SWP: 094 The Mr. Smiles of Real Estate

Today on the show we have Mr. Smiles himself, Vinney Chopra. Vinney is always smiling because he believes in an individual’s ability to shape the world around them through positive thought and selfless actions. He has been a passionate motivational speaker and teacher for over three decades. The story behind Vinney’s success in real estate investing and syndication is testament to the power of enthusiasm, passion, persistence, and positivity.

Insight of the Week:

If you are trying to bring a wholesaler value by finding deals for them, what is the best way to find deals to bring to them? And how do you approach them with deals?

Spiritual Foundations:

Ezekiel 11:19

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Where it all started
  • How he became successful
  • His journey and what his experience has been like
  • The 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle)
  • Studying before class
  • Goal setting
  • His life’s main purpose at the moment
  • Who his students are


“Go hustle. Hit your head against the wall until it makes money.”
“People only see the surface, they just see the success but they don’t really know the struggle that we all go through to achieve that success.”
“Success doesn’t come right away.”
“Stop complaining, get busy, go make your dreams happen, you’re in America.”
“Internally, we need to be so positive that every arrow that comes, it never penetrates us.”
“Don’t feel that where you are today, that you will stay there.”


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie


Moneil Investment Group

Profile: Vinney Chopra

Vinney Chopra’s Website
Vinney’s Email Address: vinney@vinneychopra.com
Vinney’s Ultimate Syndication Academy
Vinney’s Multifamily Youth Academy

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Brett: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You are Mr. Smiles, you make me happy. When the day is growing them, I will come to you because I love your smiles.

Jaren: What?

Brett: This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 94.

Welcome to Simple Wholesaling. A Christian podcast that supplies simple, yet effective content for real estate investors and business entrepreneurs. Get advice, tips, and tricks so that you can stay true to your values and achieve your dreams with real estate investing you can trust. Now, introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: What is going on you Simple Wholesaling nation out there? Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I am your host, Brett Snodgrass, and I am with my handsome and smiling co-host, Jaren Barnes, who we love. What is up?

Jaren: Thanks, bro.

Brett: What is up man? What is going on? What is going on in your world?

Jaren: Just trying to crash it.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Just killing at life man. I am tired of the excuses. Multi-generation American people, we need to suck it up buttercup and get to work.

Brett: That is right. No more excuses.

Jaren: We need to study all the information before the class even happens.

Brett: That is right. We have studied Vinney Chopra who is our guest today.

Jaren: Vinney Chopra. Him and Grant Cardone, they are like polar opposites personality wise but they should be something together.

Brett: Amen, amen. Hey, guys. We have a great show for you on the Simple Wholesaling podcast today. Our guest today is Vinney Chopra. They call Vinney Mr. Smiles because he is always smiling, he is always so positive and he really puts you in your place but I always feel so happy to be in my place after talking to him.

Jaren: Yes. I love it. He is like you literally walk away talking to him like he just… Encouragement could be bundled up and personified as a human being, that is our guest today.

Brett: Yes, definitely. He came overseas with 7 bucks in his pocket and then he just bought an 11 million dollar apartment building.

Jaren:  In the same neighborhood that he used to door knock and sell encyclopedias in.

Brett: That is crazy, that is crazy.

Jaren: It is just, oh man.

Brett: Great interview for you guys. Yes, man. I just wanted to say anything else going on? Enjoying 2018?

Jaren: Things happening… Yes, I am enjoying 2018. There is something in the episode 96. There is a plug in the future.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: We have already recorded.

Brett: Stay tuned for that guys. Yes, things are going well here at Simple…

Jaren: How is Florida?

Brett: It is good. Getting out of this cold. It was like zero degrees here.

Jaren: It is like minus.

Brett: Yes. My family got like this sickness going on and me and my daughter went to Florida, got out of here for a little bit and it was amazing. I was just saying on the interview I really just want to… This year, I just feel like I just want to really experience life and also coming back to experiencing God. I really want to practice and put that into my life. I want to stop watching other people do things and I just want to experience and that is kind of what I have been trying for this year already.

Jaren: Amen.

Brett: It has been good.


Brett’s Insight of the Week

Now, simple tips and tricks that make real estate investing easier, faster and better. Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: On today’s Insight of the Week guys, we are going to talk to you about wholesaling and what you need to do.

Jaren: You are going to talk about wholesaling on the Simple Wholesaling show?

Brett: Yes, I am going to talk about wholesaling.

Jaren: What?

Brett: Yes, definitely.

Jaren: That is crazy. It is ridiculous. I cannot believe we are doing it.

Brett: We are.

Jaren: It is like what, 94 episodes in, we actually have a point to what we are talking about?

Brett: That is right, that is right. What we are talking about if you are a new wholesaler and you are trying to find deals for an experienced wholesaler like our self, what do you do and how do you bring value to them? What is the best way to find deals to bring to them and how do you approach them? Number one, I want to talk about the approach. I get a lot of various e-mails, phone calls, texts that come over on my desk and it is all over the board. How people present these deals that I am trying to help them with. Sometimes people will just text me an address, that is it. Some people text me a book with 65 pictures, 5 and 1/2 paragraphs and that is crazy.

Jaren: I would rather get the address.

Brett: That is crazy.

Jaren: I hate it when people send me like if you send an e-mail to anybody who is super busy, it should be no more than 45 lines at most, better to keep it in three lines. Like three lines, that is it.

Brett: It really just kind of goes back to the 80/20 rule. I really just want to know the most important point. Maybe instead of putting everything in a paragraph form, put it in a bullet point form. Bedrooms, bathrooms, if it has a garage, year it was built. Tell me a little bit of the story of the house and that is it. Five maybe bullet points and then the pictures and the video obviously is really the only things that I need. That is probably the best way to approach me is by e-mail. If someone calls me again, if someone is really busy, a call is not always the best way because even if I do talk to you, it is hard for me to retain the information. People say, ‘Hey, what do you think about this deal. Now, give me a call.’ ‘Hey, what do you think about this deal 123 Elm Street and it is on this, this, this.’ I have already forgot about the property.

They have not given me any pictures. They want me to analyze them like if I am driving and I am analyzing right then and there, I cannot look at comps, I cannot really do anything. At the end the conversation, if I talk to this person for 20 minutes, at the end of conversation what am I going to say? I am going to say, ‘Hey, can you e-mail with the details because I have already forgotten everything and I need pictures and a video. The best way is if someone does not answer their phone or if they do not answer their e-mails that much, e-mail them and then send him a quick text and whatnot. That is probably the best way to approach a deal. How do you find deals?

This episode here that we talk to Vinney about is all about the grind, it is all about hustle. He was out door knocking, selling encyclopedias and bibles from door-to-door and that is kind of how he got started in the entrepreneurship world and you can go back and do the same thing. You do not have to find the latest and greatest technology to find deals and have all the little gadgets and here and there. You can just go out and hustle door knock. I know Jaren, he used to do that when he first got started in the real estate. Door knock and drive for dollars. Write some letters. Get out there and just grind it out and hustle.

Jaren: I want to say door knocking is actually a pretty untap strategy for a deal flow and yes, you are going to get a lot of rejections, but honestly if you just like went door-to-door and just say hey, I love to buy properties that are distressed and need a lot of work, can I give you my contact information and if anything comes up, just call me and I promise you if you did that, all it will cost you is your time and that will get you deals.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: If you are systematic and you have a system, I mean as people like to be all fancy schmancy and have all these things but like you do not have any money and all you have is hustle, go hustle. Hey, you are heading in wall until it makes money.

Brett: Yes. There is definitely something to that. I think that like what Vinney talks about in this interview is sometimes we lost that work ethic, that is just getting out there, hustling, hard work, making sure we are hitting our accountability numbers, we are putting in a 100 offers a week, whatever it is to get that deal and then approach somebody like myself or another experienced wholesaler and the way that I talked about before, the e-mail, pictures, five bullet points and then shoot just a quick text to say hey I sent this deal over to you. Truly all we need, that is probably the best way if you are brand new to find deals and I mean there is no really secrets, that is the biggest thing. There is not really secrets.

We have talked about how to find deals on past shows thru Direct Mail, Drive For Dollars, Door Knocking, online, there is really no secrets. All it is someone out there, the person that is going to hustle the most is going to get the deals. That is really what it boils down to.

Jaren: Yes, sir.

Spiritual Foundations

Do you dream of a life that is purpose-driven and makes a difference? Spiritual Foundations.

Brett: Today on Spiritual Foundations guys, we are going to go to Ezekiel 11:19 and I love this verse because it really has been in my life and has just been a time where I am able to read this verse and really… Have you ever been in your life where you just had kind of just a heart that been hardened? That you have had some negativity coming to your life and you had some circumstances happened you do not understand them and you harden towards your family, your heart has hardened toward God and it has harden toward other people and this verse really is a prayer that I have prayed just to God to let my heart be this. Ezekiel 11:19 that says I will give them an undivided heart to put a new spirit in them. I will remove from their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

It is so funny that we go through the same thing today that people went through a thousands of years ago and it always boils down to heart issue. Anything that you are going through in life. If you are dealing with anger or sin. Whatever it is in your life, you need to check your heart and this is a great prayer to pray to God. It is to God just give me that heart of flesh, give me that heart that loves people, that has that passion for you, that hunger for serving you, that hunger for serving other people. Give me that heart because right now my heart is hardened. I do not understand all these different circumstances, I do not understand all these different things that are going on but I am praying for that heart of flesh and I believe there was a huge part of my life that I had, this big heart of stone.

I did not care about other people, I cared only about myself and that is our human nature. We care most about ourselves but what God does is… I thought that I love people, I thought I knew what love was but when God comes into your life, it is like amazing. I was living in this black and white world all of sudden now it has color and that is what he does. He makes the love that I thought I knew goes so much deeper. He makes me wanting to help people so much more. God gives you that heart of flesh basically.

Right now, I want you to ask yourself is there something in your life that you are just being ungrateful for? Is there something in your life that someone has done you wrong and you just have this negative hardened heart towards them? This is a great scripture to go to. Again, it is Ezekiel 11:19 and it is a great prayer to say. It is God, right now, I am not being able to forgive my dad for what he did or I am not being able to love my wife the way that she needs to be loved because she is I just do not know or I am not being able to be the father that I am supposed to be or the business leader that I am supposed to be. I am hardened towards this person that just ripped me off, this contractors stole 10 grand, I do not know what to do with all that and all this negativity is coming at me and I am not sure what to do.

I want you guys to stop right now and I want you to say the prayer that, God, right now please, please remove this heart of stone and give me the heart of flesh and see what God does with that today.


Brett: Alright guys. We are so excited for today’s guest. We have Mr. Smiles himself, Vinney Chopra. Vinney is always smiling because he believes  in an individual’s ability to shape the world around them through positive thoughts and selfless actions. He has been a passionate motivational speaker and a teacher for over 3 decades which is like older than Jaren so that is quite a long time. The story behind Vinney’s success in real estate investing and syndication is a testament to the power of enthusiasm, passion, persistence, and positivity. I am stoked to have you on the show today, Vinney. We are reading your bio just before the show and we are amazed hearing your stories. Thank you so much for joining us.

Vinney: Thank you so much. It is such a pleasure to be with you both. I really do appreciate that, we are going to kill it.

Jaren: We are going to kill it man, correction. Hey, let us dive into your story Mr. Motivational Speaker. I mean take us to the beginning, when did it all start?

Vinney: To be truthful, I am a humble man, well I have grown to be, but I grew up in New Delhi, India. Modest living with six siblings in the family and just lived in like a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. Then I have always wanted to be an engineer. In India, either you become a doctor or engineer or lawyer when you grow up. I have always water to break toys and put them together then my parents said, ‘Well, maybe mechanical engineer would be a good one and I did. I became one and I wanted to come to USA to do my MBA in Marketing. I thought engineering, mechanical engineering and marketing will really be a good combination. That is when I came into this country about 40 years back with $7 in my pocket.

Jaren: Wow.

Brett: Wow, $7, that is all you had.

Vinney: Yes, that is all I had.

Brett: Tell us about that. You come over here to do the engineering and you only had $7. Take us into how you became successful and where you kind of start with all that and bring us up to speed today .

Vinney: Sure, sure.

Brett: How did you get into speaking and all that? I want to hear about that

Vinney: Totally, totally. Again, I wanted to just be a little bit… I found that even in the younger age like 20 years ago all the way to high school and all, I got scholarship to go to college, Engineering College in India, New Delhi. My government paid for me. Merit Scholarship they call it. They paid for five years of going to the school and that was pretty cool. My parents did not have to take the burden of that and I did not have to raise money. But when I came to USA, my uncle gave me a break. My uncle was here. He put me at his place and I wanted to make sure that I earn my tuition and things like that to pay for the college.

That is when I got into selling Bibles and encyclopedias door to door in Atlanta, outside in Atlanta, in Austin, Labelton, Douglasville and in that area. Door to door knocking on doors and selling books. That is what I did. The rest is history. Three summers I would say because this company only works with the summer with college students to help them earn tuition, things like that. You run your own business, you are working 80 hours a week, 75 to 80 hours a week. Starting day at 6:30, 7:00 until 9:30.

It really became a lot of really perspective into hard work and covering rejection and enthusiasm and positive and that is when I got introduced to Rich Dad Poor Dad book and Magic of Thinking Big and David J. Schwartz, all those big books.

Jaren: I am just going to say this right on the air, I actually said it earlier. A lot of the times like I am a pretty way more philosophical person than I need to be but one of the struggles that I have had as an American is that having some sense of a cultural identity, right? Like my wife is from Kazakhstan, my whole world is in a different cultural context than like being a traditional white American. For me, what you embody, your story, it is what makes me proud to be an American.

When I envision America, I see people who come, work harder than anybody else and make their dreams come true and I just want to even say that like thank you for using this opportunity that this country has to offer and pursuing it whereas a lot of people unfortunately on my side of the fence who are like born and raised in this amazing country, lot of times they do not work hard. They do not even know what hard work is. You talked about 75 to 80 hours a week and they are like, ‘I would never want do that. It is crazy.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: But like the opportunity that is here that we have in this great nation, I mean I want to work like that. I want to take full advantage of what this great place has to offer. Just thank you, like thank you for your story, thank you for your inspiration. You are what makes me proud to be an American.

Vinney: Thank you, that is so kind. So kind words. I am just a  humble man. Just got in the right society and the right friends and right leaders who guided me all through this, over 35 years of relationship with one company, only one. I like to just stick with it. I have been married now. We are at this big 38 years of our marriage, my wife.

Jaren: Wow.

Brett: Congrats, that sounds amazing.

Vinney: Thank you. We have been living in the Bay Area near San Francisco, 38 years. We moved from Ohio. I just like most things very… I like to really put my mind and I get focused in one thing and that is all it is to it then.

Jaren: Yes, I was born in Fremont.

Vinney: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Jaren: I am from there, yes.

Vinney: That is only half an hour away from where I live in Danville.

Jaren: Wow, that is awesome.

Vinney: Oh my gosh, yes. In Danville. This is so close. We are just going back to roots here.

Jaren: Yes.

Brett: Definitely.

Vinney: I will go to my whole story but I do want to let you know, a young man 22 years of age, who was wearing shorts and cutoffs and all and knocking doors in Austin, Georgia, I just bought a property, $11M worth of property in that same town, 267 units and I just closed on it.

Brett: Wow.

Jaren: Man.

Brett: That is crazy.

Jaren: Can you imagine like man being on the other side of that. Like I started off door knocking, $7 in my pocket and then years later, I buy a multi-million dollar syndication. It is just…

Brett: That is crazy.

Jaren: That is so awesome.

Brett: I want you to really speak to our audience Vinney about your journey. Just what it has been like? Has a been just right off the get-go? Just really positive and amazing experience for the last three decades of your life? Has it been a struggle? Because as Jaren is talking about, Americans sometimes we just forget and did you just wake up one day like oh my gosh, I am able to buy an $11M building? What is it have been like and kind of speak to that because it is hard to imagine doing something for 30 years and just kind of talk to our audience about your journey and what has it been like? What is your experience been like?

Vinney: Thank you so much for asking that question. It is amazing when we reach success, people only see the surface. They just see the success but they do not really know the struggle that we all go through to achieve that success. Thank you for asking that. It has been a pretty long tiring journey to be truthful to do what I am doing today and I could even go back like 11 years back when I did not know anything about it. I knew zero on commercial real estate. We did buy a lot of single family homes, we thought our retirement will come from single family homes. We started purchasing 30 years back actually. As much as we could save, we kept on buying in different locations.

In California, in Arizona, in Georgia, in Indiana and all over the place. But then we kind of go back, the key thing is one has to get focused in life. If you get focused in life and take massive action that today is the only day that we have, not to worry about yesterday. That it was a good day or a bad day. Even last 30 seconds, I cannot change it, you cannot, nobody can change it. It is really great to just learn from the past but burn it. I am ending my life, I do not remember negative things at all. My wife tells me do you remember that happened 10 years back, 15 years, my mind has totally blanked. It is totally blank. I said did it really happened?

Again, tuning yourself to be positive and making sure that you are giving energy, positive energy and positive vibes and positive attitude to everybody around you. That is the key to life to really enjoy success because success does not come right away. A lot of people I am finding now, who are following me or talking to me, they want overnight success. They see Vinney where he is, I want to do this syndication telling like Vinney but it did not happened  that quick. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I did not know what letter of intent was 11 years back. I did not what NOI, net operating income was. I did not know what IRR was. I did not know what COC was. I did not know nothing.

Jaren: I do not know what those are.

Brett: I do not know what those are either and we run a real estate investing podcast.

Vinney: I love it, I love it. But let me take you back then you know my philosophies in life. Again, you know being from India and you know you have to work hard. I think most Asian cultures, that is what they talk about. I remember that time when I was in junior high school, elementary school, and my dad with haul the school every night after dinner, haul the school, listen to this. He would teach us and ask us to learn what teachers is going to teach us the next day or in couple of days. We were learning the material before the teacher was covering it. That was what I upbringing I had and I always believe in.

Our two children are very very learning it. Our son went to Berkeley, he is an IT specialist. He is a product manager. Our daughter went to UCLA and did MBA. I did my Master’s in Business Administration Marketing. I think that is so important in life is to really learn at a young age but my passion in life right now is to teach what I have done, what little I have done and our big systems and things. How to purchase these multi multi million dollar apartment complexes in the emerging areas, multi-families we call it, but also to teach the young people in the high school and college students age so that they can really not only get a W2 job, but also become an entrepreneur at the same time.

Brett: Yes.

Vinney: Not to watch the television, not to really waste time in other activities but concentrate to build a business and also just crush it so that when they are 22, 23, 24, you own a fourplex where they are living in portion and three other portions are paying so they are living for free and making cash flow and then getting into the real estate side of it because in America, real estate is the key. That is where you really are able to crush it and make your network go higher and also save on taxes.

Jaren: Yes.

Vinney: Later on in life.

Jaren: Yes, 100%. That is so inspiring. I do not know, it is just for me like maybe because I am from the Bay Area or what it is. But again guys, like this level of hustle, if you turn up the heat on the hustle in America you can really make whatever you want happen. Like there are people, I do not even know how I know this but there is like this really annoying rapper right now. There is a girl rapper, came out this song called Bodak Yellow. It is the most raunchy, horrible, evil song in the world. It is terrible, I hate this thing. If I could take this and wipe it off the face of the planet, I would. But this girl, she is making millions of dollars selling this terrible song.

It just reached pop charts, it broke all these records, it is like she is the top female artist right now in Hip Hop, blah blah blah. She is able to make money and become successful at that. There are YouTubers that literally all they do is go around and eat food and they make money, like real money, a $100,000 a year kind of money, doing that kind of stuff in America because they turn the heat up on the hustle and went after it and made it happen. Like guys, if you are listening, stop complaining. Get busy, go make your dreams happen, you are in America. Come on, let us do it.

Vinney: Oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. You said it so certainly. That is so terrific because in life we have same amount of time. Every individual from young people to older to middle age, everybody got same time, same number of seconds, same number of minutes. If we can really realize what we are learning like this year, even if we are 14 years of age, let us ask ourselves, 18 years of age, how much did I really earn? Am I burden to my parents or can I really crush it and raise and save money and make money? I really like Grant Cardone. I am 65, I maybe 66 this year.

Jaren: You are not 65.

Vinney: Yes, I am.

Jaren: No way.

Vinney: No way, yes I am.

Jaren: You guys need to check the video. This guy, I though you are like 45.

Brett: Yes. The energy. He has got a 45 year old energy.

Vinney: Thank you, thank you. I just feel so positive. When I was doing W2, I retired a couple of three years back from my fundraising business and all because my real estate took over so much and now I work a few hours a days which is exciting. But the thing is you can really utilize time wisely because 80-20 rule is so precious, product principle. That 20% off activity in a day can bring 80% of the result.

Brett: Yes.

Vinney: We can crush it, we can really use our time wisely. If we use our time wisely with priorities in life, we will grow so much. I mean when people think that they want to take two months to learn something, I would learn in one week. Why not?

Jaren: Yes.

Vinney: Those things are available. Internet is amazing out there. Of course, I just to say some little plug on my Youth Academy. All the young people can come there and get to learn from me and from my other partners and Stanford students and other district directors who are collaborating with me to build a youth academy. It is called MultiFamilyYouthAcademy.com and it will be free to all young people.

Jaren: I want to put that in the show notes guys. Definitely check that out www.simplewholesaling.com/episode94. There will be all the links and mentions there. Definitely check that one out.

Brett: Definitely. One of the thing I want to point out that just kind of coming back to you when you are talking Vinney and I think that you talked about you were studying before the class about what you were going to learn about. I think that is so backwards of our culture. We go to school and we do not even know what we are going to learn and then we show up and then we are just kind of unprepared and then we go home and then we do the homework of what we learned about and you talked about actually studying before the class. Talk to us about that a little bit.

What does that mean to you because I think you can really apply that in so many areas of your life which if I am going to an appointment with someone that is a really important appointment for me, I need to be prepared and I need to study maybe the person or what we are going to talk about before the appointment so that I am really prepared. But why don’t you talk about that a little bit about what does that do to somebody when you can be prepared and study a subject before the actual class or day or appointment and what does that all mean and look like?

Vinney: It is amazing. It is amazing. I am so glad you said that again. I think that was instilled by my dad and he was very visionary in all the children to say we got to really learn the subject matter, you got to understand the principles behind, not just cram. What the teachers tells you, you got to understand the systems and I think that is what my son is. Our son, Neil, I mean he never studied, he would just know the concept so much he will crush it in High School. Never asked us anything, any help whatsoever. I just say that I hope he does not mind sharing that but he will do all his homework for 40 minutes every night because he has understood the concepts and the principles.

Same thing, let us apply to my sales career, my fund raising days and my waiting the appointments. Like you just said, I always have mention, and I propagate that very much, automobile university is the word I used. I have given lecture on it, I recorded on it. I believe we should not be listening to too much of the talk show programs in the car as we are traveling from one appointment to next appointment or going from even when I go to get milk or go to Costco, I am listening to positive material in the car.

It is so important that we feed our mind with positive things and listening to the Zig Ziglar and the Tom Hopkins. I am thinking about sales, right? Then of course Tony Robins, you name it. Jim Rohn and all these people mentors have shaped my thinking and they can shape everybody’s thinking for free, totally free because you just go to Google. Google is my best friend, Google.com. You put on motivation video, everything will come. Or you say Jim Rohn or say Tony Robins. We do not have to spend $2000, I should say that. We did spent $10,000 last year with my kids and everybody. Neil and Monica and my wife and I, went to this seminar because our kids wanted to go there which is great for this we spent. But the thing is everything is so much available. YouTube.com, YouTube is the best motivator in life. I think if you really need to get an uplifting message, we have to just say motivate me today or this morning, just say that.

There are beautiful videos which are right there at our fingertips and by listening to them in the morning and at night and during the car, it will change us. It will change us to the best and we will be able to really change our mind and mindset. If we change our mindset, it is no telling what can be accomplished.

Jaren: Amen.

Brett: Amen.

Jaren: So good.

Brett: I love that because a lot of people say I do not have time to read or I do not have time to listen to things but you are really just talking about everyday life. You get in your car, you go to your job, you do that instead of turning on the news or start up.

Jaren: Or music.

Brett: Yes, music, any of that. You can turn on these positive thinking and I believe that Vinney is right. It will change you and everybody is going to start taking notice of this different person. You start to think about things differently and all of a sudden things that used to make you upset or things that used to shake you a little bit, all of a sudden are not that is because you have that positive. Vinney, you just ooze of all that.

Jaren: Yes, man.

Brett: I appreciate. We can definitely tell you are a continuous learner all the time just by taking all that in.

Vinney: Oh my gosh. You said it, oh my gosh, I learn every day. At 66 this year, I am so learning so many things and I use a notepad on my iPhone. I use Trello, I use lots of things. I take really good notes on my any contact. I have like 7900 contacts in my iPhone. If I meet somebody, I wanted to get to know them and I wonder you really import some knowledge hopefully and value add I call it. When I ask people how can I add value to you today? Let them tell me a little bit more about them  and if I can really leave them a little or some small part which can make them and me a better person, that is what I look for. The key thing is if you can give so much out, the universe will give so much to you, you will not believe it.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Yes.

Vinney: It is just that the Law of Attraction is just a great thing. The book and everything and the videos are there. That is so true, Law of Attraction always keeps on working 24 hours, 365 days, a week. But for us to utilize that in a good way.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Yes.

Vinney: If you do not utilize it, then it will not bring. To be truthful, goal setting I would love to mention also to all your audience, please write down your goals. As now, we are looking at on the 9th of January 2018, we can crush it. I mean what we did last year does not matter. But if we could save, I am going to make five times the income this year or next year and if somebody give that check to them and lock it up in the locker and give the key. But the key can be only given if he accomplished this, this, this, this. I mean what would we do, what would we do daily and how would we prioritize our life, how would we delegate, how would we really think at the end of the day? Did I spend today in the best possible way? If he did or if we did, let us make a decision to do better tomorrow.

Brett: Yes.

Vinney: But then tomorrow will become today again so we need to only focus on today. What is important is today.

Brett: Love that, love that. Thank you. This is just an amazing episode, Vinney. Thank you for sharing this mindset. Jaren can attest to it. We love talking about this. I believe that this is the most important thing, this is the business. That if you can get your mindset right, everything else just kind of fall into place. It is not really about the numbers. You can learn all that but it is this that is the most difficult .

Jaren: Yes. My team, moving forward with the land stuff, I have it required that they read at least one book a month and I provide it for the team but like it is mandatory reading and it is just going after this stuff is really how you want at life. If you want to be successful, you have to be the first one there like going back to learning before the class even starts like that it is a recipe for success. Like that is the level of degree. Like not to toot my own horn or whatever but like this year, right? Like there is a lot of transitions going out, there is a lot of things happening.

While everyone is celebrating on Christmas, you know what I am doing? I am working. Like I am watching a movie, a Christmas movie, but I got my laptop open. I am working on stuff. Like New Year is here, that kind of stuff. Like right now in my life, I am putting the time in because I know right now it is time to sow. Right now I have seed and it is time to sow and I got to be diligent and when everyone else is asleep in, I got to be the one that is up early morning running in an eight degree weather. I got to be the one who is out there going after it otherwise I might get comfortable, I might get lazy, and I am never going to accomplish anything. That is the level, right? What you are saying is prime example. Guy showed up, $7 in his pocket, he is a multi-millionaire now. Like what is the medium there? What is the thing that is missing to get from A to C? Well, it is B, it is hustle.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: It is hustle and growth mindset.

Vinney: Yes, growth mindset, goal setting and then putting forth the efforts. If I may just say a little bit about the syndication world…

Brett: Yes, I wanted to talk about that. Before we transition in the next section of the show Vinney, talk about what are you doing now. Are you doing some syndication? What does that doing for you? Kind of put a plug out there of what you are doing in your business?

Vinney: Totally, totally. My main purpose in life right now is that I have done 26 indications and out of those 12 were in the last two years, can you believe it? I have been just crushing it. I have purchased about $132M worth of properties, multifamily in Texas and Georgia and I am buying more. I am just starting a $15M equity fund coming up in seven days so forth. I have been working on it for four months but because of the correction coming, we do not know when it is going to come but we want to be prepared when it is coming because when people are selling, you need to be buying.

Jaren: Yes.

Vinney: Things like that. But then the key thing is that there is so much money around us. Without relatives, friends, and our doctors, attorneys, acquaintances, the feed of circle I call it, right? Level one, level two, level three, level four, there is so much money in retirement plans and cash which is people would love to invest as an equity partner with somebody who would then gave them returns. That is what we do, our company. I have started four companies and two of them are with Moneil, which is Monica and Neil, our kid’s name. We combined the two to make it Moneil Investment Group and money management group.

Jaren: I love that.

Vinney: We acquire in one of the CEO of that and then we manages the Moneil Management Group so we do not take third party outside. But the idea is to be able to harness all of this money to syndication, to SEC ruling and everything, all the money and then purchase a great asset so that we can really crush it and give returns back like we give about 8% to 9% per year return back as the cash flow and then about close to 50% to 80% lamsome and we sell the asset because we do value add. We buy in B and C properties, we do not buy A at all. They are very expensive but we buy B and C in A and B neighborhoods so the property increases in value and things like that and that is what I teach also to this.

Jaren: On that, one of my questions, do you have like online students or are you talking primarily for that non-profit thing that you are coming up to teach high school students entrepreneurship?

Vinney: Oh, no. Actually, I have two platforms right now on Kajabi. Kajabi is one of the best outfit out there as you know Brendon.com and Oprah and everybody is on Kajabi. I also selected that and paid for it so I have multifamilysyndication.com for adults, for entrepreneurs and so forth who want to really learn my business, that is for it.

Jaren: Can you say that name again one more time?

Vinney: Sure. It is multifamilysyndicationacademy.com. Big word, I should make it kind of smaller and I am also doing investwithVinney. I got that domain name, I will go to maybe link it to that one but then I have multifamilyyouthacademy.com which is the free one, multifamilyyouth. If I put youth in there, then that is what that is. Then my website is VinneyChopra.com so everybody could see who Vinney is and my testimonials and about me and my podcast. I have given I think 32 podcast interviews so far. I have quite a few more coming but then I write blogs also. My main thinking in life right now is to really crush it. My goal is billion dollar value of the multifamily to get in the next three, four, five years billion dollar and $7 to billion dollars, that is pretty good. I think mine is not bad.

Jaren: Yes, that is awesome.

Brett: Yes, it is good and so it is so amazing that you are working with the youth. Thank you so much for helping out with the youth, Vinney. I think it is so amazing. I think there is just kind of a disconnect with our youth and just teaching about entrepreneurship, they do not learn that in school and I just think that is amazing. I want to go to the next section of the show. I think it is a good time to just kind of transition into the part of the show that Jaren and I like to call Going Deep.

Jaren: Going Deep.

Going Deep

Vinney: Alright. Hey, I like to crash it in the deeper way, yes.

Brett: Sounds good. Well, hey Vinney, in this section, we would like to ask you a little bit about your why and again why are you doing what you are doing? What satisfaction you get about teaching other people? You are teaching adults now and you are also teaching the youth, what is kind of the goal behind that and why do you spend so much time and effort doing that?

Vinney: I am so glad you asked me that. My life has been really shaped by people around me and I really owe a lot to the society and to the people of America, my leaders. Because I was raising money for youth organizations all my life, for non-profit and profit organizations, and giving assemblies and things in front of 400 people, 500 people, 1000 people, and like that. I have had a very soft heart for young people, youth of America to really build their dreams. I really have achieved, a lot more can be achieved if we set our mind right. That is one thing. I also believe that we could give back to the society if we give value to the future Leaders of America and that is what I believe in the young ones. If I can even help one person in my life that would be a very good life and that is why I want to spend more time in getting my philosophies, my thinking. I would love to send you some links if that is okay?

Brett: Yes.

Vinney: That way you could put them in my show notes or like that where youth can see what my mind is and I think they will get a lot of my philosophies right in the first part and then I am going to be building this academy, adding more to it every week because it is online. The best thing I like in this whole thing is you can keep on adding and changing and I like to  send it on Facebook and make it really big mission so that a lot of youth would be able to look at positively about entrepreneurship, about investing in real estate especially, and learning. It took me 65 years to get to where I am, I think the youth can be where I am when they are 35.

Brett: Wow.

Jaren: That is awesome.

Brett: That is crazy. Man, so good.

Jaren: Love that. I do not even have any other question. I am just sucking all this up. I do not have any other going deep question. Brett, you go ahead. Take it.

Brett: Yes. Again, just thank you so much for all of your knowledge and wisdom here and just serving. They call you Mr. Smiles, and obviously with your personality we can definitely tell that you are so happy and you are such a positive person.

Has there been times where people just try to take that away from you and they are like energy vampires and they suck the energy out of you and how do you get around those people and keep that positive attitude and keep going forward because some people out there listening right now and it could be their family, their spouses, it could be their friends that they are hanging out with, it could be because we all kind of have this human nature that  if somebody else is doing well and they are positive and we are not or they are succeeding and we are not, we almost want them to kind of not succeed. There is a lot who are out there like that. How do you keep the energy going when you have all these things coming at you that are negative?

Vinney: That is so good question. This is an amazing interview. I definitely would like to say that in my mindset I feel I have a shield. Even though people do not see that shield, I like to say to my mind see internally me have to be strong, internally we need to be so positive that every arrow that comes, it never penetrates us. When people share with me their negative thing, I like to look at it, I listen to it, but I then want to give them positive feedback or show them a perspective why they are feeling what they are feeling. Now, they cannot change. If I am there, if they have been having that kind of thinking for two years, three years, ten years, whole life, I want to make an impact and say hey think about this or let me buy you a book or send you a book or send you a link of this little video on YouTube, listen to that because what you are doing, self-pity is not going to get you anywhere.

Jaren: Nope, nope.

Vinney: It will not. It really will take you to a spiral down below and the more deeper you go, the harder it is to come out of the well. You want to really make that impact on their life and by then, if you are coaching or mentoring or like that, a big sister or big brother, tremendous organizations and the key thing is to shield yourself. That is one thing I would like to say. The second thing is do not feel that where you are today, that you will stay there. If you feel bad, then do not take charge of your life right now. Next five days, next five years will be the same or worst. You are going to want to change the next five days. Take an accountability, write it out in a journal.

I believe that young people should have a journal, I really believe that. They need to write every day what their accomplishments are. Maybe one or two bad things that happened or they would like to correct but majority of positive. Many times we write five negatives and one positive, that is wrong. We got to get our psychology, our sub-conscious, our conscious to really learn. See self-conscious, what is it? It is just taking pictures of everything, it is recorded. We need to really talk to ourselves in the morning and at night and I believe in vision board and I believe in pictures. What we want to become one day, we are in the process of becoming today. Today is the time that we could decide that you know what, I am not going to live the life that I have been living for the last five years or ten years or fifteen years or whatever.

But today we could change the state like Tony Robins says. Write in one second, one minute, you could say pain and pleasure, right? Comfort zone is in everybody. I mean I would love to not get up at 4:30 in the morning. But you know what? When I was doing W2 job, I was getting up at seven o’clock and putting on the snooze and everything. I am 65, 66 now, I will be in August 27th this year but I get up at 4:30 and 5:00 and I am so excited.

I do not need to really have any coffee or anything because I want to write, I want to tape and I want to do other things and look at my gratitude list to say gratitude to the people and do Yoga and do exercise and do the brisk walking, seven to eight, cold or shine, in Bay Area it does not get that cold, but you know all those things because next 25 years is so important for me. I will be ninety years of age but a lot of people at my age just give up.

Brett: That is true.

Vinney: They say they are retired. Oh my gosh, every time we do not stimulate our mind, we are degrading ourselves. Watching TV and walking and this and that, we got to stimulate. We got to give ourselves and go and go to charities and give our self-volunteer time and find a hobby and do something with that vision board for the next ten or fifteen years.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: That is awesome.

Brett: I was just thinking about that. I was down in Florida and the word experience has really come alive in me. I took my daughter down there, we were experiencing just life. I feel like in our culture in America or whatever, we are watching TV, we are watching sport, we are watching other people experience life. People say why do not you watch sports or you watch this or whatever and I could not put my finger on because I was a sports guy, I was raised in a sports house and all this and I cannot put my finger why do not I watch it? I do not know, why am I not interested in it?

I think it all boils down to I do not want to watch other people experience life, I really want to experience it myself. The things that you talked about, Vinney, which is you are excited to experience life, you are excited to experience the next 25 years. People at your age, like you said, they are sometimes they feel like they are at the end of experiencing but they are just at the beginning. There is so much more experiences they can have and it is cool.

Jaren: I love it man. Sign me up, I am ready.

Brett: Sign us up, Vinney.

Jaren: Let us do it.

Brett: Awesome.

Touch of Randomness

It is time for a touch of randomness.

Brett: The last thing that we like to end the show on is a thing called A Touch of Randomness. We are going to ask you a random question here. Kind of name the first thing that comes to your mind. We just got one question for you today and that is, Vinney, they call you Mr. Smiles like we talked about and what is the saddest movie that you have ever seen?

Vinney: Oh my gosh. Saddest movie, you know I do not watch too many movies I have to say. I would love to share that. We went to see Vietnam and Cambodia a few years back, my wife and I with the family. It really affected me, the killing fields in Cambodia. I wrote about it and I told my family I was depressed for four days. What effect it made me and I went back to 1978, 1978 is the year when I joined the company which I retired after 40 years and it really affected me for four days. But then again, at the same negative feelings should affect you but then you should really erase them or do something about them, that is what I would like to say.

It is so important in life that we take the best out of that, whatever situation there is, and there are a lot of negative things happened in my business and other places but I never look back like how it did happen. All this happened in Texas and all, hurricanes, I could have just said as a CEO, Oh my gosh, where are the damages blah blah blah, right? But I just took upon it and I got me a public adjuster to fight for me with the insurance companies and all that and it is becoming a positive experience and all my assets are going to be renovated, whatever portions of that. I mean we did not get hurt that much but no, go ahead for that.

The thing I wanted to just say about smile, I have never… I just smile a lot but 40 years back when I started getting trophies and plaques, my company people changed my name from Kumar in the middle, my name is Vinod Kumar Chopra, they took the Kumar out and put smile in there. Literally, that is the key. They said Vinod “Smile” Chopra and then I became a nickname of Vinney, which is Vinney, and now you can call me Vinney in business world and they call me Vinod in my personal life. I do smile a lot. A lot of people think do I smile when I sleep also?

Brett: That is funny. Well, it is contagious.

Vinney: Thank you.

Brett: I do not think you can have a negative conversation with you at all.

Jaren: Nope. He will be like Rocky in the press conference. Do you have anything derogatory to say about the champ? Derogatory, yes he is great.

Brett: That is funny.

Vinney: People already know what is negative about that, isn’t that true? We always know the handicaps so it is great to tell them more about what is positive so that they can really become even more of what they are.

Jaren: Yes, that is so awesome.

Brett: So cool, so cool. Well, that wraps it up today, Vinney. Thank you so much for joining us on the show and I know that, Jaren, we got so much out of today’s show and the interview.

Jaren: It was really good. You guys listening out there, we love to hear your feedback and comments on the interview with Vinney today. Vinney, one more time before we let you go here, where is the best place for someone to go to learn about you, learn about your education and all that?

Vinney: Sure. The best place to go is Vinney, and I love elephants from India, so I put E in there instead of Vinny. Usually put in that is right but there is an E also. VinneyChopra, like Deepak Chopra, he is a renowned author and very big motivator. Chopra is the same, Chopra. VinneyChopra.com and you could call me and e-mail me also, vinney@vinneychopra.com and I will respond to it, my team will. The place they would like if they want to learn about multifamily syndication, it is at www.multifamilysyndicationacademy.com. They can call me, reach me, I am a very reachable person.

Brett: Sweet, awesome. That is going to be in the show notes guys at simplewholesaling.com/episode94 and this is with Vinney Chopra. Thank you so much Vinney. We wish you so much success in the future. Thanks for all of your wisdom on the show today.

Vinney: Thank you. I want to thank you guys. I listen to some of your episodes and what a great value you are bringing. God bless you.

Jaren: Thank you.

Brett: God bless you, Vinney.

Vinney: That is great. Thank you.

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