SWP: 097 Brian’s Introduction

In today’s episode, you’ll get to know the new Simple Wholesaling co-host Brian Snider. Get to know his backstory—from his first career as a teacher, to how he met his wife, down to his previous role as Simple Wholesaling’s marketing and content director.

He also discussed his two new roles—podcast co-host and dispositions manager. In addition, he also tackled the things both roles required. Listen in as Brett puts Brian on the hot seat. It’s an insightful and profound episode you shouldn’t miss!

Insight of the Week:

Why you need a disposition manager
Few key things that a disposition manager can do to squeeze out the extra thousand dollars

Spiritual Foundations:

Psalm 84:10
“Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

In this show, you’ll learn:

  • Brian’s story
  • The work of a dispositions manager
  • His work experience in Simple Wholesaling
  • What surprised him the most when interviewing business people
  • His experience in the real estate investing world
  • What separates people that are doing a lot of deals from people that struggle to do a deal


“The ones that are successful are the ones that are pushing themselves individually.”


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Brett: Hello my new co-host, hello. It is time to say hello. I love that you are with me in this journey, hello. My new co-host, hello. This is the Simple Wholesaling Podcast episode 97.

Welcome to Simple Wholesaling. A Christian podcast that supplies simple, yet effective content for real estate investors and business entrepreneurs. Get advice, tips, and tricks so that you can stay true to your values and achieve your dreams with real estate investing you can trust. Now, introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: Alright. What is going on all you simple wholesalers out there. Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I am so excited for today’s show. If you have not listened to our show, I am your host of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. My name is Brett Snodgrass. I am sitting here with my beautiful loving bearded friend Brian Snider. What is up, man?

Brian: Hey, how is it going?

Brett: Good.

Brian: I am excited to be here. First show, let us get it rolling.

Brett: Let us do it. I am super stoked and if you guys have not tuned in to the Simple Wholesaling podcast before, kind of this is a transition and the first 96 episodes, I was with my good and still very very good friend, Jaren Barnes, and if you listened to the last episode, that is when we had said goodbye to Jaren and it was a wonderful almost two years spending with Jaren. He works for the Simple Wholesaling team and he was an amazing friend and he is still a good friend and we talk every week. But it was time for him and his family to take a new journey in their life and they are transitioning going out on their own in the real estate investing world and they are moving to Chicago. He is super excited and he is a city boy and I am super excited for him and his family. With that, we have the opportunity of again introducing our new co-host and that is Brian Snider. We are so excited because he is going to be diving in on this show about really who is Brian. I am really excited by digging into this man.

Brian: I am a little scared really but I am no Jaren Barnes but I will do my best in this role. I do want to just say and give a shout out to Jaren and Azia and Aliyah and just everything they did for our company and just everything they did for the podcast and they just did I mean amazing stuff. I wish them the best. They are just fantastic people. I mean we are also good friends and everything. I just want to see them do really well. I will do my best in his role and try to jump in here on the podcast definitely but yes, just a shout out to him with all the amazing stuff that he has done.

Brett: Yes, man. Definitely. I am super excited to have you and it is your role and what is your feeling of being a co-host? Is that like, I do not know, what is your thought on that?

Brian: I am okay with it. It is a little different like in my head I am like oh yes I can talk about this, I can do this, and then once you actually get back here behind the desk and you got the mic in front of you and you have got your goofy self over there, playing with that a little bit, it is good. It might take us a couple episodes then we work out our rapport and everything behind the desk but it will come along. We will do our best for our listeners out there.

Brett: Definitely, definitely. We are excited for today’s show. Really going to dive in on here and Brian. Brian has been a good friend of mine for many years and him and his wife, Ana, and we are going to dive into who is he and why did he choose to join the Simple Wholesaling team and where has his life been, where is it going? But before we do that guys, we have an iTunes review of the week and if you guys have just tuned in or if you listen to many many shows, please please please, we would super appreciate you go into iTunes. I know sometimes it is kind of complicated and you have to be a little tech savvy to actually leave a review but please go to iTunes. It is pretty simple. You can go to the podcast app on your phone or just go to iTunes on your computer and leave us a review on the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I will let Brian kind of take this one. Brian, why don’t you read the review for the day.

Brian: We have a five star review here from [inaudible][04:37] it looks like. He says, he loves these guys. ‘These two shenanigans put out some of the best real estate podcast I have heard. One of the struggles I had in the beginning was the quirky intros. I think everybody kind of takes a little while getting used to that. I would always say get to the guests. Now, after months of listening, that is my favorite part. Man, continue spreading the gospel and being brutally honest in all you do.’ Like I said, I think that is, a lot of people are like what are these guys doing here starting off? I mean it is a real estate thing.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: But it is good, you got a little intro. You get a little fun with it and you get a little insight of the week which is always good specially for the newbies out there. Those are the things that kind of gravitate towards and great advice right there. Then my favorite part is definitely the spiritual foundation that you guys have always done and I am excited to be a part of that. I am sure just a little bit about my heart and my journey as well with all the stuff along with our real estate. I mean we put our faith in there and that is what drives us. Everybody in our team, that is our why. That is what drives us and I am glad that we have that in the show.

Brett: Yes, definitely. Thank you so much, [inaudible][05:39]. Just really appreciate that. It is funny because I drive to Michigan with my wife, she is from Michigan, and I literally sometimes go through and we listen to about 20 intros at a time and I know it is like one of those things where yes it is kind of quirky at first but remember like if you ever watched a movie and you are like you know what, have you been in a movie theater and you walk out of the theater because this like movie is so dumb that you just hardly cannot watch it. I was actually that way with Anchorman. I do not know if you guys ever saw Anchorman back in the days to watch that. I actually walked out of the theater watching Anchorman. I was like this is the stupidest movie I have ever seen and then I rented it and now I am like.. We always…

Brian: You quote it all the time.

Brett: I know. Well, I am kind of a big deal. I got a leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. But anyway, I have never seen that one before. But anyway, it is just kind of like that. Thank you so much, 06:32, for doing that. If you guys are interested, please please please, this is how we get noticed. We do not really push our reviews that much. I do not send it to all to all of my friends or anything like that. If you like the podcast, please leave that.

Brett’s Insight of the Week

Now simple tips and tricks that make real estate investing easier, faster and better. Brett’s Insight of the Week.

Brett: For today’s Insight of the week, we are actually going to dive in. I am going to put Brian on the hot seat a little bit before the interview. That is going to be like the extra hot seat, like coals on the seat, but this is a little bit of the hot seat because Brian has also stepped in the shoes that Jaren was in as our dispositions manager. If you do not know what a dispositions manager and you were like me about nine months ago but did not know what a dispositions manager was then I just called it basically the guy who sells our properties. If you want to use the layman’s terms, there you go, guy who sells all of our properties. That is what a dispositions manager does. I was at a mastermind group about a year or so ago and this guy was talking about the dispositions manager and he said, ‘Why would I need a dispositions manager, a monkey can do that job?’

Brian: That is why he hired me.

Brett: That is right. Which kind of puts us in the hot seat. Here we are, so why do you even need a dispositions manager because everybody says that you make the money when you buy the deal and you can sell a good deal, it is not hard to sell. That is correct but I really want to go through and talk about just a few key things that a dispositions manager can do to squeeze out that extra $1000 or $2000. Brian, you have been doing this and I know you probably were not prepared at all for any of this but kind of go in, what has been your experience with the dispositions manager, why would even a company need this building a team, why would they need as positions manager and what maybe are some of the benefits that you see that a dispositions manager does?

Brian: Yes, I think that you are absolutely correct and really where you make the most of your money in this business is when you buy a deal. When you buy for a good property, a good investment is going to sell itself. What would that dispositions manager can do basically is be able to come up with a marketing for that property. I am doing all this stuff, creating the presentations, making sure I push it out there, marketing as best I can on whether social media, e-mail blast, where it is, but then also I think the biggest thing is being able to keep your clients happy. That is where that manager thing comes into. You want to manage all the properties that you have in connection with your property manager as well doing all that stuff but then making sure that all of your clients, they get the properties that they need.

I know when I have a property coming in, I know which ones of our clients that want that property. I am sending out to them before it really gets out there to the masses and things like that. A lot of it is organization. Being able to know what our properties are, how much you want to sell them for, what those price points are but then also what people are interested in these properties and we are going to push this out there. There is a lot of managing along with it. I mean I think it is definitely the way that we run our team, I think it works. I can definitely see where some teams maybe they do not need that disposition manager and they just kind of do this e-mail blast and they kind of do sales or whatever but the way our team operates is we have these problems coming in, we need somebody that can market it.

We need somebody that can put that on there but then also do the negotiations that come along with some of the deal. I think that it is important. We have our bigger team, it is the acquisitions team, and the disposition team is a little smaller but I think it is important.

Brett: Yes, I definitely totally agree. What I kind of mentioned at the beginning of there is yes you make most your money. Let us say your average profit is let us just say $8000, yes? Your acquisitions team, they are going to make you that $6000, right? But if you have a really good dispositions manager, you can squeeze out that extra $1000 or $2000 there by how you market the property, who you are sending it to and if you are doing like a property a month or a property every quarter or something like that, then yes I would say hey you need to focus on your acquisitions and get some deal flows going and maybe you can be the dispositions manager.

You do not really need that but as you start to scale and you start to ramp up, this is really important because it is all about marketing. Acquisitions is all about marketing, dispositions is all about marketing and what Brian talked about keeping your customers happy, I sold a lot of properties to investors all over and some of them are just not very good communicators. I know when your plate is full that it is hard to keep up with everything. Having somebody in that seat to make sure hey were you happy, are you content with this property, and just not missing anything. You have to fill in the gaps and that is what a team really is all about. Just trying to fill the holes of the Swiss cheese business, right?

Brian: In my head when I started, I really thought it was going to be almost as simple as yes go to our website, look at all of our properties. People do not go to our websites and actually you admitted that too. You do not go to other people’s website looking at property and stuff and actually they do need to be marketed and they do need to be shown to other investors.

Brett: Yes. It is just kind of like you have to put it in front of them because I am an entrepreneur, I am very busy, so if I do not have somebody put it in front of me I forget to search for it, right? That is what we do. Brian’s job is to put the properties in front of people that like those particular properties and to market them. How we market is we got signs out, we do the email blasts but he is also building the relationships with the key buyers, these are buyers that are buying multiple properties. He is answering the phone, he is managing the assistant, they are creating property presentations, they are putting them on the MLS. There is a lot of different things you can do and it is just nice to have somebody manage all of that. It is very important if you do ramp up and scale your business. I think the dispositions manager is not the very first hire but down the road, once you have your acquisitions team kind of formed and you are ready to take that next step, then hiring a disposition manager I think is a later hire.

Brian: I will put a little plug right here too, if you are interested in any of our properties or learning more about them, send me an e-mail at brian@simplewholesaling.com. It is brian@simplewholesaling.com and yes let me know what you are looking for. If you want to sit down and have coffee or whatever, we can do that as well and make sure we get you the properties that you want.

Brett: I just want to also put in a little plug that if you are the dispositions manager right now or you have someone on your team that is a dispositions manager, I feel like because I buy a lot of properties from wholesalers so if you are a wholesaler out there and you are marketing in Indi, we would love to meet you and we would love to buy from you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is just with anything is if somebody does not show up and what that means as far as the dispositions manager is if someone sends out a property like an e-mail blast and we respond to that e-mail blast and we say hey you are asking $50,000, I would like to offer you $43,000, and they do not respond back. That is like man I do not know.

That is just something that kind of rubs me. I am like at least you can respond so one of the biggest things that you can do as dispositions manager is communicate, communicate, communicate. Even if it is a no, just tell me. Just say no, I am not interested in that but a non-response is I do not know, that is just something. If you are going to have somebody in disposition, it has to be somebody that is really quick to respond all the time.

Spiritual Foundations

Do you dream of a life that is purpose-driven and makes a difference? Spiritual Foundations.

Brett: Today in Spiritual Foundations, we are hitting into the scripture which is the absolute most amazing book out there. If you guys have not even delve into the Holy Bible, we really encourage you. We are a Christian faith based company and if you listen to that and you are not a Christian, then we just encourage. We do not pound and Bible thump on anybody. We just encouraged to look at your life, try to discover how it was made and is there a God and is there a Savior that is in Jesus Christ, we just ask you to explore that option. If you are not interested in that, you can fast forward this section, no problem. But we love to dive in because that is who we are and we are not going to back down from that.

In the Spiritual Foundations, we are going to go into Psalm 84:10. I was actually going to visit my friend Gary who just went through an amazing weekend and I would love to put in the show notes, it is at the simplewholesaling.com/episode97, the great banquet weekend. What this weekend is, it is an amazing men’s or women’s weekend, whatever gender you are. There is a men’s and there is a women’s and you go through and you really understand and learn about the love of God and the grace of God. You learn the Gospel on steroids, amazing weekend, you get showered with love. I would encourage anybody go through that but my friend Gary was going through this and I was listening to this song and I was kind of thinking about scripture and all these different things.

Here I am, we are building this business and I have a family and there is an amazing things going in my life but even if there are amazing things going on in your life or there is very troubling things going on in your life, Psalm 84:10 says, ‘Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.’ Then it goes on to say, ‘I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than do well in the tents of the wicked.’ I was really just trying to think about what does this mean and it just really kind of comes back to this life, this earth, it is so temporary that man I would just, even on the best days, if I had a thousand best days of my life and people talk about they try to vision what is the absolute best day of your life and they try to achieve this goal.

I do not know I have ever read books about that, about people that they are trying to vision their best day in their life and then they are like I would go to the beach and I would have lunch at my favorite restaurant and then I would go do some quilts, I do not know. Whatever best day yours is, that would not be mine. But whatever that looks like, if you had a thousand of those, 1000 best days in your life, the Bible says it is better to have one day in the presence of God than a thousand of those best days. I really want you guys to think about that as you guys are entrepreneurs, you guys are looking at real estate, you are looking at making a lot of money, you are looking at all these amazing things that you can do, the Bible says it is better to just have one day in the presence of God.

That just kind of hit me and when I went to see Gary, Gary he gave a talk at this great banquet. It was amazing and it was awesome and I was praying over him and we were sitting and laying hands on him and it was really cool and I just really felt the presence of God and the Spirit upon him. Just God is just dwelling amongst us and I said this is better than making so much money, it is better than anything just kind of being in that presence. I hope this really hits you guys today. I do not know if Brian wants to add anything to that.

Brian: I mean seeing Gary in that atmosphere, there was pure happiness right there. Pure joy, just pure inner peace, that is what it is all about.


Brett: Yes, definitely. We are on to the main part of the show where we really get to dive in. Our guest today is my co-host. I am super excited.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: Say hi, go on.

Brian: Hello. Yes it is a lot of easier I think when you actually have a guest, you can ask questions. But when you are coming up and you are answering all the questions, a little different.

Brett: Yes, definitely. We are really going to dive into Brian. I really wanted to get you to know Brian, who is he. I think it is really interesting because I know a lot of your listeners out there, they are new, they are new to real estate investing, they are just trying to figure it out. They do not even know exactly maybe what investing is or wholesaling is or they do not know where to start and I really wanted to interview Brian because he was literally that way, what, five months ago?

Brian: Yes, it was me back in August. I got hired in August and yes that was me. I have known you for four years now. Honestly, my wife and I have a conversation like what does Brett do? Like I don’t know, something like he flips houses or something, I do not know.

Brett: I know. I was actually at this event this guy was talking about how real estate investors entrepreneurs in general were kind of the outcast when it comes to like friend gatherings or you go to your daughter’s soccer game and then people, I ask, what do you do Mr. Smith. He said, ‘I work at the car dealership and stuff like that.’ Then it turns around and he is like, ‘What do you do?’ I kind of do not even know what to say.

Brian: You are just like I do not know, nothing.

Brett: Just kind of sit around, I do not know and just funny. I do not know if any of my friends know what we really do that much.

Brian: I do not think so. I mean I did not and yes I still took a job with you and not knowing what exactly you are doing.

Brett: Yes, definitely.

Brian: We are now telling people like yes I got a new job, like I am changing careers and stuff and yes I am working for real estate wholesaling company. Nobody has any clue what that is.

Brett: That is funny.

Brian: Yet I cannot really explain it to him that well either.

Brett: I do not know, I do not know.

Brian: I will figure it out.

Brett: That is cool. Yes, we sat down, it is so funny. I feel like God really just moves in certain directions. I had just lost somebody from our company and Brian and I we do not get together that much but we get together once every three to six months sometimes and we happened to sit down for breakfast, it was August. Brian, I let him talk about this a little bit but he was a teacher at that time and I was a teacher so I kind of heart for teaching and what they do and how much they get paid and everything that kind of goes with it. We kind of sat down and had this conversation and God just kind of feel like he moved and one thing led to another. I said I do not know, there might be a position open and then he called me a couple of days later and he is like are you serious there is and I was like yes, I guess. He said alright, let us do it. Then here we are four or five months later on the podcast, co-hosting, business manager.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: Let us just kind of talk man. I want you to really share who you are, where did you come from, what brought you to Indianapolis, and kind of just give us your back story here.

Brian: Yes. I am from Ohio, right around Columbus Ohio, lived there basically all my life. I was a teacher. I went to Ohio Northern University, graduated with my teaching degree and started teaching right away. I have been teaching for 14 years. Honestly, just throughout that path, kind of in my head, I was going to be in a classroom for 10 years and then I would transition into being a principal. That was kind of my plan, what I was set to do and that is what I thought my passion was. I love working with kids and I have always just gravitated towards working with children like in any aspect of my life and I have really enjoyed that, that teaching side of the tune.

Just training people and doing that kind of thing and once I got so that ten years, I started doing my master’s classes for becoming a principal and I realized that just was not really me, I did not want to do that. Kind of at the same time, I also started working with education coaches or teaching coaches and I really enjoyed what they were doing and kind of started doing that on my own where I would be able to help other teachers kind of just improve on their craft, improve on their practice and that is where I just kind of started really enjoying doing that. About that same time, I met my amazing wife, Ana. She was living in Indianapolis at the time, I was living in Columbus, Ohio. We actually met on Christian Mingle, I will share that as well, which is something I never thought I would join anyway. A little plug for Christian Mingle. It can actually work.

Brett: There you go.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: I want to read these Christian Mingle profile. I want to read your description.

Brian: I do not know if I may still have it under an old e-mail so I can find it out. I will tell you.

Brett: If you have that, we are going to put that in the show notes. Your Christian Mingle profile like dark and handsome and loves to read books and…

Brian: I will tell you that, my wife, she gave me a smile. That is how it works on there.

Brett: It not like a wink?

Brian: It is called a smile.

Brett: It is not a…

Brian: It is called a smile, it is called a smile. It was kind of funny at the time. I was on Christian Mingle for like four or five months or something like that and did a couple of dates and something like that. I was talking with this girl from Cincinnati at the time which was like two and a half hours away from me and I was like talking. We were supposed to go on a date or whatever, I do not think, I do not really want to do this. The distance is too far and stuff like that. Like the next day, Ana sent me a smile and she was three and a half hours. I thought Indianapolis, oh my God, yes.

She is cute but what attracted me to her right away is that on her profile, so I forget what actually my profile said, on her profile it said, ‘I want to find a man that put God first and me second.’ That really jumped out to me and that was something that I had never heard a woman say before. It is just incredible.

Brett: Wow, that is awesome.

Brian: Right away, yes, I was like I got to learn more about this girl.

Brett: I would have definitely smiled back.

Brian: I did not even smiled back, I jumped right in to an e-mail. I was moving pretty fast in the Christian Mingle world.

Brett: Yes. I would have given her a nod and a wink, and big happy smile, a big emoji. That is awesome man, that is cool you met Ana.

Brian: Yes. This is so for about a year we were going and do the whole back and forth thing where she would go to Columbus or I would come out in Indianapolis and stuff and we just decided like hey let us get married. Like it was kind of at that point where if I was going to teach for another year, I would have to be in Columbus and over there for another year if I signed my contract and stuff. It is like I do not want to spend another year way from you so decided to get married and moved out here to Indianapolis. When I moved out here, and I got a another teaching job at a Catholic school down at Broad Ripple, Christ the King, a little shout to them.

Yes, I was teaching on there and kind of at the same time that is when you and I met and we just kind of talked and we go out and have a coffee or dinner or something. Kind of just talk about sports or whatever. I think throughout that entire time, I kind of talked about how I was ready for something else. I enjoy teaching and something like that but I was just ready for something else. Back in August, we sat down and had breakfast and it was kind of just one of those things that we were talking about it and at the same time you wanted somebody on your team to kind of do the marketing and you guys were doing pretty well at the meet up.

You want somebody that kind of, like you are looking at me as a teacher, somebody that can kind of help other wholesalers out there and learn the business and just kind of get up and going. I think at the same time too you guys were talking about doing an educational course for new wholesalers and stuff and you thought that that would be good for that and that is really, that is what I came on the team for. I came on the team for to do the marketing and the online content stuff but then also kind of help do an educational course for Simple Wholesaling. I think we worked on that for about a month. I think everybody that are going to be in our team just our heart was… Let us just continue giving our education stuff out for free and just help people out as much as we can. I know we have talked many times about how blessed we have been in this business, being able to do we can, so why not give back a little bit. Just help other wholesalers out and hopefully we do want to be life changing for you but it is just about that is accessible to everybody and yes.

Brett: Yes. I am so glad that we kind of made that decision just because it was a lot and if you guys listen to back in October and November, we talked about kind of pulling the reins back on that course. I just never want to be one of the guys that are totally marketing and you are saying oh what are you going to sell me next. I feel like that was the direction it would have eventually gone and that is not me and that is not what I want, that is not what I want to be remembered for. I want to be remembered for just really given valuable content away for free and that is why we do this podcast, that is why we do the meet up, and that is why we do other things.

If you guys are listening or watching, we are actually going to be doing a radio show here locally in Indianapolis and it is called the Freedom Radio Show and we will put a link in the show notes for that. Check that out again on the show notes at simplewholesaling.com/episode97. That is just who we really want to be known for so that is kind of why we did that. Yes, Brian, he came on the team. He was the marketing guy, he was helping out with some of our social media, and he was doing our meet ups.

He was helping us with blogs and just doing a lot of different content sorts of things that we kind of pull the reins back on that. Then an opportunity came up where again, like we talked about, Jaren was transitioning moving and we were looking for a new dispositions manager. I always want to give people an opportunity within the team if I can and it was just kind of a right fit. Brian, have you ever actually done sales before and I do not even know if we had that conversation before.

Brian: No. No sales background or anything.

Brett: Brian, with that, you are talking about organization and one of the biggest things is you are always talking about how to get organized. What are a couple of things that are, off the get go, you helped us or yourself even get organized? When you are in this business, what are some tactical tips that someone can do on a daily basis or a weekly basis that we maybe do in our business to help get organized in whatever role we are doing?

Brian: I think I will start like kind of if you are kind of on your own or you just have one or two people doing this business, I would say one of the things is just you need to have some kind of CRM system or even if you are doing it on paper and pencil that you have stuff written down, you have documentation of hey what are your properties, what are your priced points and all that kind of stuff. Just have it organized in some way where people can or you can. It is accessible to you, it is accessible to anybody that needs that kind of stuff. If you can do it all online, if you can use a CRM system, I mean that is going to be a great way to organize stuff.

I would say too make sure you are keeping track of who you are talking to even if it is just like one small little phone call, keep track of that just in case you never know what is going to happen or will happen where. Kind of my first couple days even doing dispositions role where I thought I had a house sold because we had a PS like that I will show but then things happened and things fall out of will. I need to make sure I have my notes organized where I can go back and see who else is interested in that property and I can try to market to them and stuff, that is huge.

I think one of the things we did as a team to be better organized, I think like our first few staff meetings that are part of, it seems like just kind of a lot of issues were being brought up and we are kind of a lot of different just a lot of stuff was being talked about that kind of in my head. I am like this is not the conversation for the whole staff, this is a conversation for the dispositions team or the acquisitions team. We actually started doing weekly meetings where you just you lead them and you have an acquisitions meeting. We are talking to all the guys that are part of the acquisitions team.

We have a disposition meeting, we are talking about all the dispositions stuff. The transactions team, the content team, we have these little just like 15 to 30 minute meetings the most weekly and then all the stuff and all the issues that we did not talk about in those, we are talking about it. We are organizing stuff so then we come together as a whole staff then all we are really talking about is any cross curricular team stuff or issues that come up. I think that truly helped us and actually our staff meetings I think been really productive since we have done that.

Brett: Yes, I think that that is obviously a game-changer because if you have a team there is certain things you can talk about as a whole and then there is certain things that you might use and you talk about in an individual department basis and that has really helped us because sometimes our staff meetings just get long, right? You type all these different things and you do not know what the heck is going on, that has really helped. Real quick, also some other things that we do in our business to help us keep organized guys, if you guys are just tuning in, I always talk about the score card and again we are just trying to reach a certain score on certain metrics that can help us move the needle the most.

Some of those metrics are going to look like how many purchase agreements did we get? Our goal as a team is to try and get ten purchase agreements a week. I mean that is lofty, right? I mean that used to be one, right? It just kind of grown from there but that is a good metric. Did we achieved that goal or did we not? How many reviews did we get this week? Did read achieved that goal? We are trying to brand our self and brand our company and when somebody Goggles us, we want a good experience. We want to have, ‘Wow, these people have 50 five star reviews. They seem trustworthy, we would love to work with them.’ How many calls did we get, how many leads did we put in? These are certain metrics that you guys really need to be keeping to see if you are hitting your goals.

Then also I am really big on daily to-do-lists. If you are scaling and you have a team, everybody needs to try to achieve certain things each day. Maybe they have certain tasks on their list that they can check off of but just everybody has to have that daily to do list. What we do in our businesses is we just have a simple Google sheet. It is called the ‘stick it is six’ and the goal is for everybody to put on that sheet their top six things they are going to do for that day in priority order. Sometimes we hit that, sometimes we do not. We got guys on the team to do it every week, it is awesome. We got guys on a team that is a struggle because this is not their personality and I am always honing in guys we just have to fill out the ‘stick it six’ because we live in a special business. Everybody works remote and I cannot keep a tab on everybody. I cannot micro-manage everybody.

This is just a goal to what are you guys doing and I can have a snapshot of what everybody is doing. Those are a couple of things to keep us organized in our business. Brian…

Brian: Oh, yes, I know that. I think with that, you know that does help us keep organized. That is a way for us to be transparent with each other as well and hold each other accountable. Honestly, you do a great job as the owner and the CEO of the company and pushing people as well but I know it also falls on us where if we see that one of our team members maybe did not meet their goals for like two weeks in a row, we are like, ‘Hey, what is going on? Like can I help you out with anything? Are you falling behind on this? Can I do this?’ It is a way for us to kind of hold each other accountable and help each other out but it is also like I have a bad week, it is right there for everybody on the team to see and I got to take ownership of it and that is all me.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: Also there is a good week then. Time for ‘Hey, man. Good job.’ What did you do that you did right? Like is there something that you did that I can start doing or anything like that. It is a really good way for us to be transparent and like analyze what is going on with the whole team.

Brett: Yes, definitely. Awesome. Brian, I really want to again put you on the sweaty hot seat here and it is super sweaty over here. It is really hot here, no I am just kidding. You have been in this business six months now about and you were not really familiar with real estate investing at all. You have been able to interview some of the top real estate investors in the nation, talking to guys making millions of dollars and stuff like that, what do you think, just kind of go into this, what has surprised you the most when you were interviewing really highly successful business people or just talking to people at our local meet up that have not done deals before but maybe can you kind of point out some surprising things because you come from a different world, right?

I have been a teacher before, I grew up in middle class, my parents were teachers, we lived from paycheck to paycheck, that is what we did. But what has been your experience on this real estate investing world? Has your mind been open to anything? Can you kind of talk about that a little bit?

Brian: My mind is definitely open now to just a whole bunch of stuff. I would say actually though when you are talking about interviewing some of the high level people and also I communicated with a lot of them as you and Jaren is doing the podcast, I was the one kind of doing the outlines and communicating with them, stuff like that. I guess I got to learn a lot about the business that way of talking to other people and communicating that way. As a teacher, it is really easy to kind of say this. One of the things that they do to set themselves apart from everybody else is education.

They educate themselves in any way they can. They are reading books, they are listening to podcast, they are doing everything and anything to get ahead of the game. I know that, I mean just seeing you, you are a great model of that because you are always reading a book. You are always like, ‘Hey, guys. You should check this book out and I know a lot of the guys in our team that are… They want to push themselves, that is what they are doing too. They are reading books or listening to podcast.

They are really pushing themselves and that is where I just kind of want to say when I look at people that we have come encountered with for like the last six months whether it was at the meet up or INRIA, CIRIA, any of those. The ones that are successful are the ones that are pushing themselves individually and reaching out for help when they need it, they know the right questions to ask. The ones that are struggling are the ones that are sitting there like hey how do I do this, what do I do, they are kind of coming to you before they even know the real question to ask. They kind of want to be given the keys of the car, they want to be given the answer before they kind of put in that legwork.

Brett: Right.

Brian: You know I got out of the educational world but right now I mean that is I think is the biggest thing to kind of help yourselves out is to educate yourselves. That is the biggest thing I think that are in my yearly review when we sat down in December. That was like your one critiquing me. It was like hey, I want to see you push yourself more and learn more about this industry on your own. Like you do a good job with our stuff but you were telling me that you want me to kind of seek out other things on my own to kind of push myself and learn a little bit more.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: That is the cool thing about this business is. No matter how good you are doing, no matter what you are doing, you can always be doing it better.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: There is always new methods you can do. One of our rocks, one of our things that we say is we want simple and smart systems. What are we doing now that we can make it more efficient? What are we doing now that it can be easier for us and better for our clients?

Brett: Yes. As soon as you think that you are actually doing well and you are like oh our systems are getting down, we are passing the ball to each other and it is going pretty smooth and then we interview gentleman like Neil Bala and he is coming up in a couple of weeks guys. You can have to check this guy out because he is absolutely amazing with his processes and it is just crazy what he is doing and the apps that he is using. It just kind of strengthens me. I mean these podcast, like they really help me because here I am interviewing multi-millionaires and I get to learn from them personally and it is pretty cool.

Brian: I think that is just life in general let alone in new real estate investing that once you think you are at the top of your game, once you think that you kind of get to that point like I am going to slack off a little bit, I am going to relax, it is like I was moving at the right turn, I am just going to relax a little bit and it kind of goes… That is when you get passed, that is when you are losing your business and that is when things tend to go wrong.

Brett: Yes. Talk about what do you think separates people at our meet ups that are not doing a deal and I think you probably touched on that a little bit but a lot of people out there right now they are like, ‘I just want to do a deal. I do not know exactly what to do. It cannot just get it going,’ and I see that a lot. People like in our meet up, 95% of them struggle to do a deal and then there is 5% that are doing a lot of deals. I do not understand what separates the groups. Are you seeing anything as a new person when you are talking to some of these newer wholesalers out there?

Brian: One of the struggles I always see with people that are trying to begin wholesaling is that they also have another job. They are working at nine to five or they have another full time job so it is tough to be able to do work on wholesaling on the side but that is something. You kind of have to make a decision, that choice of how much time do I want to dedicate to this. That is something that is maybe for two months you have to push hard and not have much of a social life to be able to do it if you have that other job. I think sometimes they tend to maybe if something does not work, they are quick to give up on it.

I would like to kind of see them, if they are trying an app or they are trying to process, if it does not work for like one or two deals that is okay. I mean there is times where we go after a deal and we think we are on top of and it does not work out but then six months later it happens. I think one of the things that they need to kind of just open their eyes a little bit is like this is going to happen overnight. If you can do one deal in a month, you are a good shape but then just kind of get on from there but sometimes it is not. It is one of those things that do not just try one method and if it does not work right away, give up on it. Try it, make sure you do everything with it. Maybe it is just one little tweak that you can change to make a little better.

Brett: Yes, I love that, love that. Just persistency, consistency, and just do not give up guys. This is a math problem. Preach that in my meet up. It is like how do you do this, how do you do this? It is a literally a math problem. I was a math teacher and Brian was a math teacher and no matter what you put on the blackboard. If you put five plus five is always equal to ten, right? I was going to say eleven. It is always equal to ten. This is a math problem and you have to figure out that the difference between this and five plus five is you have to figure out what the problem is.

If you can figure out how many postcards I have to send out or how many people do I have to talk to and how many offers do I have to make to get a deal then work a backwards. It is like okay I have to make a hundred offers to get one deal, it is a math problem. If you want to do two deals a month, you have to put in two offers, right? Kind of learn that and go with that. We are kind of running a little bit short on time so we are going to go into the section of the show where Brian and I like to call Going Deep.

Brian: Going Deep.

Going Deep

Brett: Okay. Anyways…

Brian: You went really deep in there.

Brett: Yes, I did. That was super deep for me. In this section, we just like to talk again about life, about faith. Brian, what is it like? You were in Ohio school and then you also worked at a Christian school obviously here in Indianapolis so that was maybe a little bit different. Did you work in a public school?

Brian: I did in Ohio, I did. I taught for 14 years. Eight years were in a public school and six years are in a catholic school.

Brett: Okay. Maybe go back to the public school since that is maybe a little bit different feel but now you are in a business and we try to just wear our faith out there, put it on our sleeve, not to beat people over the head with it but just like you know what this is who we are and we want to back down and this decision that we are about to make does not line up with this, with our faith, and this is not a good decision, right? What has been the difference you think maybe working in a public school, the public environment and then maybe working in your Christian school or in a business that strives. We are not perfect by any means, I mess up every day and I am a sinner saved by grace, but we strive to put our faith out there to pray and to really hone in on our faith in the business.

Brian: I would say, and this is completely honest, but it is kind of crazy to think about too. The fact that I have taught in a Christian Catholic school for six years and that even was the last three years I thought in a Christian school but yet this six months that I have been here with Simple Wholesaling, I have actually deepen my faith more in these six months than I did teaching. That sounds bad because hopefully I was perceiving that to my students that I did live the Christian lifestyle that I was, one with Christ and had a relationship with him and hopefully that came across. Like I look at it now, like wow my relationship with Christ is so much deeper right now than it was when I was actually teaching in a Catholic Christian school.

Brett: Wow, that is cool.

Brian: It is just kind of crazy to think about and then coming from a public school is actually completely different where you cannot even say like Christmas, like it is a holiday celebration.

Brett: Right.

Brian: Stuff like that. Hopefully my students viewed me as a good person, as somebody that lived a good lifestyle and was not doing a lot of crazy stuff and things like that but I look at it now of like I look back and there were a lot of opportunities where maybe I could have put myself forward a little more of serving or I looked at more of a servant and I think I definitely have more of a servant’s heart in this role and that is something I look at all the time when I am dealing with work with people on maybe they are looking for the right property or like that. It is definitely… I think that is what we do as a company, it is definitely all about bringing people opportunity.

When we are acquiring houses, it is all about helping people get out of a situation no matter what it is and there is a lot of just sad distressed situations. I was talking with our acquisitions guy Ronnie the other day just about… Like he was here for half hour, I listened to three of his phone calls and they were just like three just sad situations. The stuff that we want to try to help those people out as much so we can by buying their house for cash and being able to get them out of that situation quickly. On my side where I am trying to… We have people that want to buy homes to live in or other investors that they need to provide for their families. They want to fix up, maybe they want to fix up a house for their parents or anything like that but there is all kinds of opportunities that we can bring to people and I think that is helping me have that servant’s heart. Then we come across people every day that just need help in some way.

Brett: Yes.

Brian: How can we do that. It is funny to say that even though I was in a Christian school and I even taught religion class before, but I have actually deep in my faith. I have a better relationship with Christ right now working with Simple Wholesaling than I did when I was actually teaching. It is crazy to think about but I think that says a lot about our team and this is really cool to be able to come together and pray. Pray together each and every day and just kind of walk that Christian lifestyle with other men that are further in their walk than me.

Brett: Yes, definitely. So cool man. Last Going Deep section and a couple minutes whatever you want to do with this but where do you think that your future lies with Simple Wholesaling in the future and all that?

Brian: Well, I expect a big raise. No, honestly this is one of those things that I love just continuing to learn about this business and work with people that we do. I just feel really blessed to be a part of the team and be able to continue to grow. I would say I generate more towards a leadership role. I mean that is where I like to be. I know I have a ton of stuff to figure out and get under my rocks and things. I mean the way I kind of look at it, I feel like I have been a pretty good part of the team and we all get along really well. That is kind of my thing, I have always done different stuff.

I taught different schools and moved around a little bit. I am always looking for something different. I am really taught in the same thing for a long period of time so I am always looking to do something else but that is where I just gravitate towards any leadership role and things. I think as our team continues to grow there might be… As we add more people on and there is more leadership opportunity. Right now I have an assistant just hired this week.

Brett: Yes, she is brand new.

Brian: Go go, Chrissy. Good job.

Brett: Cool. Yes, I mean I know that sometimes there is leadership roles and this is like a labeled as a leadership role and there is other guys that even if they are not in that particular role, they come across as a leader. I feel like you have done an amazing job and I think Jaren even said you are one of our best decisions in 2017 was hiring Brian. It is because whenever we have our meetings, whether it relates to you, whether it does not relate to your department or your role or whatever, you are always good to chime in and it always comes across not as a pointing finger, it just kind of comes across as hey guys as a team what do you guys think about this? I think this is my thoughts and I think you have been a really great job at that and that is leadership in its best form so always appreciate that.

Touch of Randomness

It is time for a touch of randomness.

Brett: Of course, the Simple Wholesaling way is we love to end this show with a little touch of randomness. I am going to come up with a few questions on the top of my head that Brian is going to answer for us today. The very first question is on the touch of randomness is, Brian, if you could dye your hair any color that is not your normal hair color, what color would that be?

Brian: I do know back in college I actually did the whole like the bleach blonde thing. I did that, that was not a good look.

Brett: Did you do Sun-In?

Brian: No, I forgot what we even used. It was probably something like that. Because it would not even come out like bleach blonde. It is like that orangish like ebony color.

Brett: That is awesome.

Brian: Then it looked really cool after it grew out a little bit. Like I even cut it so then like it sat at the tips.

Brett: Yes. I used to put my hair to the cap and do the frosty tips and then I put the Sun-In and I remember this one time I was out in Florida for like Spring Break or something and I put Sun-In my hair and I was wearing a hat and I took my hat off and my hair was literally like Carrot Top orange. It was like stupid looking.

Brian: At this point really I am just happy my hair has not gone completely gray. I am alright with that.

Brett: That is awesome. My next question is if you had to really get all decked out and root for a college football team that was not the Buckeyes, because I know you are from Ohio and you always talk about the Buckeyes like every day, but if you were to get all decked out and root for a college team that were not the Buckeyes and a team that is not located in Ohio, which team would that be?

Brian: I could 100% say it would not be Michigan. No, actually my team I kind of root for to is I have always rooted for Notre Dame. I mean I have always been a big high state fan but I root for Notre Dame as well. But it is kind of weird to say that since I moved out here I am around Notre Dame fans all the time. I kind of like them a little bit less.

Brett: Awesome. That is cool man. Last a Touch of Randomness question, if you could change one thing about your wife what would that be? I am just kidding.

Brian: I do not know.

Brett: You could love her more.

Brian: Yes.

Brett: Love her more. There you go. Actually I asked this Touch of Randomness question one time, I forget who was it with but it was way back in the day, but I said if you could pick one person to marry that was not your wife who that would be? I do not know, threw me off. Anyways, that is a wrap guys. We thank you so much for joining us today. This is with our new co-host Brian Snider, big Buckeye fan. Send a shout out to Brian. Go to simplewholesaling.com. Brian, why don’t you give a shout out to all of our audience members? If they are interested in buying a property, getting to know you, or whatever they have questions, where is the best place for them to go?

Brian: Yes, definitely. Go to our website, number one. All of our properties are on there. We have properties all over Indianapolis and some up kind of in the northeast side as well. Up near Anderson, Muncie, and all those. They are on there as well. Also we have some land deals that we are looking to do. On our website, check those out. If you have any questions or need anything, e-mail me at brian@simplewholesaling.com and yes I would love to help you out with anything you need. Yes, we are also looking for deals too guys.

Reach out to Brian or reach out to myself at brettsnodgrass@simplewholesaling.com. We are always looking to buy Indi deals, land deals. We are currently buying all over Indiana but that is pretty much our market right now. If you got any deals there, we would love to see them. That is the wrap guys. We will see you next week. This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 97. Check out the show notes again at simplewholesaling.com/episode97 and we will see you get on the flips.

Brian: See you.

Thank you for listening to Simple Wholesaling. If you enjoyed today’s show, please head over to iTunes, give us a rating and leave a review. Be sure to pick up a copy of our free e-book, The Simple Wholesaling System, by joining our community over at www.SimpleWholesaling.com/OurDashSystem.

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