SWP:002 The Epic Adventure Story of Brandon Turner

Have you ever wondered what some of the best (and worst) strategies might be in real estate? On today’s show, we’re honored to have the Vice President of Growth and Communication at BiggerPockets.com, Mr. Brandon Turner himself.

In this episode, we take a dive into the epic story of BiggerPockets, Brandon’s insight into doing a variety of different types of deals and of course, his famous BRRRR strategy.

This show has some INCREDIBLE knowledge-bombs, so get ready to start kicking some serious butt!

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Should I get my real estate license as a real estate investor?
  • How the early Apostles were all entrepreneurial 
  • The story behind Brandon & BiggerPockets.com
  • How to find good deals and what to do with them
  • Brandon’s famous BRRRR strategy
  • How to use real estate as a means to support ministry
  • What would you do if Donald Trump and Barack Obama were over for dinner?


  • The greatest online real estate investment resource: Biggerpockets.com
  • Brandon’s books on Amazon.com: Link
  • Brandon’s Books on Rental Property: Link 
  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn: Link

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