SWP: 117 Lending Knowledge & Confidence for Commercial Loans

In today’s episode, we talked with John Matheson, the CEO of Commercial Loan Success – a software and education platform designed to help small business owners and property investors make more informed financing decisions. We dived into the things to think about and prepare when applying for a commercial loan.

Using the Commercial Loan Success loan analysis software platform, commercial borrowers and commercial lenders are able to communicate more effectively, and borrowers are able to approach commercial lenders more confidently, already knowing that their transactions are lendable.

Through Commercial Loan Success, John hopes to provide the resources and educational materials that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors can use to confidently obtain financing and grow their businesses profitably, all without being at the mercy of the predatory lenders.

If you want to know more about this platform and have more informed financing decisions, listening to this episode is a must. You’ll surely learn a lot of information and knowledge from John!

Insight of the Week:

Organizing your tasks by what is important vs what is urgent

Spiritual Foundations:

James 1:2
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Who John is and what he’s doing now
  • What a green building is
  • Obtaining capital to help grow the business
  • What his software does
  • The certainty of the app (when it says GO, is it really a GO?)
  • Other things the app can help users with
  • Steps you should be taking to gauge if you qualify
  • How much their app costs


“If it’s a good deal for the bank to lend on it, then it’s a great deal for you.”
“I just thought that would be the coolest thing to just pay myself what I’m worth.”
“Some days you’re worth a dollar, some days you’re worth a million dollars.”


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