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Learn our Honest and Simple Approach to Wholesaling Real Estate.

The Simple Wholesaling E-Book

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The Simple Wholesaling E-Book. What’s Inside?

Find a Mentor

Most aspiring investors know that they need to find someone more experienced who will take them under their wing. But who? Our system includes strategies for building these partnerships!

Deal Analysis

Many wholesalers don’t have a clue how to run basic investment calculations! Learn essential calculation skills with us to ensure that you can distinguish between a deal and a dud.

Lead Generation

As a real estate wholesaler, if your marketing stops, your business stops. In our free system, you get access to the exact strategies that we use to generate 8-12 properties every month!

Buyer Network

You can’t make money without buyers! The Simple Wholesaling System will teach you exactly how to network, and become “the guy” for investors who are looking for great deals.

Genuine Success

What does it really mean to be successful? In our system, we teach you the “secrets” that set successful wholesalers apart from the wannabes and have you develop a brand people trust.

Find Purpose

Why do you want to get into real estate? What is your ultimate goal? Let our system guide you through these soul-searching questions and bring you to the ultimate “why” behind your business.

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