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Each week, we sit down with top real estate, business or financial experts who inspire us with their success stories, teach us incredible business strategies and share their biggest life lessons. This is truly an incredible show!

A Message from Brett and Brian

The Simple Wholesaling podcast is far more than learning all the real estate investment strategies you need in order to quit your job and make your dreams a reality. We are a community that stands to help you generate wealth, free up your time and then help you use that wealth and freedom to make a difference in the world.

Each week we interview top real estate and business experts who we believe have been successful to that end. With our show, along with a lot of laughs, a lil’ bit of Jesus, and a lot of entertainment, we strive to bring everything you need to become a truly successful real estate wholesaler.

Hope you enjoy the show!

SWP: 122 Wholesaling, Rentals & Call Centers: Ramping Up Your Business

In today’s episode we talked to a successful real estate investor who has learned how to strike the right balance between staying humble and staying hungry. Ryan Dossey is a full-time real estate investor and licensed broker. Aside from making a killing in the real estate space, he also owns a real estate solutions company and a call center. His

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SWP: 122 Wholesaling, Rentals & Call Centers: Ramping Up Your Business

In today’s episode we talked to a successful real estate ...

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SWP: 116 The High Return Real Estate Guys

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SWP: 115 Running Your Real Estate Investing Business on Work Ethic and Why

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SWP: 114 Apartment Investing and Creating Community

Eddie Lorin has been in the real estate business for 3 decades ...

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SWP: 113 From a Prison Cell to Crushing Real Estate Investing

Dan Breslin has been in the real estate business for almost 12 ...

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