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Each week, we sit down with top real estate, business or financial experts who inspire us with their success stories, teach us incredible business strategies and share their biggest life lessons. This is truly an incredible show!

A Message from Brett and Brian

The Simple Wholesaling podcast is far more than learning all the real estate investment strategies you need in order to quit your job and make your dreams a reality. We are a community that stands to help you generate wealth, free up your time and then help you use that wealth and freedom to make a difference in the world.

Each week we interview top real estate and business experts who we believe have been successful to that end. With our show, along with a lot of laughs, a lil’ bit of Jesus, and a lot of entertainment, we strive to bring everything you need to become a truly successful real estate wholesaler.

Hope you enjoy the show!

SWP: 105 Committed to Wealth through Motivation and Real Estate

Juan Vargas is a family man that has found a way to live the life he wants through real estate investing. He has over 350 rental units and looks to help others achieve their goals of having passive cash flow as he hosts his own podcast called “Commit to Wealth.” He’s a full-time entrepreneur and real estate investor with a

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SWP: 105 Committed to Wealth through Motivation and Real Estate

Juan Vargas is a family man that has found a way to live the ...

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Tom Cafarella is a real estate investor from Boston, ...

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SWP: 100 The Professor of Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Neal Bawa is the President and COO of Financial Attunement, a ...

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SWP: 099 You’ll Want to Take Notes on How to Become a Note Investor

On today’s show we have Rick Allen and TJ Osterman. They are ...

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SWP: 098 Super E Takes on Airbnb

Our guest today is Elizabeth Maora Sickels. About a year and a ...

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SWP: 097 Brian’s Introduction

In today’s episode, you’ll get to know the new ...

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Today’s episode sums up Brett, Jaren, and the team’s ...

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