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Gary Horton is a Family Man living in San Diego, CA and the Principal of Property Investment Engineers. With a love for land, Left Coast Land was born to provide everyone the opportunity to own high quality land at affordable prices. At Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo grad with a background in Project Management and Estimating has been a useful background to acquiring the best land deals for investors, builders, self sustainable living, off grid, preppers, tiny home enthusiasts and anyone with interest in the best investment on earth, earth!

Insight of the Week:

What is the best way to approach someone that you would like to be your mentor?

  • Educate yourself on what the individual does before you approach them. You want to make sure that they are doing what you want to be doing.
  • Don’t just ask them to be your mentor. Think of something that you can offer to bring them value. If you bring them value, they will invest in you.
  • Build a rapport with them by asking them some professional and even personal questions before asking for help from them.
  • Be confident and personable.

Spiritual Foundations:

Proverbs 31:9

Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

We discuss about:

  • How land differ from dealing with traditional real estate
  • How to buy and sell lands
  • Resources to use for posting and finding land
  • Why he chose land over houses
  • Tips on analyzing land deals online
  • and much, much more!


“If you know the numbers, then it works very well.”


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter


Investor Fuse

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Left Coast Land
Email- gary@propertyinvestmentengineers.com

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Brett: Father, we ask that you watch over us for this new year, 2018. We pray for our listeners on this podcast, we pray for them and their families and we just pray that we can be an impact your Kingdom and we can spread your kingdom further and it is all about you God. All this is going to waste away and we are all going to have our relationship with you and sin before you and that is only the permanent thing than we have. We thank you for giving this opportunity for us to bring opportunity to others in Jesus’ name. This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 91.

Welcome to Simple Wholesaling. A Christian podcast that supplies simple, yet effective content for real estate investors and business entrepreneurs. Get advice, tips, and tricks so that you can stay true to your values and achieve your dreams with real estate investing you can trust. Now, introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: What is going on all you Simple Wholesalers out there? Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I am your host, Brett Snodgrass, I am with my co-host, Jaren Barnes. What is up man?

Jaren: What is up man? You sound a little tired over there.

Jaren: Oh, just getting over a little sickness man. I was just been getting beat up this New Year.

Jaren: Yes, man.

Brett: How about you?

Jaren: Well, you know what, I do not want to boast about being plant based whole food but my wife used to have really bad sickness like I mean it would hit her hard like every year, it was just kind of normal in our house and for me, ear infections were a normal thing. Anytime the weather changed, probably every other month, she would come down with the flu, like really bad. Ever since we stopped eating animal products, everyone around us is getting sick and we are not and I have not had an ear infection. I had tubes in my ears when I was a kid. I literally had chronic ear infections every single year, at least two or three each year since for 26 years of my entire life. This is the only year that I have absolutely nothing wrong with me which is awesome.

Brett: Yes man. There is definitely something to on the say about it. I just got a juicer.

Jaren: Nice. Get them greens in, bro.

Brett: I know.

Jaren: Green life, #greenlife.

Brett: I know. I just got one. I always have to go to the juice bar and now I have my own. I am going to load up on a bunch of fruits. It is crazy though. Like when you have a juicer, it is crazy how much vegetable and fruits…

Jaren: You start to buy.

Brett: Yes. It is like it takes so much to make like 15 ounces of juice.

Jaren: Try smoothies. There is actually something that would like… I obviously… I did a 23 juice fast that kick started this whole thing so I am not against juicing but the research shows that smoothies are actually healthier for you than juice because you are not abstracting the fiber and fiber is what really would transform your body. It is more cost effective because you use less to do it. But Costco is your saving grace here for buying stuff in bulk.

Brett: Yes man. Now, definitely. Who is our guest on the show today?

Jaren: This incredible guy that I know named Gary Horton.

Brett: Great guy from the left coast land man. Why don’t you talk a little about Gary. I know you guys have been talking a little bit.

Jaren: Yes. I have been growing my land business. They have things to talk about on this podcast but that is soon to come. A part of that, I am developing a internal CRM software called Investor Fuse which we are going to do a link in the show notes. Guys, this is literally the CRM solution for wholesalers, it is incredible. We should probably do an entire Brett’s Insight of the Week on that because it is pretty amazing. But I was talking to him and then explaining what I want to do and like, ‘Oh, yes. We have another land guy out in California that you should meet. I said, ‘Yes, definitely. I should get him on the podcast.’ I got connected through the guys at Investor Fuse to this guy and ended up actually hiring him as a coach because he is doing exactly what I want to do in land, he is already there.

Like he is on pace right now to do a 120 land deals for 2018. I mean I am, dude, literally the most practical, like it is just amazing what he teaches now. He does not advertise that he is a coach to everybody. He only wants to really keep it within his network and within his influence because he wants to be able to actually work with people that are going to take action but it has been an incredible experience working with this guy. This guy is a lot like you, Brett. His why and why he is in his business is 100% for his family. He is out in San Diego and he does everything he need he does just so he does not miss a moment with his kids, like it is cool. He is a cool guy. You guys would do well together.

Brett: Definitely man. It is a great interview guys. Stay tuned for the interview coming up with Gary Horton. If you guys are interested in investing and wholesaling houses, you can learn a lot or land which Jaren has been doing and we have done some here and it is just an awesome strategy that not a lot of people are doing. He is teaching that you do not have to have a lot of money. You buy a house and you have to invest thousands of dollars, but in land, especially like lots, you guys can literally buy for…

Jaren: If you buy in the right areas like in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, like desert land, you can buy a $100 an acre.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: A $100 like blah.

Brett: That is crazy.

Jaren: You buy a thousand acres, bro.

Brett: Yes. Super cheap, yes. You do not have to have a lot of money and I know that he talked about that he has bought lots for $100 or $500 and sells them for $1500. It is a great way to get started. Stay tuned for our interview, it is awesome. For the iTunes today, we are not going to read a review today but if you like what we are doing here, I have got a lot of great feedback from a lot of local people and people from all over the nation that has been talking about our podcast and we really appreciate you guys tuning in and listening to Jaren and I. Just kind of speaking from the heart, speaking of who we are, and really just we do this for you guys just to bring you guys opportunity to share our experiences and wisdom. If you enjoy that, please leave us a review on iTunes. Go there right now and leave us a five star review. We super appreciate it.

Brett’s Insight of the Week

Now, simple tips and tricks that make real estate investing easier, faster and better. Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: For today’s Insight, I am just going to let Jaren kind of like take over this. I am fighting a little bit of a cold because I eat cow. I am just kidding.

Jaren: It is mostly cheese, bro. Cheese is like… Anyway, I will not get into all that. That is not the Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: Just kidding. But I really enjoy what you have been talking about. I know you have been really studying up on CRMs and what is the best CRM and you have been studying Investor Fuse which has helped. A lot of people talking about Podio and I know last year we went to different direction. If you guys are using a CRM and you do not know what a CRM is, it is basically a Customer Relations Management software system so you can manage your leads. Basically, when you get leads that come in, how do you manage those? How do you keep track of them? Yes, it is easy if you got five, what if you got 500? How are you going to keep track of those? When it gets big, you have to have a CRM system. Why don’t you talk about this. What have you learned from the Investor Fuse? Why is it then cool for you to see and what have you been seeing with it?

Jaren: Yes. It is designed specifically for wholesalers. Out the gate, it is made specifically for people who assign contracts. It is, from start to finish, everything that a wholesaler would want in a CRM solution. I did a lot of research, Podio is the most customizable and for me when I was over that project for the team here at Simple Wholesaling, I really did not want to pursue Podio because I understood how daunting of a task and how much to set things up and to create the apps that you have to. You really have to like know Podio, like it is still a lot of work. Take that undertaking and while running a full time business is just too much to do in my opinion. We decided to move forward with on was Insightly which I still to this day think it is probably for our business because of the pipeline functions and things. It is probably the second best option to what I am about to share with you guys.

Brett: I mean, again, we do not like to throw a bunch number but we did a lot of deals this year using Insightly, over 300 deals. I mean Insightly does work, we are just maybe trying to pump it up.

Jaren: The problem with Insightly is just the automation aspect. Whatever the top wholesaler wants to be able to do, they want to be able to have automated follow up sequences to where like I can place this lead in a sequence and then they get an automatic ringless voicemail, a text message, an email, and then the ability to send a purchase agreement in the mail. Insightly, it can, it does have web hooks and if you are a developer, you could probably figure out how to use it but it is jink, it is not made for that. Insightly actually connected us to developer, a third party developer that they referred and they were not able to do what we wanted to do, it never worked.

I was doing research for my for my own stuff on the land side of things, I discovered this thing called Investor Fuse. These guys, they are essentially a suite of apps that sit on top of Podio. They have already designed Podio specifically for real estate wholesalers and everything that I just mentioned about automation, they have to the wood works. If you connect through a third party called Correo. If you miss a call from the seller, it will automatically push out a text message, ‘Sorry, I missed your call. Please tell me about your property and it will continue the conversation immediately even if you miss a call. Dude, this thing is incredible like the only one aspect of their follow up sequence that is not fully automated is if you want to send a physical purchase agreement in the mail, you have to set yourself up a task then you have to go into the lead and then you have to click send. But you can send purchase agreements in the mail…

Brett: You do not have to actually like fill it out…

Jaren: No.

Brett: … like each time.

Jaren: At all. Like you just hit a button that says “Send Offer” and it will automatically push out an offer. The other component of this thing that I really really like because obviously I come from the disposition side, it has the ability to set up search criteria for your buyers database. You can type in ‘buyers’ and set it up to where you have tags that any buyer like, for example in Indianapolis, if I had a property that was coming soon that a bunch of people were interested in, I can now set up a tag that says interested in X Property and then when that thing comes available, I can do a search create pool.

All the lists of the buyers that are related to that property or to that tag and then send out a new lock box code, literally e-mail them within the software, you do not have to go to Gmail and I can send a blast right there. They also have the ability to search based off of buyer criteria, burst strategy, Lawrence Township, three bedrooms or more. Like I can set that up and then pull the whole thing. It is just literally the most robust perfect niched software for real estate wholesaling.

Obviously, I am tailored customing in it for land because there is a lot of parallels and there is a little bit of a difference in the way that with the simple close, when we fully purchase a property and then turn around and sell it the way the way that we do here at Simple Wholesaling, that is you have to kind of tailor custom it but I mean 85% of the way there out the gate of what you want to do. It is incredible. A big plug for them, they are amazing, you guys got to check them out. They are really small right now.

Brett: Yes. How many clients?

Jaren: They said that they have about 200 clients right now.

Brett: I mean I have heard of them for a while and I thought that yes, they would have.

Jaren: Well, what is crazy is this is not scaled. I would bet money this is not going to stick around but they actually have an assigned on-boarding person with unlimited sessions. If you want to say Podio-up a certain way, you can schedule meetings back to back to back every week with the on-boarding specialist and he will help you set up from A to Z exactly how you want to use the software. Again, I do not know if that is going to be around for a long time but for right now, it is amazing.

Brett: Yes. That is cool. Check that on the show notes guys at simplewholesaling.com/episode91. Investor Fuse, that is what we are working on right now. Check it out.

Spiritual Foundations

Do you dream of a life that is purpose-driven and makes a difference? Spiritual


Brett: Today on Spiritual Foundations, I am just trying to think about what to really talk about. Coming in this New Year, 2018, we had a monster year in business with the Simple Wholesaling Team, awesome here. I know a lot of you guys have had great years but you cannot always measures success on business but I just think that I live in Indiana, we live in the Midwest, we go through these different seasons every year. Right now it is freezing cold outside.

Jaren: Awesome.

Brett: Jaren is enjoying the cold and I do like the cold somewhat, I mean but it was like negative eight yesterday and Jaren is out jogging like six miles. Crazy. I do like the seasons of Indiana, I like the winter, I like the summer, the fall, and the spring and I think that really relates us to life. I think we just get different seasons in life, I think this is a good conversation that we can just kind of talk about right now. Simple Wholesaling was born a few years ago and, Jaren, you have been such an instrumental part of the Simple Wholesaling team and we have had a great team. It has been awesome and we are setting our goals for 2018.

I am just trying to like think about seasons of my life. I know this next year, there is a lot of changes coming. My wife is having our fourth child, we could be moving up north a little bit to Fort Wayne, Indiana. That is just a couple of big things happening and then I was thinking we got big things obviously going on. I just think that these are just times that we can just come to God and just ask him for direction. I have been trying to like simplify my life a little bit more and trying to peel back the layers and just saying how can I make my life more simple, what can I do to just focus on like one thing and just not get overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff because that is how my mind goes. But is that the direction that God wants me to go or does he want me to do something more for his Kingdom?

Like for example, I got this e-mail like yesterday and it is so funny. I get this e-mail and I literally I have like I do not know what this sickness I have is. I am achy and I am just feeling miserable. I have my phone and I get this email and the subject was praying and somebody sent me this e-mail and they said they were praying for me that God had laid them on my heart, laid them on their heart, and they are praying for me and I just felt that they needed to tell me that God has big things that God has these big plans and then he wants me to like do more and here I am, I am man I am trying to like peel back and simplify my life a little bit. Is that God speaking?

I do not know but it is really got me thinking, he has got me praying and more like does God want me to do more for his Kingdom? Ministry is always been something on my heart and right now I have really just been pouring it into the team and that is kind of been my ministry. I have been trying to like think about Jesus. He poured into his disciples and I was like well this is like that. For me, it is like I can pour into my team and really just show them love and that is my ministry. But is there something bigger than that, more than that that God has gifted me with? Ecclesiastes 3 obviously says there is a time for everything, there is a season for every activity under the heavens.

There is time to be born, time to die, time to plant, time to uproot, time to kill and a time to heal, time to tear it down, a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh. Time to mourn and time to dance. A time to scatter stones and a time to gather, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and time to speak, a time to love and time to hate, a time for war and time for peace.

God basically is saying in this scripture, there is a time for everything, there is a season for everything and I am just trying to figure out where my season is at right now. I love this, I love what I do, but I am always searching for God’s mission. I think that is what Christians do. We always want to do God’s will and that is where I am at. You guys can pray for us and me and Jaren and he wants anything to that. Go for it man and pray for us, pray for our business, we will be praying for you guys in your seasons in life. I know you guys are going through some hard stuff out there that probably a lot harder than I am going through. We definitely pray for that. Send us an e-mail if you guys want us to pray about anything.

Jaren: Yes. The only thing that I would mention is I just finished a book called Who Moved My Cheese and it was a really timely book for me and really helped me realize some things. If you guys have not read the book, it is a really short book and it is actually a story about two mice and two little people named Him and Ha, like Him, Ha and around. It is a really good story about Him and Ha found this, they all live in a maze and they found this room full of cheese. They are like man this cheese is amazing. They built their house around this cheese, they started getting fat and developed their whole life around this cheese and got really comfortable and then one day, they showed up, and the cheese was all gone.

The mice just very easily just said okay, they just put on their running shoes and left the maze and they started looking for more cheese but Him and Ha, they are little people so they are just like us and they had this whole process of anger and this whole thing about their cheese being moved because they are like I deserve that cheese, I worked hard for that cheese,  that cheese was there for me. Where is this cheese? I cannot go out in the maze, I am too old, I am too this, what if I cannot find cheese ever again, all this stuff. Then one of them ends up staying in the empty cheese room and the other one takes the risk of going out and chasing after new cheese and then finds even more cheese at the end. The whole thing, he discovers life lessons as he is in the maze explore new cheese and the whole point of the book is you know what?

Stay ready, do not get comfortable because you can enjoy the cheese when it is there but most likely life will always so you curve balls and the biggest thing that you can do is to always stay ready to go after new cheese. Then there is maybe you are in a season right now where you just lost a job or you are just pursuing a business and it is not working and it was working but now it is not and you have got to find a new venture but do not get caught up in staying in the cheese room. Get out there and start looking for a go after new opportunities, stay hungry, because that is when you will really find the cheese. That is how you know you always be able to find the cheese, if you stay hungry.

Brett: That is true.

Jaren: Yes. I just encourage you guys that no matter the season in life, like I feel like it was real timely with what Brett was talking about that sometimes your cheese will move and you have got to figure out what it looks like to go in the maze and go after it again.

Brett: Yes, definitely man. That is a good book. I think I read that a while back but that was one of the very first business book. I think do not really know if it is a business book but one of the very first ones I read and yes, definitely resonated with me too. Cool guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this part of the show. Now we are going to get on to our interview with the one and only Gary Horton.


Brett: Alright guys, we are so excited for today’s guest. We are interviewing Gary Horton from San Diego, California. Gary, he is the principal of Property Investment Engineers. He has a love for land. You and Gary have something in common, Jaren.

Jaren: Yes, we do.

Brett: You got the love for land.

Jaren: We do.

Brett: Gary has invented the Left Coast Land, that is the company that he is with, it was born to provide everyone the opportunity to own high quality land at affordable prices. He is a graduate from a Cal Poly, the San Luis Obispo grad.

Jaren: Wow. Way to butcher that one.

Brett: I am sorry man. I am Mid West, Mid West.

Gary: Sure man, you are close.

Brett: He has a background in project management estimating which is a very useful background on what he does which is find the best land deals for investors builders, self sustainable living, those tiny house enthusiast and people that just looking for land. We are so excited to have him on the show today. What is up, Gary? How are you doing?

Gary: I am doing great, Brett. Fantastic. Thanks for having me on, Jaren.

Jaren: Yes man, definitely. Well, hey, to kick this thing off, what is your origin story? Every superhero has an origin story so let us start there. Like where did you come from, how did you get to where you and then how did you venture into land?

Gary: Yes. For me, real estate was always on my mind and what I felt like I wanted to be doing but never really did. Went to college, got a job, kind of took that more traditional approach and then behind the scenes, on the side, I always wanted to be a real estate investor either probably that time… realtor. Something just to kind of create that passive income and that like a little retirement plan but it was not really happening so I just kind of kept on working. For me, it just came to a point where I had such clarity on like what I want to do and where I wanted to do and where I wanted to be or even how these things, I was not doing any of them.

At the time, my wife and I have two little kids and I was gone too much working full time, could not stay on my job and I just got deep into like listening to real estate investing podcast and which I am being excited. It just came to a point where I did start some wholesaling and selling stuff but then just reached the point where we sold our house, quit my job and moved back down to San Diego and just like I am going to be a full time real estate investor. Certain skills helped prepare me for what I do now but a lot of it I think was just a certain mindset shift where you just kind of burn the boat and once I decided that is what I was always going to do. Land was just because I did not do well with other things, I thought we just lay into that farming lands but I just kept going I guess.

Jaren: Man, that is awesome. I have like eightybigilion questions that I want to ask you.

Gary: Tone it down.

Brett: Tone it down.

Jaren: I am going to like calm myself down and let Brett ask you the first question because otherwise…

Brett: My first question is just you have three kids and have you ever seen the movie, Horton Hears a Who?

Jaren: Oh my goodness, did you really ask… oh my gosh.

Brett: What? That is his name.

Gary: Yes. Kids here like that. Dr. Zeus and yes for sure.

Brett: Anyways…

Jaren: I am like chopping at the bit here like I was at the edge of my sit and he is like this is a… Okay, a touch or randomness way too early.

Brett: No. Just to kind of dive in, super interesting. Thank you for sharing your story. How long do you work a side job before you go full time and what did that look like and when did you go full time in real estate investing and how much were you making in investing working it on the side before you quit your job?

Gary: I definitely did not do it via textbook. I pretty much was starting like I was marketing, I was probably sending out either letters or certain stuff for wholesaling. I quit my job before I had done a single deal.

Jaren: Sink or swim.

Gary: I do not know, the way my job and certain stuff was and I just stopped doing corporate. I just kind of seem like I did not want to wait until I get it going on the side and just felt like I am half thirty and I do not know what I am going to do. Luckily, I did get a wholesale deal fairly early on and it is pretty good. The funny thing is from there I thought oh man wholesaling is great, I am going to kill this. This is going to be fantastic and then I ended up being the best wholesale deal I ever did and after that it was deal full on challenges. I did have my real estate license so I did that part time as well.

It is kind of like a hybrid of I would do a few realtor deals on the side while I work full time for almost I believe three or four years or something. Not many but I have my license, doing some deals and just figured hey, between my license and wholesaling, I will just make it an offer to sign the house and had a nice trying out and not have a parachute and just take a jump.

Jaren: Yes. That is cool.

Brett: That takes guts.

Jaren: Yes. A lot of people, they do not have the capacity to do that. I think that is an interesting strategy though. Like I always tell people I am always a proponent to get your license, yes. Are there hassles especially for wholesaling that you will face when you have your license? Yes, there are some hoops and some expenses and some nuances that are annoying but what it gives you is a competitive advantage. I think whether it is wholesaling house or wholesaling houses, you have access to comps. If you are just starting off, you always have a backup plan.

Brett: That is true.

Jaren: You can throw some direct mail into some neighborhoods and just list some properties. I just think it is a win-win. The pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Get you license says Jaren. Anyway…

Gary: For me, it was nice because I would get leads from wholesaling that they want 26:08 certain stuff and that listing was kind of a Plan B or another option. That is where I kind of thought maybe the way the market here in San Diego, it is ultra competitive, my deal close is not good, I am not able to consistently get good deals or maybe I should be offering rather than just trying to buy their house. What I thought was kind of like a three option approach, one of them being I full renovate your house and fix up and sell it for top dollar and… It is like animation realty, they kind of have that model. I kind of try to do a mini mini shift in there and thinking that will be the way I can practice co investigating a bunch of deals.

That was okay but my strength is always been more just thinking of good ideas and things like but the execution are really to follow through this where that is not my strength to where I will dominate. I think I heard land guy on a podcast and that kind of resonated with me because it just seemed like well then, that seems like I heard about… back in the day and maybe I will give that a go. There was that initial stage where I was kind of doing realtor business, kind of doing wholesaling and maybe doing a land deal or two out the gate and that is when I kind of had to decide hey what is producing the best or where can I really excel?

Jaren: I want to dive into your business model because with conversations we have had off the air, it sounds like your model in the land is very different than say our mutual friend, Seth Williams, we have had him on the podcast.

Gary: Nice.

Jaren: His goal is like six or seven deals a year. He wants to make a big payday on those deals so he goes after larger things but it sounds to me like your a lot more similar to traditional wholesaling and that you are trying to do a quite a bit of volume, is that the case?

Gary: Yes. For me, I definitely do not mind niche in probably a lot of bases. Maybe some doubles here. Lots of small deals. There is a lot of similarities and maybe tools and resources and stuff but I found the mindset or like the deal form to be very different from wholesaling because I am using my own money to buy this property before the deed in my name and then re-sell it. There is some capital involved in that. That is why the small deals work really well because you can buy and have lots of deals going. I guess you kind a flip in those either for tax or financing but it seems like for me I feel like if you ever see a real business, I have seven sale system, I need a sell system like this.

There is volume, there is a lot of stuff going on, you are building your buyer’s list so every time a buyer closes, you are trying to log on them to get referrals and have them tell people about you. I do a lot of small deals and it is kind of like that approach. It is like you can always get more deals so if you have to make a little bit of money on one, just sell it and move on, we do. Sometimes it seems like he can do well just doing like a deal a month or less in big deals. Then it sounds really nice for me that I have just kind of found the niche in small bills, doing a lot of them and if it is fairly missing two scale because there is a lot of repetition involved in each property and how you acquire and market it.

Jaren: Do you mind? Are you comfortable in like sharing your numbers a little bit like…

Brett: We want to know how much you make.

Jaren: I mean I do not, I do not, I do not want to know those numbers. I am saying like a number of deals, like a ratio, like  between like owner finance to cash deals, acreage like amounts, that kind of stuff.

Brett: Yes, yes.

Jaren: I am not going to be that really awkward podcast interviewer that is like how much money did you make this year because that always is a really awkward question.

Brett: I guess when you talk about land too, you could be talking about a hundred acres or you could talk about a lot, you could talk about a commercial that is worth a million dollars and you could buy a residential lot for a $1000. What is your kind of niche and bread and butter I think Jaren is asking as far as that goes.

Gary: Yes. I will say I… Typically right now, I have settled into mostly California land. I have done deals in maybe seven or eight other states but it is hard building that buyer’s list and stuff. Finding people that want landing area. There is an advantage to being focused and some people maybe just work it in counties even real small. Typically, my average acquisition is going to be maybe $1700 or in that way. It is pretty low. It is mostly residential but it is a huge nest where I buy a land and it is like in a neighborhood, big roads, next to a house, maybe like 30% houses, 70% vacant lots in the neighborhood, kind of like the layout of them. All the deals that are out in the desert, off grid, 40 to 50 acres, that dirt road access off grid, you have kind of different buyers and people that would be buying the properties. I would say for real to mix but it is typically this residential recreational desert mountain.

Brett: What does a piece of desert cost like per acre.

Gary: Yes. I mean out here, it is uncommon for me to buy bigger desert lots like that for around $100 an acre.

Brett: Wow.

Jaren: There are different…

Brett: Who would buy that?

Jaren: Not here.

Brett: Who would buy something like that? Can you develop it, can you do anything with it?

Gary: Typically, your buyer is going to be someone who is either a land banker, investor, or just thinks it is like a really cheap price. Maybe they are going to flip it or you have someone going to buy from you and they sell it for a little bit more so I try to sell in a low price to move them quick. Typically, it is going to be recreation off road, dirt bike, dune buggies, want to shoot guns, camp, blow stuff up and just have no one around and then they can invite all their friends, RVs, camper trailers, whatever and just have 40 acres of off road paradise kind of thing. That is how I am going to be marketing that property. We will get people that are like oh I want to start an orchard or a fruit tree and it is like, well, this dessert lot is not probably a good fit for that kind of thing. Usually, I am trying to have a few end buyers in my mind like kind of how you market the property and maybe different keywords and stuff too.

Brett: Interesting.

Gary: That kind of desert land is that cheap. It is unbelievable when you can buy a 20 acre all for $2100, they do it. It is crazy to me but then the funny thing is it there is time when you are trying to sell it for $300 an acre and it is not as easy as you think so then it is kind of like a funny joke. The sellers are going crazy because there are times when even someone demand a great price. It is not like you just post it in three days, it sells. You just e-mail it out to your buyers, it sells right away.

That is what is kind of the backwards part is, finding the deals, buying land, once you get in the business, that becomes pretty and not a bottleneck in the business but it is more like how quickly you can sell them. Where I think with wholesaling, I mean if you have a big deal under contract, it is sold and the quality of buyers, they are doing a professional cash buyers or access to hard money in a big level where for me, my land buyers, they like me or just anyone who is on Craigslist or Facebook or just even has a $100 a month to buy land, could be a land buyer. It is different type of buyer, a little bit more of a sales process where they kind of want to learn about the property and about land where you could do maybe go through some of those cycles.

Jaren: On that, roughly how many deals are you doing per month right now and then from there what is your average turnaround time per deal?

Gary: This year, it will be about six deals a month. I wanted to hit a hundred deals. Definitely fell short on that goal. Next year my mark is at 120, 10 deals a month. It added some in-house admin and some staff now that were just feels like the deal flow and a lot of that lead generation where everything is kind of being kind of done a little bit more or it is grow and improve in that way. That is kind of about the deal flow. Sorry, what was the second half?

Jaren: How long?

Gary: Oh, how long. I would say it is typically going to be closer to 60 days. I would love to turn properties a lot quicker than that but some of the property I will buy, sometimes I have learned some learning stuff this year where even if it is a good price and you can make money, there are certain lots like they have red flags on them and I am going to disclose that of course and tell people about what is going on or talk them out of buying it. I know they are going to be disappointed because of what they want to do. I had some properties that kind of it moved a little but slower and that is where I have kind of shifted a little bit more and that is kind of the combo of like online and direct mail where it is like, hey, where do I do the best deals and sell the quickest.

That is where I really need to be focused the most on because I do feel like I never lost on a deal, I never had a deal I have not sold for more money. There is partly those deals like I could do go anywhere. I just look up prices, figure out what I can sell it for, make my offer. That is all just kind of numbers like that. Even though that is true, typically those are the deals that sometimes take a little bit longer with us. That is typically my time. I am trying the departments too, I am trying to hit the buyer’s list early and definitely something sold real quick but when I really look at the numbers about how long it takes, I mean that is 60 days really probably is where it is at.

Jaren: That is good to know. I have said that our average on land deals that we did this year are probably about the same too.

Brett: Yes. I want to get into some tactical advice that you can give our audience, Gary. Land is kind of a special niche business, we have had a few people on the podcast that are doing this but it is definitely not the norm and so if you can give some tactical tips to maybe ask you a few questions here.

Jaren: Fire around.

Brett: Yes, fire around. Here we go. Number one is where do you find your deals? How do you get the deals, where do you find them?

Gary: Yes. Two lone ways of getting the deals. One is going to be direct mail. What I do is you essentially head to where you want to buy land so there are some research involved in finding area, see what land they are selling. Let us say you find a subdivision in Arizona, land is selling there for say $4500, that is kind of like the low end and on the side say landmark. That is like from the biggest ones to go look for land for sale.

I would essentially draw on a map that subdivision or that area, call all the vacant land owners and then I am going to nail then an offer per se $1500 or typically I am about let us say a third of what I think I think I can sell it for in a cash deal. As you get in the higher price deals, maybe they are more expecting to double it a little bit more but as far as pricing offer. They will not just go out, the people just open their mailbox and rather than getting like hey I want to buy your land or interested at a two page cover letter then a land for disagreement, names, price, closing, all the stuff.

Brett: Interesting. You just send them an offer right away?

Gary: Yes. This offer, absolutely. just the direct mail and that is the marketing pieces it offer.

Brett: Interesting.

Gary: What is awesome about it with land is I typically do not get a huge response rate above my deal rate. It is not like I get tons of calls and do a couple deals. It is pretty much like I get five calls and three of them are deals because they know what is going on. Sometimes people call, they are little bit upset about the offer. I do not deal with a lot of that or have a lot of people getting too excited but then I seen is typically people who call maybe to re-negotiate a little bit or try to sometimes they will e-mail the best part in it. It is not that rare, these people who actually sign the offer agreement and mail it back to you or just e-mail it to you and it is signed.

Brett: Wow. They do not even talk to you.

Jaren: Yes.

Gary: Correct. Yes, there is nothing to really talk about. That is a fun way. It is very hard to be on the price you want, where you are buying it, that is a good way to do it. What I also do and it really works very well, and my price per deal is very low. It is a little bit more time but I have a website, it is landsoldsimply.com. Definitely it does not look like much but I use it best for websites and they just work. Bottom line, I do not know, I get a lot of leads coming in on that site and all kind of tip through and I learn to be very picky because not everything fits and it is going to be a deal and that is where it is like commercial lot, Ad lots, near lots, $5M lots and all these things come in and that sometimes I give a whirl and try to wholesale them. Typically, it is like I really know my bread and butter. Now I know where I can just buy and sell and what really fits what I do.

Brett: Yes.

Gary: I am at least and sometimes even more but if I want to pocket this to, to the website right now too. I would say it is a good mix of those direct mail and website.

Brett: Interesting.

Jaren: That is awesome.

Brett: Yes, that is cool.

Jaren: Yes. I mean…

Gary: A cool strategy, Jaren, because I know you have a website. I was on it and flipping on it. What I would recommend you to do is you are going to get this online leads, they you are going to analyze them, you are going to make offers on the deals that you do, on the deals are good. Some of them will be like say farmland or whatever it is, there is tons of land just like in all around you. Now that you have done a deal and you know the numbers, you just add and set up a direct mail campaign to that exact area, mailing them offers. Because then you kind of already know your price for acre or for a lot or looking on the property how to work. I have had some good success using the direct mail to kind of put a nut in the fine bus. I am good on my needs now I know the numbers and the area.

Jaren: Yes. Now, that is genius move right there. Brett, I mean, that move would maybe even work for houses too.

Brett: Yes, definitely. I think it is great.

Gary: I have these people, I worked in a broker’s office, it is an awesome environment, I love working here. There is a lot of agents. They are just all… It is great family, environment, good commodity. I am kind of doing a separate thing here for land but we get along great. It works and I have my license here of course too but I will tease them like why don’t you just lease an agreements out. Like if someone got a lease in agreement in the mail and it was like yes we will lease your house for $770,000, they are like, ‘Did you hear that? We could get 770 for this house.’ Like, sir I will give it a whirl. I do not know, I mean houses are different, they are so competitive even for wholesalers or flippers just wanting offers. I do not know how it would work but I know that…

Jaren: Yes. Brett’s strategy is almost identical to your land strategy. I mean he actually does not assign any contracts. He take everything down at Simple Wholesaling and then sell it and then the price differences are very different in Indianapolis. I mean we could be picking up houses for $10000, $15000, $20000, $25000.

Gary: Right.

Jaren: If you took all of the houses that we did this year and you need a radius around it and you just sent down offers, it would probably be amazing.

Gary: Yes, there is a neighborhood where like man anything you get in that neighborhood were $15000 or less like all day. We will mail everyone in that neighborhood and offer for $50000 or whatever, I do not know, you are sending out mail anyways. At worst, it is going to be a phone call or negotiation or whatever out of mention but…

Brett: I guess my question is how are you analyzing these deals and then do you analyze every letter, every deal, before you mail it out or do you just…

Gary: No.

Brett: No, okay.

Gary: That is the beauty of it. What I will do is I will draw, like I just said, a cool line and also l want to show you guys like the program if your are looking at all the lots. Let us say you zoom in to this subdivision, I will call all these lots out. Let us they are all one acre lots, some of them are doubles or whatever but they typically all one acre lots so they are pretty much all getting the exact same price or I will segments them. Everything is like a half acre gets this price, $1200, everything that is around three quarters gets $1600. It sounds funny but all do some tiered offers like that or in the desert, it will be next sizes. What I will do is I will have the acreage on Excel spreadsheet and then you just have a formula where you have a price for acres.

Let us say I am going to offer $115 an acre or a $100 an acre, you just put that number in and then it build a formula and you just drag it down and then all your offers are in there in whatever acreage is. It does not matter what size the property is, your offer per acres, then you do what you say and then they just go out. There is preparation before I send them but it is definitely nothing like each property or each lots getting some. It is more like maybe it is going to take you a few hours to kind of go to the market and get everything together and kind of sort your list and price it out and then mail out your $500,000 offer or whatever it is.

It is definitely a little bit more but it is working. Whenever I have the good mailers, it is always a result of good preparation and just kind of like the numbers are spot on. I never re-negotiate typically and I sell them for about what I am expecting because you kind of know the numbers.

Jaren: What I have heard is the one thing that you have to be careful of with blind offers is you really need to have your numbers be pretty good because if you are too low you just do not get anything back.

Gary: Yes.

Jaren: Has that been your experience?

Gary: Yes, I have had a couple out the gate where I did not exactly know what I was doing but I just know I knew how to get list and send out direct mail from the wholesaling. That was no problem. I sent out a bunch of offers at the cheapest prices and it was just crickets. It was like so bad it was an even worth their time to yell, like give you a hard time. I tell you, you would not take it seriously. I talked to a few other newer land investors had unsuccessful mailers and I want to dig deep, where did you send the mail or you are just stocking it.  Every time it is just bad preparation. Yes, you just know like every five acre lot plus an offer of $500 in your County like not even in the right spot because if you did that in the right spot, that would work. Just over a County, it is like terrible. I usually just two offers will be a total of that. If you know the numbers, then it works very well.

Jaren: I want to mention, before I forget guys, there is going to be a lot of links in the things that we have talked here on the air with Gary and you can find at www.simplewholesaling.com/episode91. That is where the show notes will be. You are welcome, Brett.

Brett: Thank you.

Jaren: You are welcome. He always gets on to me about not mentioning the show notes.

Brett: I was going to ask you, you find your deals to direct mail in your website and what are a couple of resources that people can analyze deal from?

Jaren: Are these licensed.

Brett: Okay.

Gary: Okay. One resource is Title Pro. You can get lists and some stuff on there but some stuff you will be able to see sales. The interesting thing about vacant land, in my opinion, what property is for sale, it is at least as important if not more important, and I lean towards more important and what so because the sales on land is absolutely crazy. There is neighborhood, I will deal with it, where I will buy a lot for $1000 or $1500 and you will see this out layer high sales for $20000 sometimes in sales all in between. Typically, sales on cheap vacant land is all over the place. You have auction prices, you have so much stuff, it is hard to tell but what matters is what is for sale because that is who someone who is going to be buying my land. Who else are going to be looking at or comparing it too?

I would say like I would not trust Zello or certain things for sold land but I typically do trust like what is for sale on Land Watch, that is the site I would recommend because they just seem to have the most listings. If I am looking at buying a property and what I think I can sell it for, I am going to put the most stock into like what else were the comps just like it can sell for it. Typically, in a lot of areas where there is just a lot of land there, we will see big comps and kinds of use that because sold comps are such a range that I do not know.

Brett: Interesting.

Jaren: Yes, I think it is pretty genius strategy there man. Obviously, in the wholesale world, we got the 65%, right? With land, if you take it on the list price, how would you determine that your market value are really what you need to list the property for or how much you need to buy the property for? I mean do you like twenty cents on the dollar, thirty cents on the dollar, walk us through that a little bit.

Gary: Typically it is about 1/3, about thirty three cents on the dollar. That is more like a cash price because that would be my offer and then I found it it ranges but the correct number is typically a cash sale. I am going to sell for like maybe 2 1/2 times that I buy it for on average.

Jaren: For you like fifty to sixty cents in a dollar?

Gary: Yes. But I guess the dollar market value it is like I am coming in low because I am going to re-sell under market value too, does that makes sense?

Jaren: Yes.

Gary: Typically, I would say yes like thirty five cents. All my offers, everything I send out is going to be like about 1/3 or thirty five cents on a dollar. Then on the terms deals, that is the other part is, I do a mix of cash sales. Your seller finance sales, you are getting a down payment and monthly in holding that note and typically those I will sell for maybe five or six times for someone you buy it for and then hold that note for me four to five years or something.

Jaren: Yes man, I really like land.

Gary: It is nice and it feels like there is just so much of it available and I think the market, as far as like buyers go because I did want to share some good ways like how to sell land and where do you post land and how you sell it. The best example I can give is you might be too familiar with like a Facebook Buy and Sell group. People are in there selling clothes, video games, cars, musical instruments, you use to search Craigslist garage sale style these Facebook Buy and Sell Groups. I will sell land in there and a lot of times, especially finance land that they offering like owned land, $250 down, a $125 a month or something. Affordable like that that people who had no plans to buy land will see it and then consider like I can afford $100 a month, like they will buy a land. That is kind of the neat part.

There is a lot of deals out there to go get as people quit paying taxes or people just they move on and do not want the property anymore. When you buy them right so you can sell them, it is a good deals to the end buyer and make it attractive and provide good maps of information. Honest information about the property, you will find that people will buy it like it is a good commodity to buy. All these needs a nudge on, out of all the things, owning five acres of land, it is like there is just some inherent who are owning real estate right there. I think in a lot of people, the fact that it is so affordable will worry about the stock market or different things. You need to like land and buy it so low, it is kind of a nice asset. Holding cost, property taxes are so low, a lot of times out here $50 a month, it is two blocks, or $50 a year, sorry. $50 a year for property taxes, it is like pretty easy to hold.

Brett: Yes, definitely. That is great, this Facebook Group. Facebook, they are just dialing it down. I think that they are just really bringing in all of the markets and the audience. I do not know if you are getting a lot of traction off of Craigslist anymore. It seem like lately it has been less and less on Craigslist and more and more on Facebook and that is what we have been experiencing. But one last question before we go in to the Going Deep section, Gary.

Just kind of sell us again, if someone out there, they are brand new to real estate or they have been doing this for a little bit and they are looking for wholesaling or flipping, some type of real estate, and they are looking at houses, they are looking at land, why again do you choose land over houses, I guess? Just kind of sell us on that real quick and why you chose that direction?

Gary: Yes. I would say it chose me. I mean wholesaling and flipping houses has the sex appeal. The big numbers, the big deals, I kind of went after that. First, when I could not get the deal flow and started in land, I noticed that hey, this where I recommend this, it is kind of the noncompetitive niche where I felt like my marketing efforts where returned more than my fare share should have been, whereas with houses, wholesaling, realtor business stuff, it was the opposite where it was just very very competitive in San Diego and seem like you have a market more than you thought all the time to get deals or just harder. The other thing just I could put a mention the bear at the entry. The first lot I ever bought, Brett, was $500.

Jaren: It pays to bank on it.

Gary: $500, I might have spent so much more money on direct mail campaigns than buying this property. The risk level seem so low that it was like worst case scenario, I own this little lot in the woods up in Big Bear, San Bernandino and I will take the kids up there and we will turn it into a tree house, I do not know but it is just was not that risky how it was a couple thousand direct mail to buy my own property. It just seem like okay that is not a lot of risk. Then you flip it out, I think I sold it for $1500. It is obviously not a huge thing but it was a win. It was…

Jaren: What is it?

Brett: It is not a huge thing but it is triple your money.

Jaren: Yes.

Gary: You just mention repeat, you are like okay, I can do a lot of these.

Brett: If somebody told me I could buy a house for a $100,000 and sell it out for $300,000, that sounds pretty good, triple your money.

Jaren: Yes.

Gary: Like with land, it would be hard to buy, a lot more expensive with that too. We have to do like say maybe 40 deals and $2500 a pot but it is sort of doable like that. That is why I would recommend with this, you can get into it with a very very low budget. The deal is nice, there is no one else involved. I do not need everyone else’s approval, I do not need any other buyer or inspector or lender or anyone else that is in on the deal. Since we need to send it when I guy it, I use a mobile notary to close. It is like this is the check, sign the deed, that is that. When I sell it, I can do whatever I want. If someone wants to trade a car or a camping trailer or something near and mixed, it is like I could take that. It is just your deal. There is no narrow roadblocks in the way in the business and because it is uncompetitive and saturating it, the deals are out there for the taking. It is just like whatever you can build, whatever you do, it is out there.

There is not a finite number of deals out there that everyone is kind of competing for or maybe in distressed how is your market, maybe there is only so many deals or so many people in on the deals. You are getting burnt out in your going to like a deal close not that good. You have systems, they are sending out direct mail, you have a lot of the skill set in place. Just shifting the land is just a easy shift if you are already that far along in maybe wholesaling and if you are not doing good, it is one where you could find a nice little honey hole in land. The final piece I would say is lifestyle.

There is really nothing ever urgent with vacant land. There is really never anything that ever has to be done today. It is not like Code Red, got a quick lead, there is a lot more time. The fact that you actually buy it and put the deed in your name, it is not like I only have 15 days to find a buyer and stress out about the deal. It is like I am closing on to buying it and then you start marketing for a new buyer. I would like to sell every deal in a couple of weeks or a month or less but they go a little bit longer in certain things. It is like they all sell eventually anyways.

It is definitely a business, you got work at it, it is not like a little easy little thing whereas you just easily buy them and then just throw one Ad and you sell it, no problem. I think those are some of the advantages and I just find it a good fit for me. It probably would not fit everyone, it might not be something that people would like but I really enjoy it. I could work at home and be with the kids a lot more and watch the kids a lot more and it does not matter. It is really easy to work on vacation or where ever I am at, I can still going to work. It would not affect my business at all. I am not going to the properties and doing anything like that.

Brett: Yes.

Gary: Those freedom is for me I like.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Well, Brett, are we going to shut everything down here at Simple Wholesaling and become the simple land investor.

Brett: I know, I know. I am excited.

Jaren: This is news. This is… I am just kidding guys.

Brett: That sounds so attractive. I am just thinking about the different things that we do, all the steps that we have to do as far as securing a property, putting a lock box on a property, and making sure you have to switch utilities, if you have to do that or making sure it is winterize if you are in Indiana and making sure somebody does not come and vandalize it. All these different things you have to do in houses that you do not have to do with land. I can see why it is very attractive including the point of entry, no barrier or so.

Jaren: When the lack of competition because like even if there is like a hundred of people from this very interview start getting into land a day, hardly any of them if any of them will feel.

Brett: Yes.

Gary: Yes.

Jaren: Like it is just because the way they do it like if we hit the same county and you were hitting between 25 and 35 acres and I was hitting one acre to five acres, we would not even see each other. There is just so much opportunity.

Brett: Yes. I think if you are wholesaling, I could probably just include lots here in Indi and we just have an entry point and if those lots call us, we just have a normal number, this is what we pay for lots and take it or leave it. It could just be an extra strategy along with their houses.

Gary: Yes. Typically, with land it is like people get these leads and they will throw them away because it is vacant land. No one know what to do with that. That is kind of one thing that sometimes they work in your favor too if people know you use land. It is like no one does land that you know.

Brett: Use it every day.

Gary: Every time someone gets a land deal, it is like good and bad but it they would be like hey you do land like you are in a land kind of thing. It is kind of nice like that where you are talking about running into people. It is like there are some areas that I buy and sell land right next to some of the biggest, the big boys, the companies that buy massive amounts in auction and do all these stuff and I am in the same are and I know they are sending out direct mail too but I would imagine how many credit card offers or how many things you get. You are never getting to be dealing with person but I would say a lot of times I feel like I am the only one and so you cannot quite run a price. There is at least probably 80% to 90% chance in a year they are still going to own that property for sure. It is not like it is just gone. Land by nature is just little bit sort of movement for sure.

Brett: Yes, definitely.

Jaren: Unfortunately, I have got to start transitioning to the next section of the show man.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: But I just got to tell you, Gary, like I think I am going to send you an e-mail after this video based off of our last conversation because man you seem to really know how to do this model at scale and that is very different than other models that are out there. A lot of the other land models are just kind of more passive or but you really could have seen man because you really learned how to, in my opinion from what I have been exposed to, take this land business to the next level and I am really excited to have you on interview here and I thought that this was a fantastic show. But I really like land. I am going to shut up now and I are you ready?

Brett: I am ready.

Jaren: Let us do this thing.

Brett: Alright.

Jaren: One, two, three. Going Deep.

Going Deep

Brett: Going Deep. Gary, in this section of the show, we are going to ask you a little bit more of a personal question. I know that man you run a great business and you have an amazing family with three children and a man of faith. How do you make sure that you are able to spend time with your family while being successful in your business? How are you able to balance that and how important is all that to you?

Gary: Yes, I will definitely say it is the most important thing for sure and that is kind where I notice that even some part of real estate or realtor business stuff, weekends are the popular time. Nights and weekends, that is when other people are available to see houses or open houses, show properties, those things. I noticed once my oldest son then, once he started kindergarten, it was like wait, what do you mean now he has got all the time and I can only see him nights and weekends because he is at school. But then if I have activities nights and weekends, then life was a total bust. It was so important that I think another reason why just as determined to make then work and try to do it on a big scale because it was like I like this.

I can work in six in the morning and I can stay up late and work until one or two in the morning. I do not have to be at a certain time or necessary always at it like that. For better or for worst, I have gotten pretty good at unplugging. When I am in family mode, it is a good and a bad thing but I am kind of out. When I do not want to answer my phone, when I do not want to deal with anything, if I am at Legoland with the kids, I am out. I am not taking calls, I do not want to deal with anything. I do not ever want my kids to feel like work is more important than they are or I have to go because of work things or something like that. At the same time, that is a challenge and that is something I am always always trying to do better at is try to schedule my time better, manage my time better.

Right now, I am still fighting for this business and I am fighting for the growth of it and I have taken on people this year and things like that wherein put maybe an extra weight to perform when you do step two but then also you are always available. That is kind of the funny joke. It is like my calendar, I share my calendar with my wife, it makes it easy to put stuff on there and cram for events but it is going to like you do not have anything on your calendar this week or you have like three lunches or whatever. Now, you just two lunches in that like you are friends with people or something.

Being so available, it is easy to kind of get sucked in but it is nice, I need that. It is nice to have your wife being like hey, come home, we are going to this or I have this stuff going on and going with the kids. I am definitely trying to get better at it, trying to scale the business work and take more trips, camping trips. Recently, I went out to see some properties in person and I had the kids in the video and it was just pretty awesome and we sent that out to the buyer’s list. It was like the best response from these buyers.

Jaren: That is so awesome.

Gary: It is like dude, that is so cool. You re like hanging out with your kids and going there. I am like I really want to buy land from you and it just felt like it was nice. In the video and audio and all that was pretty bad but I was out there and the kids having fun. Being there, we are going to incorporate a really fun family day driving to the property. Now, I normally ever see the property but these were in San Diego, a little bit closer, in the good area where there is like Cafe and tea shops and a fun destination.

Yes, Jaren, that is it. Brett, I am working on that. I want to do better. Date night circle by, I have marriage coming up on 12 years. It is just easy to get busy and think that as a provider that you are doing anything. Your kids do not care, they do not care about what they have or all those kind of things, they just want your time and stuff. It is tough, it is definitely something I have not backed tracked yet but it is certainly pouring in. It is something I am always trying to be better at.

Brett: That is cool.

Jaren: Man, that is awesome.

Brett: Amen.

Jaren: I love your heart, bro. I really do.

Brett: Yes, definitely. It is easy. Like you said, I was talking to Jaren just today about  what success looks like and a lot of times we measure it with money or with growth of your business and success does not have to be that. That could be just one aspect of it. It could be how many hours. I did not make as much money this year but how many hours, more hours that I spend this year with my family.

Gary: Yes.

Brett: Undistracted. I think we are so distracted these days with everything coming at us. It is hard to just be not distracted. It is so good just to unplug sometimes.

Jaren: Yes. I actually just had a recent conversation with some friends of mine that are moving out of Indi to Boston. They said something really interesting, they are really high level like PhD. They said that they recently read an article that was really interesting about happiness and correlation to income and they said that the study did say that a certain level of income does equate to more happiness in life but they said that the tier was about $70,000. Once she makes $70,000 a year, you are comfortable and definitely does add a lot of comfort and a lot of security to your life and add things that would typically make people happy. But they said beyond that does not really make any effect on your happiness. If you can get to where you have a baseline where you are covered and you are good, like Brett says all the time, if I have a million dollars and I have ten million, there is not much difference at that point.

Brett: In life, I mean.

Jaren: We know there is really not have much difference. Why chase after the ten million if you are already where you want to be?

Brett: Maybe chase after the more hours with your wife and the more hours with your family or just blessing other people with your time.

Jaren: Yes, man. A 100%.

Touch of Randomness

It is time for a touch of randomness.

Brett: In this last section of the show, Gary, we are going to just ask you any one random question and your random question for today is so we hear that you are a golfer and what is your lowest score?

Jaren: What?

Gary: My best round of golf was a 73, 1 over PAR, and that was up when lived right after college. I got married and we grew up in Seattle area for about four years. The cool thing is the place I worked had like a little golf league so we play like nine holes every week, during the season, a course up there. It was nice. Then a group of guys from work would play on the weekend sometimes. It was kind of getting to play twice a week for a little bit and I had to squeeze around my day a couple of work then close like that. I have never shot par and under par. Yes, 73 is below.

Brett: That is pretty good.

Jaren: Wait. Obviously, I laughed a minute ago because I am probably exposed. I never tried and I never played golf in my life. But I guess the lowest score means the best score in golf? Because I was like what kind of question is that? How crappy have you ever been in life?

Brett: Yes, that did show your ignorance man.

Jaren: So sorry.

Brett: I am just kidding.

Jaren: So sorry. Obviously, any sports related questions I am definitely a fool.

Brett: I figured you do not get to play any golf anymore Gary because of your family and everything man. I never get to play golf, I gave golf.

Gary: Yes. For me, it is kind of strange. One thing that has worked out really nice for me is nine holes in weekday mornings. I have had a couple of nice groups where you just getting out to play every Monday, seven to nine in the morning, nine holes.

Brett: There you go.

Gary: You squeeze in and then you start the rest of day. It is a great way to start the day. You already played a little bit of golf, nine holes does not take too long. I thought that is one of typically how I sneak it in. Sometimes there are tournaments or little things I have been invited to or play a little bit but it seems like the nine hole weekday morning specials is always been worth the family stuff. Work gets in you.

Brett: Man, that is awesome. That is definitely. Cool, that is the wrap for today’s show guys. Thank you so much for being on the show today, Gary. We appreciate you so much man but if one of our listeners wants to reach out to you, buy some land or figure out, I think you do some education and things like that, where is the best place for them to go?

Gary: Yes. I would say the website that I have land for and some of that is just leftcoastland.com You can go in there, join the buyer’s list, have your e-mail sent and you would just see the land part. I would say just tell someone that I am on Facebook or just e-mail me. My e-mail is just gary@propertyinvestmentengineers.com.

I am pretty open about stuff what I am doing and laying out the business because you still got to go do it. I am doing a little bit, I am working with some new investors or people who are interested and flipping land and stuff like I do. If anyone is just having a general questions or whatever, I will send other tools. I usually say like investor tools or stuff maybe that I am pretty happy with as well. I would love to hear from anyone. If they call in questions or have any points or whatever I can lay out.

Brett: Awesome.

Jaren: Yes, I really appreciate it, Gary. It is one of my favorite episodes thus far.

Gary: Awesome.

Brett: You guys can find those links at the show notes.

Jaren: Where can they find it, Brett? Tell me.

Brett: At www.simplewholesaling.com/episode91.

Jaren: Is that the reason why I do them, right?

Brett: Right, that is right. Anyways, thank you so much Gary for being on the show. We appreciate you and so much success in the future with you and your family. I just got back from San Diego but if I ever hit it up again, I will reach out to you man.

Gary: Yes, reach out. Let me know. Let us meet up.

Brett: Yes, definitely. We appreciate you.

Gary: Absolutely. Thanks, Jaren. Thanks, Brett.

Jaren: Yes.

Brett: Thanks.

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