been wholesalers about three years and he was saying that the longer you do this business, people start coming to you. I feel like that is how the podcast has been. We had to kind of create our own traction at the very beginning in our first 50 episodes or so but now are on 111 and it is so cool these people reaching out to us. Really highly interesting with so much wisdom, real estate investors or just real estate entrepreneurs in the like. It is just really really neat and there is no different on this show.

We interview a gentleman named Dan Schwartz and is what the intro is about. He has created a platform called InvestorFuse and we started using this software about six months ago. It has revolutionized our business. I do not just put people on here just to talk a bunch of fluff. The things that we talk about and we interview people are items that we truly are passionate about and that we use in our business. We as InvestorFuse, I stand behind it. Our guy Alex on our team, that is one of his jobs, is to work with Dan and his team at InvestorFuse to help our lives become easier, help us automate our follow up systems, and that was he has done.

We were able to click a button literally and it will actually automatically follow up with our motivated sellers for a whole year or longer or however much we want to. There is no more putting a name on a spreadsheet and having to manually call them a month or two later. If they said, ‘No, I am not interested in selling my house,’ we can do all that automatically as a click of a button and that is just one thing that Dan has helped create in our business. You are going to want to really hear this. Some of it can be techie. I am not a techie person but he makes things sound so simple if you are interested in automating or outsourcing any of your business which probably we all are, right?

Brian: These are the interviews that I enjoy of the guys that are out there. They are in the business, they are doing their thing. They are like, ‘Oh man, I wish I could create something to make this easier,’ and then they just go do it.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: I think you and I are not techie people, we do not speak this language. I always appreciate hearing that side of this.

Brett: Yes. Awesome awesome interview with Dan Schwartz but before we get into any of the rest of the show, we always love to read our iTunes reviews. I am going to have Brian read our iTunes review for today.

Brian: Yes, we got a five star review here from Tyler Gregorsen. He says, ‘Golden nuggets and very practical. Getting the mind right is the biggest factor for investing in general, especially in real estate. I am not a religious person but I still like hearing the bible quotes for the life lessons. Effective podcast guys, thank you.’ Thank you, Tyler. That was very kind of you to reach out and give us this iTunes review. We really appreciate it. I mean just thank you for your kind words. Yes, and going out there and doing this for us.

Brett: Yes. Thanks, Tyler. We appreciate you so much for just listening to what Brian and I have to say. Somewhere of our quirky comments but we have a lot of wisdom as well, maybe not us, but our guests do. Anyways, thank you. If you guys are interested and you love what we are doing here at the Simple Wholesaling podcast, we would be so honored and thrilled if you would go to iTunes or to Stitcher and leave us a review. We would read it on the air and we would appreciate so much. That is how we get noticed and heard and we will keep doing what we are doing obviously if you guys are continuing to enjoy it so thank you.

Brett’s Insight of the Week

Now, simple tips and tricks that make real estate investing easier, faster, and better. Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: For today’s Insight of the Week, I am going to really piggyback off of what our interview is all about with Dan Schwartz and going to talk about three different things. If you are really entrepreneur or an entrepreneur at all, then you are going to really want to focus on these three things to help you build and scale your business. These are three things that I am always trying to get better at and trying to focus on. Number one, always marketing. You are always going to want to market even if you are not in a sales role.

If you are just in an owner of your company, you are always going to want to market yourself or market your brand and just market who you are because that is when people see your company name, what do you want them to think of? What type of values do you want to portray? Maybe if you are in a sales role and you are doing Direct Mail marketing or you are doing Google Ad Word Marketing or Facebook marketing, you are going to want to put that message out there and that is where the money is at.

You have to put money into marketing, into the right places. You do not just go spread it out everywhere but you find out what are the channels that you need to market the most, that you are getting the most bang for your buck. That is number one, always marketing as an entrepreneur. Number two, always automating. One of our core values at Simple Wholesaling is simple and smart systems. Like I mentioned, we have a guy named Alex Brandt on our team that thinks that way. I do not think that way that much. Well, let me take that back, I think of ideas on here is what I would like to have happen and then Alex and Dan Schwartz from InvestorFuse kind of take that and they make it happen, right?

I am always thinking about how can I automate my business more because when you have processes and you have systems inside of your business, and it does not have to be this big fancy thing, it could just be creating training materials for when you do hire somebody or could just be a different website or software that you can use to help you be more organized, right? These are just different things that you can do to automate your business and to have better systems because the most valuable asset that we all have is time and I really want you guys to start thinking like that. Think of time as an asset.

We all have the same amount of hours in every single day so time is not like money because we can continuously pile up money and we can put more dollars in our bank account and grow that exponentially. But time, we all have twenty four hours in a day. But when you think of it as an asset, you want to get back to your time so that you are utilizing your time more effectively so you can do the things that you want to do that really truly make a difference, that you are really gifted at, and you need to automate the other things, right? That is why I am always thinking about systems, processes, because in the end it helps give me more time back.

Brian: I think we actually just had a conversation about that this morning and I like what you said as we are just talking. This morning you said, ‘I do not want to try to make things easier for when I do it right now, I want to make things easier for when I do it the next time.’ I like that point that you brought up.

Brett: Yes, definitely. Then the third one is always outsource which kind of goes with automate but not really. Basically, automation is building systems and processes to make things more organized for you to… This is what Dan talks about how you can organize your leads and manage your leads more effectively. Outsourcing is delegating, hiring a virtual assistant or hiring someone onto your team.

It does not have to be really hiring someone though, it could also be hiring a company to handle everything like InvestorFuse with Dan Schwartz or we just hired a new accounting company that they are going to handle our bookkeeping and accounting thing or hiring a call center, something like that. Always market, always automate, and always outsource. These are the three things that you really need to think about as a business entrepreneur to get your most valuable asset back and that is your time.

Spiritual Foundation

Do you dream of a life that is purpose-driven and makes a difference? Spiritual Foundation.Spiritual Foundation.

Brett: In today’s Spiritual Foundations, in this part of the show we like to really dive into our faith. We are a Christian podcast, we are a Christian company, and we love to talk about the most valuable thing in our lives and that is our Creator who is God, right? I just really want to open the book up on this in and I feel like that we all have different seasons of life. Right now I am in a season of a very very entrenched busy season of my life where my business is growing and we have a great team and I am trying to automate and build processes and systems and outsource more but it is always just this continuous process.

My life at home is very busy with my wife and I have four children now so I am trying to pour into each one of them but they continuously multiply. I do not know why that happens, no I am just kidding, all the time which is a blessing in of itself. But I have three children under the age of five so it can be very busy where my time is very limited. I have to be very intentional about how I spend my time. Right now, I am feeling a little bit distant from God Just because my mind is constantly just distracted, I think is the right word. What are some things that I can do to really get back to focusing on God and the Ultimate is desiring God into my life? Maybe, Brian, we can just kind of open this up for discussion just a little bit but when someone is that busy, what are some ways that we can really open that up to get back to desiring God? Because I remember there was a time in my life when I was single, I was really broken, I had a daughter.

My daughter Kaylin was two years old then and I give my life to Christ. There was a season of many years there where I was really desiring God and just really living for him. Now, I am feeling a little bit distant and I have, worldly, I am looking at my life and I have everything, right? Let us just kind of open this up, Brian.

Brian: I think that we bring up a good point because, I mean knowing you Brett, I think of you as a like a good Christian man. I think of you as somebody that is always on the right path with Christ, always seeking Christ like that, but that the fact of the matter is that even though if you are doing that, there are still times of your life where you feel distant. We feel like you are not doing what you are supposed to do or you are not getting filled with what drives you.

I think that is just important for people to realize that no matter what path you are on, even people view you as or you knew other people was being on the right path of Christ and you do not feel quite like that, that is okay. You go through seasons and that is going to happen, it is all right, and God still is looking at you as just his child and he is still seeking you and it is just no matter what you are doing, when you come through and you seek him and you find that little motivation or maybe what you need, it is going to work out.

Brett: I like that, just encouragement. Yes, just kind of being transparent with all of the listeners out there and just continuously to pray. I am going to pray for all of you guys, pray for you Brian, and just to really see God. I think one of the biggest things that I see right now is when I scroll through Facebook or just the internet, there is so many different things out there that are godlike but they are not God. Even when you are trying to look for like good things in your life, there is so many self-help things out there, there is so many programs that get up early, do this routine, meditate, do the workouts, focus on your marriage, focus on this, but in it all sounds really really good but it all leaves out the most important thing and that is God.

I really want to encourage myself, I want to encourage you to really get back to the ancient wisdom and do not get soaked into a lot of the new agey self-help things and not saying that that stuff is not helpful sometimes but it can help create more distance in your relationship with God because you are focused on all these feelings and internal and yourself and all that. That is one thing that I think I get distracted by because I am like I am feeling distant from God, maybe I will try this routine, right? That does not get me closer to God, actually gets me further away even though I might feel better sometimes.

Brian: As you are talking on this and reflecting about this, we always encourage people to keep it simple in their business and you just also just keep it simple in your relationship with Christ.

Brett: Yes, that is true. That is true. The simple Gospel is just to follow him and to seek Him with all of your heart and everything else will be given unto you. I hope this helps you guys out today. We are going to transition into the meat and potatoes part of the show and that is our interview with the one and only Dan Schwartz.



Brett: Dan started out investing in real estate and he realized that his calling was more into the technology world and how could he help real estate entrepreneurs automate and systematized their business and he created this amazing platform called InvestorFuse. You are really going to want to dive into this. We are doing some great changes within our company and just a great guy. So smart and he has helped us out so much. Let us get to our interview with Dan Schwartz. What is going on, Dan? Thanks for joining us on the show today. How are you doing?


Dan: Great to be here. Thank for having me, Brett.


Brett: No problem, it is always a pleasure. Always love talking to you and your mind is technology, just craziness.


Brian: I am definitely excited for this guest today because that is everybody’s big questions. Like how can I use technology, how can I do things quicker, short on time, like how do we get this done?


Dan: What tools do you use?


Brett: A hammer. Sorry, that is old school. I am just kidding. Dan, before we dive into all of that, why don’t you just kind of share a little bit about who you are, how you came up with this business of InvestorFuse and how you got into real estate?


Dan: Yes, I will keep it brief. I am a dude that wants to make everybody’s lives easier.


Brett: I like that.


Dan: Essentially and specially entrepreneurs because I can directly relate to the pain of feeling overwhelmed as an entrepreneur and bottlenecking yourself and hitting plateaus that you cannot quite push through and I believe it is always a systems problem, some sort of mechanical issue in your business that can be fixed. As an entrepreneur, everything can be fixed, right? If you are hitting a ceiling, it is your fault and you need to change direction a little bit and that is kind of what my MO has been lately and that sort of manifested into technology. But I got into real estate actually as a wholesaler back in 2010 while touring full time as musician in a band. It is hard to…


Brett: Sounds like an awesome life actually by the way.


Dan: Yes, yes. It was cool. I really wanted to be that real estate rock star. I mean I was but I was half passing both things as a result. It is like having two careers, right? You cannot choose one. It actually helped me understand systems and processes a bit better. When you are on the road, you need to create systems that work without you so that I could do my thing on the road and still have my team back in Baltimore, Maryland, that is where I am from, actively close deals.


That was like my big challenge and things led to things and I ended up helping investors figure out the systems that I used while I was touring and that in itself started taking out more and more time which led me to leave the band and pursue helping investors full time. That has turned into this whole organization, InvestorFuse, which is a software product that helps investors automate their follow up. Stay organized, track their marketing, do more deals. We are entering a new era in InvestorFuse right now and I appreciate you guys letting me come on and talk about.


Brian: Yes, we are excited to hear about this stuff. Before we actually get into InvestorFuse, I think it is very important for everybody to know what instrument did you play and what kind of music did you guys play in your band?


Dan: It is crucial, crucial info. I played drums, I play drums, I still play, in a band called Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.


Brett: I always love to hear the name of bands.


Brian: Oh, I love it.


Brett: Well, you guys like this in your dorm room one day, just trying to figure out the name of your band.


Dan: A 100%, that is it exactly. Started in college and after college we took off. Anyone listening, if you Google Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, you will see that it is like a real deal touring national acts right now, you can still. It got a little crazy.


Brian: That will be on our show notes. No problem there. Okay. Let us dig ahead in fence, talk to us about InvestorFuse, what does it do in general? Like how can the real estate investors use that to help them? Kind of give us the nuts and bolts of what InvestorFuse is.


Dan: Yes. Everybody likes to talk about generating leads, right? Well, let us do using Direct Mail piece are you using? What online strategy using generate leads? Like it is more sexy to talk about generating leads than what you do once the lead comes in to your life? How do you efficiently have scale process all these things? That is sort of the thing that I obsess about the most. It is the least sexy aspect of this business, it was one of the most administrative side of this business that is a necessary evil for any scaling real estate investor to succeed and that is what InvestorFuse helps investors do.


It helps them capture all these and that means no matter what source they are coming from, Then it helps investment teams or acquisitions teams, it guides them through the sales pipeline of a seller lead or a buyer lead so that they do not fumble these leads, nothing falls to the cracks, and every leads that needs to get followed up with will automatically be followed up with in a systemized automated manner. Essentially it is a way to automatically follow up if your leads and turn more inbound leads into close deals through effective sales pipeline management. We created this initially on Podio.


Brett: That is awesome. Let us dive into that because we have been using InvestorFuse for I do not know how long. I think it has been all of 2018 at least so five months, something like, five or six months. We have really enjoyed the process of it all and once you see it being born and find leads easily and followed up with them easily and follow up with them automatically, it has been amazing. In our last podcast, we were actually talking about Landlording. He said that traditional landlording is dead and I feel like that if you are in any industry, especially real estate investing, the way you used to do things does not work anymore. We always have to re-create our self, re-invent what we are doing. When I was doing a wholesaling ten years ago will not work today. What I was doing three years ago does not work very well anymore.


Brian: I think you once told me, Brett, when I started with Brett I was your typical, coming from the teacher background, I have my paper and pencil and my notebook, like writing stuff down and now I do not even like have it. It is just all do CRM. It is just not possible to keep up that way.


Dan: Yes.


Brett: That is right. Talk to us about Podio a little bit. You guys use Podio right now as a platform. What is that and why is that helpful for investors?


Dan: Yes. I feel like at this point, half of the investment community, at least the one that I see online, are using this tool Podio and kind of came onto the scene back in 2013 because existing standalone systems just did not quite cut it for the purpose of handling your needs. Like capturing a lead, how you enter the data about the lead, how do you follow up with a lead, how you assign tasks for that lead, existing system did not quite cut it. I think they are more focused on lead generation over lead management. The Mcgyvers, if you will, amongst us, the people that are not afraid to get their hands dirty and poke around with technology, found this tool Podio which is essentially a project management tool that you can customize.


When I customize, it means you can create fields so you can basically create your own seller lead sheets of all the property specific fields, some of the name and e-mail and phone, that is the first thing you can customize to that. Investors like that you can kind of create your own little system of record for all of your incoming needs. Also, the Podio project management platform can be connected to other things on the Internet to make it actionable, like do stuff so you can add in text messaging into your Podio workspace is what they are called. You can connect it so that it sends offers out, it can kind of sort generates PDFs of offers. You can make it so that it assigns tasks automatically.


You can have your whole team in there, you can communicate with your team in there. It is like a team based project management workspace that you can manipulate to work for real estate investing. That is kind of why everyone started using it because you can tinker your with it all day if you want and get it exactly how you need it for your specific way of operating. That is sort of what I did and that was the initial version one if you will of what inevitable became InvestorFuse which is what we have been providing what you guys use. It is like way too experience everything I just mentioned without having to do any of the technical work.


Brett: Yes.


Dan: You just get access to this free thought out workspace that is fully automated, on top of Podio, without needing to buy a bunch of other tools. It is just a monthly subscription access to that.


Brett: Yes. It is definitely true. When I joined my mastermind group called the Collective Genius, everyone talked about Podio. I was actually afraid of using Podio because they said how great it was on one side but then the other side mentioned how complicated it was to set everything up. I was really scared of it. We actually did not do Podio for at least a year and a half, two years in my business, because I said I am not a tech genius. I do not have anybody on my team that is very technical, we cannot do this and we cannot set it all up because we got to know coding and all that stuff so we shy away from it.


Then five or six months ago, we found InvestorFuse which was awesome because that has basically solved our problem. We are not tech geniuses but we were able to partner with you guys who are and you have already done a lot in the back end stuff to put the guts together of what we needed and now we are doing some really cool stuff which I really want to dive into and talk about. InvestorFuse, you have taken this CRM management software, you have customized it for real estate investing, what are some of the cool things that InvestorFuse provides off the bat for…


Dan: The things that make people the most money are probably the automated follow up sequences. Let us say you are talking to a lead, it is a warm lead. They are not quite ready to sell yet but you want to just stay on top of the radar. After you hang up the phone inside of your system, you just click on warm lead follow up sequence. Clicking on that button inside of your Podio workspace triggers a whole sequence of automated messages, e-mails, text messages, tasks reminders, voice broadcasts, like ring less voicemail messages that gets sent out to their cell phone automatically and you can program what those messages, what order they are sent in, and the actual message itself.


We give investors templates, a little playbooks, a follow up playbooks if you will, and include all these messages so that you just click on a button and these are like professionally written messages meant to engage with that seller over time. All of our members are encouraged to use that because people get appointments just automatically because these sequence that have been active for the past couple months are like personalized, it seems like it is coming from you. When the seller gets it, it is finally time for them to maybe they are back in town and they are ready to show the property to you. These messages physically get appointments set so that you just can convert, squeeze more out of your lead flow. That is what we have been focusing on, just automating of sequences and then…


Brett: I want to hit on that real quick because we… The traditional way is if you need to follow up with somebody, you manually pick up your phone and you call them or you text them or you manually do it. But what InvestorFuse has built is just imagine that you had someone working for you 24 hours a day and it was actually you but it was a robotic you that was following up with all of your leads so you do not have to manually pick up your phone or text them and that is what Dan is talking about. He has built a sequence where let us say a lead says, ‘No, I am not interested,’ or whatever the reason is. They say no or maybe call me in a couple months or whatever it is, you can put them on a sequence where they will get a text message in a month, they will get an e-mail, they will get a voice message from you and you have set it all up. Then how long does your sequences typically go, Dan?


Dan: The ones that we include in the system is up to a year and you can continue to add messages to those sequences or change the timing around so that it lasts ten years if you want.


Brett: Wow. You got someone actually following up automatically with your leads for an entire year.


Dan: Yes.


Brian: Which is great because I mean how many times we see in this wholesaling business where we make the initial contact to some of that but that deal does not actually happens until like five months down the road and this is all just taken cared of for you so you do not have to have those notes or the post it notes or anything like that that say, ‘Hey, follow up with this person in two months.’


Dan: Yes. I am sure this has not been… I am sure you guys talked about this before but obviously the majority of your deals do come from follow up. Like measurably, that is how you do deals because not everybody is ready to sell the moment that they are talking to you.


Brett: Yes, definitely.


Dan: It just such a hard thing like before technology, if you are generating on thousands of leads, you just fumble them with a follow up. You just kind of forget and spreadsheets do not quite cut it.


Brett: It gets lost in the shuffle.


Dan: They just get lost in the shuffle, you lose context of where you are at with this person, the information about the lead, you kind of lose rapport. The only way to really solve this problem is through effective smart automation combined with having someone in your team like in charge of managing your leads. Kind of what we suggest is that everybody has someone that is responsible for managing your leads. Ideally, it is not the same person that is going on the appointments.


Brett: Got you. Yes, definitely. Auto follow up sequences, that is a huge game-changer for us. Definitely got a lot of deals from that. What are some other things that InvestorFuse has?


Dan: Inbound and outbound communication is crucial, sounds simple. It is kind of a bear to create on Podio but we figured it out. If someone responded to one of those messages, it will notify you inside of the system. You never have to leave Podio to send emails to your leads. You do not have to leave Podio to send text messages to your leads. Every one of these touch points, if you will, get logged inside of that seller lead record so you always know where you last left off with that seller. Everything is housed inside our platform.


Then also, you can @mention people on your team so it is like it got this social elements of Podio as well so you can actually get deals done with your team even if you are mobile because there is a mobile app as well. Everything I just mentioned, that functionality is available on the Podio mobile app although it is a bit wonky I will admit. A little bit out of our control but that is sort of why we are entering this next phase of development. Yes, the follow up sequences getting done up on texting, the ability to generate a contract with one click and then send it in the mail is very powerful. That is a revenue generating activity that can be automated, sending out offers. Then automatic tasks delegations so you can kind of create the system to work well for your team. You can oversee and make sure they are doing their tasks and that sort of a management tool in that sense as well.


Brett: Yes. Everything that you mentioned there, and whether you have a large team or you are just one person, I believe this can fit everyone. If you just one person out there, maybe the Auto Task delegation to other team members might not fit you but just the managing of your leads and the auto follow up sequences, the inbound and outbound communication, that is awesome because every property address that we talk to a seller about has all of the notes, all of the communication, all of the text messages, voice recording, anything we want we can really follow what exactly is going on because let us say someone calls you up a year later from this auto follow up sequence and you do not remember this deal at all.


Dan: Yes.


Brett: Well, right now we can just go through all the notes and figure it out. So cool, Investor Fuse is so amazing. Man, we appreciate you really putting this together but I really want to talk about some of the next phases. What are you guys rolling out? What are some new cool strategies and techie stuff that you want talk about?


Dan: Yes. We are launching off of Podio, to put it simply. For the last two years, we have been developing the system on top of Podio and it scaled up to the point that now we know that we are serving well over 500 companies on the platform and we get a lot of feedback about the inherent limitations of using this third party tool, Podio, to build something for investors. It sort of last square pegging around whole type of feeling, that I am sure most of you listening using Podio, might relate to this.


It is a little bit wonky or cumbersome in its functionality because it is a project management system first and foremost, that is what the creators made Podio, to manage projects. They are like a couple dozen projects at a time. Yet, we went in as a community and turned that project management where dozens of records at time into something that is managing thousands of records at a time. That explains why everybody complains about Podio because it is not built for real estate investors, we just made it that way, sort of be a brute force. For the last two years, we have been taking all the things we learned, helping investors automate the lead management on Podio, and we built our own standalone system.


Basically, what it is all is that feeling when you go into Podio, or not even Podio if you are using some other CRM system, and you are just not quite sure what you are supposed to do. Like you have to think about okay I have to click on this button and then after that I have to enter this record. But then once I am done with entering out information, that I got to make sure I log this service here. Most of these systems require too much thinking and we have addressed that by hiring an epic support team that you guys I am sure have spoken with. Trained people and we have tons of training videos and we teach people how to navigate around Podio and how to use the functions we built inside Podio. Too much thinking. We designed a system that does not require any thinking.


Brian: I like that.


Brett: I like simple.


Dan: Simple. That is what everybody… Nobody would say it. They would say it is too complicated but they would not say can we make this simpler? I realized that lead management needs to be completely simplified so you can hire someone that will not mess it up and you can effectively double the amount of leads or quadruple the amount of leads you have coming in. Your closing rates go up and nothing gets more complex. We needed to just completely re-think the traditional real estate CRM and that is what we did with InvestorsFuse 2.0 is what we are calling it. This is the second podcast that I am actually talking about this, appreciate you guys letting me talk about it.


Brian: Yes.


Dan: We are doing a slow roll out this summer, summer 2018, and eventually it will be open to everybody. But right now, it is just like a wait list type of period for people to get access to it.


Brett: InvestorFuse 2.0, this is not using another third party software like Podio? This is something that you guys have built yourself? Is it going to be very similar to what you guys have done on Podio? What are some of the features…


Dan: Yes.


Brett: … and the simplicity of what you guys are doing now?


Dan: Yes. Feature wise, it does the same thing that InvestorsFuse for Podio does. It has got the main things. That meant people watching them involve sequences, the ability to capture leads from any possible source whether you are cold calling or whether you have got inbound phones from Direct Mail, whether you have a website, everything can integrate task routing to make sure that your team is getting the right action at the right time. But I think the biggest feature is just the interface itself, right? When you see it… Have you guys seen it yet?


Brett: I do not think so. No, I have not.


Dan: Right.


Brett: Alex, he works with InvestorFuse mostly on the team but he might have.


Dan: Well, we will talk. We are demoing it for the first time next week. It is a one page interface, super slick. You can only make one decision at a time. It is action driven system so we are not calling them tasks, they are actions, and each action is kind of functions like a bot that guides you through how to complete that action step by step so there is no way you can mess up. It is flexible enough that it works for basically any type of situation that happens during the life cycle of a lead, when it is captured all the way until you get in your contract. Sounds great, you have to see it to believe it.


Brett: Sounds good. You guys are doing a demo, where are you guys doing the demo at?


Dan: Yes. We are going to do it on a Webinar next Thursday, the 24th May 2018, and if this is getting released before that I am not sure.


Brian: This will be after but we will put like where you can find that and stuff in the show notes.


Dan: Okay. That link will be investorfuse.com/relaunch and then after that people can learn how to get access to that and watch the demonstration that we do, investorfuse.com/relaunch. Other cool things that you can do you, you can round robin your leads which you cannot really do on Podio. Meaning you can handoff your leads to if you have multiple acquisitions manager for instances. You can round robin them to all of your acquisitions people. which is really cool. The user setting, you can like restrict access a little better than you can in Podio. If you did not want someone to look at your buyer’s list or VA to see you buyer’s list, you can restrict user access and make sure they cannot do that. It does everything. Actually there is.., John told me there are 63 more features that have been added that people have been requesting that we just simply could not build on Podio because it is not our platform.


Brett: Yes.


Dan: Now we finally have that control that everybody really needed for us to build the ultimate lead management solution and that is what I believe we will.


Brian: That is awesome man. That is just really exciting, I am excited to see it and excited to jump in. I am sure our guy Alex will be all over this.


Brett: Yes. My question is, and this is probably more of a selfish question, but what are you guys going to do with your existing clients now that have built something on Podio? I know that we have added quite a few features here lately that is helpful and what are you guys going to do with your existing clients?


Dan: Yes, that is a good question. Existing clients can stay in Podio for as long as they want first of all. Switching is not mandatory. They will support people on top of Podio as long as they want. However, once they see the efficiencies of the new platform, it will kind of be silly not to migrate that over. If and when people want to switch from whatever system they are on, whether they are on our current Podio or their own Podio, we will do all of the heavy lifting switching stuff for them.


Our team will migrate all the lead sources, send all of the current leads into the systems, they really will not have to do any work to switch, I think it is important. If you already have a super customized workspace, then basically what you see is what you get with the new platform. If you want to switch, you are going to get 80% of the functionality that you have in InvestorsFuse for Podio, assuming that you maybe had built an extra 20% of like full automation and stuff. But here is how you will be able to re-create that in the new system.


The new system will have, a sappier integration. You can automate it and tweak it out similarly to Podio and it also has customizations like customized editable leads like seller lead sheet. You can change the names of the fields, it is pretty flexible like Podio but if you have a lot of crazy automations that you built inside of Podio, you are going to have to either let them go or stay on Podio or let them go and try to recreate those inside of the new platform. Sort of a long awaited answer but you do not have to switch if you do not want to.


Brett: No problem. We are able to customize your new InvestorFuse 2.0 similar way would add things if… Things like that.


Dan: It is not like infinitely flexible like Podio is but it is customizable for the things that make people money, right?


Brett: Got you.


Dan: Like all the field types, all the tasks routing options, all the lead routing options, make sure the right people get the right action at the rights time. We even have custom tasks and all the important things that are essential to the operations of your company. There are some stuff in Podio that just is not necessary and we have to make those hard choices and figure out like what are the things that people actually do on a customize Podio? Let us just build that in our own platform. The majority of the function of the features on Podio are not used by investors, it just complicates things.


Brett: Yes, definitely.


Brian: I have one more question for you before we jump into the next section here. I just know there is a bunch of different types of CRMs out there and all the new technology out there for real estate investors, how are you guys dealing with having a product that is kind of above others or how you deal with the competition in this market space?


Dan: Well, we are really good at one thing. We are focusing on one thing instead of trying to be an expert at everything, right? Most of the tools out there are trying to be lead generation, lead management or coaching platform. They you do diligence, they do rehab calculation, they do everything not very well. What I realized was that the biggest leverage point that can be the make or break point for any real estate investor is the lead management. Like I said, it is the least sexy thing. It is the thing that nobody really wants to figure out, that is what we are going all in on.


That is how we are different because we go all in on follow up, we go all in on capture, the capture of the lead all the way until getting under contract. As a result, we are not doing any post contract type of things. We are not helping people manage their rehab projects. It is not really helping people monetize the lead necessarily, we are just helping them get it under contract, just the a necessary. You do no matter what exit strategy you are forming. We are building the hub for the real estate industry, we are getting deals into contracts, that is what we are focusing on. Aside from that, the other simplicity of how we are doing that with the interface is how we are differentiating ourselves. It just simplicity man, that is what everybody needs.


Brett: Yes.


Dan: It is hard to do that when you are generating thousands of leads but…


Brett: It is true. That is definitely true. That is why we entitled our company Simple Wholesaling. I am a very simple man and the simpler the better for us. I love what you said. It is just about focusing on one thing.


Dan: Yes.


Brett: We are super excited. Before we wrap this show up, let us get to the next section of the show that Brian and I like to call Going Deep.


Brian: Going Deep.


Going Deep


Brett: In this section of the show, we just like to ask a little bit more of a personal question. Brian, why don’t you ask the question?


Brian: Yes, no problem. I know you are talking about you were like traveling with a band, you were trying to develop this system for the follow ups, and you are ruling out 2.0 and everything. How do you work with that kind just work life balance? How do you try to put everything you can answer into your work but also have that balance outside of your life where you can still have a life.


Dan: Well, I design my business to serve my lifestyle first and foremost. I suggest anybody that is going into business does that. They build a business around the ideal day that you want to have. For me, I like the flexibility of being able to travel, being able to hang out with inspirational people, being able to do what I want to do with and when I want to do it. For me, running a local wholesaling business was not that. That expertise though, I have done hundreds of wholesale deals, went to start well to this new business that allowed me to build that lifestyle.


Right now, I am in Chicago visiting friends. I just lived in San Diego for a the last year and a half but I am currently traveling right now while re-launching this software company. I think you need to build your company intentionally around your ideal lifestyle. Get clear on that and then use systems automation and delegations, four-hour work week yourself into that scenario.


Brian: Very cool. Is that your drive then? Just to kind of just live life as best you can? Is that what your drive behind everything you do is?


Dan: The drive behind everything I do is freedom. Defining what freedom means to me, attaining that level of freedom so that I can build products that ripple effect that freedom out to other people. I believe that there is no excuses with the internet and the resource that we all have at our fingertips to really create and to find that freedom that we all want in our lives. InvestorFuse is just sort of a manifestation of that at this point in my career and that is sort of my OM.


Brian: Yes, that is awesome man.


Brett: Awesome. One last question, obviously with all this technology and automatic follow up and automatic texting and all the stuff, tasking your team, do you feel like that the world and is there ever going to be any more human interaction or where does the human approach come into all of this? These are all great tools that we can have but where do you see the human element come in all this?


Dan: That is great. The point of automation is to enhance the human aspect of business. We are creating all these tools so that the administrative robotic non-human elements of this business can be handed off to robots that will not mess up, that work night and day for you for very cheap, so that you can have more human to human connection opportunities. For instance, InvestorFuse helps you get… You do not have to like follow up and do all these initial tasks and as a result, yes you are in front of humans more. I believe that it is the human to human component of business that will be the source of competition. Like you who can build rapport better, he who can negotiate structure deals better, he or she can relate to sellers and have better human to human connection will win at the end of the day. Technology is leveling the playing fields but human to human interaction is how you compete.


Brett: Yes, I love that. That is obviously where you make the money and then all this technology just puts the admin stuff together, puts the pieces together. It kind of weeds out all of the junk so you can follow up with the hot leads. We want to go to people’s houses that are actually motivated instead of calling up a hundred of people that are not, right?


Dan: Right.


Brett: It is so cool.

Touch of Randomness

It is time for a touch of randomness.


Brett: We like to end our show with just a kind of a random note, a touch of randomness. We have a couple questions for you that just kind of name the first thing that comes to your mind. Since you are a techie guy, other than InvestorFuse 2.0 or Podio or whatever in the real estate space, what is your favorite app or favorite gadget that you like to use?


Dan: Can I say fidget spinner?


Brian: I was not expecting that.


Brett: Yes. It just took me back to my 5th Grade daughter right there. No, I am just kidding.


Dan: No, that is not really a useful thing. I would say Slack is the thing that I could not live without because I run a virtual team with 15 people and Slack is what keeps us all together.


Brett: What is Slack?


Dan: Slack is a chat app for teams.


Brett: Awesome.


Brian: Very cool. Alright, we got one more question before we let you go today here. Do you have a favorite team that you are like a die-hard fan of?


Dan: Not really, not really. But if I were to say, I would say the Baltimore Ravens because that is what I grew up with.


Brian: Yes.


Brett: Sounds good. Well, hey, thank you so much for being on the show today, Dan. We appreciate you. Everything that you are doing so much. Super excited about where you are going with your InvestorFuse 2.0 and cannot wait for that to be rolled out. But if one of our listeners wants to find you, find more information about InvestorFused 2.0, where do they go?


Dan: Yes, thanks so much for having me. I hope I did not bore anyone out too much talking about lead management.


Brett: No.


Brian: Good stuff. No.


Dan: You can find me on social media, search Dan Schwartz InvestorFuse and friend me on Facebook if you would like or shoot me an e-mail, dan@investorfuse.com. For all things InvestorFuse, you can also check out our blog. I wrote a lot of really epic blog post that kind of dive into lead generation and then how to structure deals and basically you can just learn how to make money on blog, just go to investorfuse.com/blog. A ton of great free resources people, do not forget to check out. I really appreciate you guys having me on, giving me the opportunity to do my thing.


Brett: Yes, definitely. Well, if are listening right now, check out everything that Dan talked about and the links in our show notes at simplewholesaling.com/episode111. Also, we are going to put a little video about Pigeons Playing Ping Pong in there as well. Stay tuned for that. Thank you so much, Dan. We wish you so much success with everything that you got going on man, I appreciate it.


Dan: Appreciate you guys. Cheers.


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