Our Purchasing Process

We utilize a proven process to help ensure your success as a buyer.

From Beginning to End…

With Simple Wholesaling, you’ll know you’re in good hands. We work diligently to push our buyers through our effective (yet simple) process for purchase inquiries and negotiation, due diligence, and successful closing.

Step 1 – Schedule a Showing

Inquire to express your interest in one of our properties and based on this interest, schedule a showing.

Step 2 – Perform Due Diligence

Visit the property to perform your due diligence. This may include bringing in a contractor or inspector who can advise you on what work is needed for the property and/or residence.

Step 3 – Make an Offer

Contact us by phone at 317-893-3848 or email us at brian@simplewholesaling.com to make an offer that you feel properly represents your value and interest in the property.

Step 4 – Receive Purchase Agreement

Once a price is agreed upon, we’ll send you a purchase agreement with our policy terms included. Please see our terms (below) for more information.

Step 5 – Schedule the Closing

Within 48 hours, our transaction agent will copy you on an email correspondence with the title company, who will set the closing for Tuesday or Thursday the following week.

Our Purchasing Policies

We have a few rules in place in order to ensure smoother transactions. All properties are subject to these company policies, terms, and conditions.

Closing Costs and Taxes

On all of our transactions, we have the buyer pay all closing costs (both the buyer and seller side, as well as title insurance) and assume responsibility for taxes due the following tax due date. This simply means, that though there are no taxes currently due (all of our properties are free and clear prior to selling), we do not provide a tax credit at closing as is a typical custom in the state of Indiana.

Inspection Deadlines

We only set a 3-5 business day inspection period on our purchase agreement in order to ensure a speedy closing (we shoot to close within 7-10 days of signing the purchase agreement).

Financing Restrictions

We do not accept offers paid through conventional financing, as our properties are distressed and will most likely not be approved by conventional financing criteria. There are exceptions for well-kept, move-in ready properties, which are available for conventional financing.