SWP: 096 Good Bye to Jaren

Today’s episode sums up Brett, Jaren, and the team’s journey the past couple of years. Also, they’ve been hinting about a big change happening and they finally revealed what it is—Jaren is officially leaving Simple Wholesaling.

In this episode, Brett and Jaren also talked about their transition and what God has done in their lives and the company so far. They also discussed their past experiences, the decisions they’ve made, the lessons they’ve learned, and their future plans.


In this show, you’ll know:

  • Update on Jaren’s weight loss journey
  • Jaren leaving Simple Wholesaling
  • Receiving an ambiguous email after coming back from a Florida trip
  • Their past experiences
  • Not wanting people to leave
  • Not being the protector all the time
  • Jaren’s move to Chicago
  • Hired a guy and made him sign a mentorship contract
  • Mentoring
  • Podcast as a great branding tool
  • What Jaren will be doing now that he’s on his own
  • Jaren’s strategy
  • Jaren’s message to Brett


“No matter you’re enjoying the cheese, you should definitely maintain your running shoes around your shoulders.”


Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley


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Brett: Na na na na, na na na na, goodbye.

Jaren: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Goodbye.

Brett: This is the Simple Wholesaling podcast episode 96.

Jaren: Introducing your host, Brett Snodgrass.

Brett: Yo, yo, yo. What is going on all you simple wholesaler fans out there? Thank you for joining us again on another episode of the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I am your host, Brett Snodgrass and I am with my amazing brother in Christ co-host, Jaren Barnes. What is up man?

Jaren: What is up man?

Brett: What is up?

Jaren: Where are the tissues at?

Brett: Get the tissue. Man, that is good. Yes man, looking forward to this episode for just kind of chatting with you.

Jaren: It has been a long time coming. A lot of our listeners are probably been like what the heck is going on, they keep hinting that big changes. Jaren’s LinkedIn profile has changed, what is happening?

Brett: Jaren’s whole body has changed right before my eyes.

Jaren: I do not know. Is he going? Is he like… Is he falling off the face of the planet?

Brett: No man.

Jaren: I never want to be Superman by the way, sorry.

Brett: No.

Jaren: That came in a little delayed. Superman is a terrible super hero.

Brett: Really?

Jaren: Captain America.

Brett: Rocky Balboa.

Jaren: Rocky Balboa, he is a real superhero. My wife gives me a hash tag. She says #realliferockingitallproud.

Brett: So true man, so true. By the way, give us an update where you are at. I know you have been… Maybe you want to talk about that little bit but where you at as far as your weight loss journey?

Jaren: I have actually kind of plateaued and got stagnant around the 250 mark but I am still hitting the gym pretty hard so lots of changes have as this episode will unravel. A lot of changes have happened so my focus has not really been as hard on that. I am still 100% plant based, eating super healthy, and I am actually, as of today, going to go on a smoothie fast.

Brett: Nice.

Jaren: For a long while because smoothies are different than juices in that it is actually substinence so you can actually do it. You could just live on smoothies if you wanted to.

Brett: You get all the fiber and everything.

Jaren: Yes. I am going to probably add some like protein powder and cheese for fats and stuff like that.

Brett: That is awesome man.

Jaren: Long story short, I am going to just probably will start losing weight again because I want to get down to 250 lbs by July. I started in July… Alright, sorry I said 250 lbs, I want to get down to 200 lbs. I want to drop another 50 lbs before July hits.

Brett: Wow, that is so awesome.

Jaren: That gives me another seven months to do it.

Brett: Dude, that is…

Jaren: Let it all go hard.

Brett: That is crazy man. You can be like right there with me man. We are going to look like twins.

Jaren: I am going to look like you bro.

Brett: I know. Just get a little like spike on your hair going on.

Jaren: Yes, I got hair. But maybe I can make enough money to buy hair, some kind of wig.

Brett: There you go. Put that little beard on your ear. No ma, that is awesome. It has been amazing to watch your journey just past couple of years. It has been amazing. I know that this episode is going to be kind of a reflection on everything that we have been through these past couple years and just reflection on kind of our journey together.

Jaren: Yes, let us go ahead and say it officially.

Brett: Okay.

Jaren: On the air.

Brett: Alright.

Jaren: Jaren Barnes is leaving Simple Wholesaling. Everyone just went ah.

Brett: Yes. I just went like that too like a little girl. Yes, well that is what this episode is going to be all about. Officially, this is episode 96 with the Simple Wholesaling podcast and the past couple of months has been a very bittersweet journey.

Jaren: Yes. Very bittersweet.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Yes.

Brett: Like I said, you have really just helped put Simple Wholesaling on the map just from the beginning the last couple of years and it has been amazing to work with. I just want to let the audience know that hopefully, maybe I speak for myself, maybe not speak for you totally but definitely the journey is still sweet and we are still going to hang out and work together but it is just going to a little bit of a different capacity what we have done before with you being the dispositions manager at Simple Wholesaling.

Jaren: Yes man.

Brett: You and…

Jaren: I am definitely on the same boat I know. We are kind of going all over the place a little bit but I think that this whole transition out has actually been a God thing because, we will get into it a little bit more deeper as we go on but…

Brett: Let us just kind of dive in though. I think that this episode is going to be a little bit different guys. It is not going to be our normal episode of the Brett’s Insight and everything. This is really just the kind the transition and what God has been doing here at the company and what God has been doing in our own lives and feel like everybody comes to a point in their walk, in their journey, where things just kind of happen and God leads you in certain directions and it is okay. Yes, it stinks sometimes but it is okay. Let us just kind of dive into that.

Jaren: Yes. We, back in November, we came back from the Florida trip.

Brett: Which is cool.

Jaren: Which is great. Then when we have that conversation, was that in December?

Brett: Yes, yes. I guess that was…

Jaren: No, it is early this… No, it was November. It has to be November because I… Yes, it was November.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: It was in November after the Florida trip and everybody was freaking out on the team because Brett sends this very ambiguous e-mail that says, ‘Hey, everyone. I have these questions I want you to fill out and I am going to be meeting with you guys individually. We are going to meet and we are going to discuss the future of Simple Wholesaling.’

Me and our acquisition manager, Tyler, were talking quite a bit through this whole interaction this entire time and we were like guessing what is going on and nobody thought that Jaren Barnes was going to be affected. Everyone thought that my wife and my sister-in-law, like half the disposition team was going to be affected, Tyler thought, like Tyler’s words are verbatim. It is like, ‘Well, I am out but you are definitely going to stay.’ We were all kind of shaking in their boots a little bit and what was going with you on your perspective when you sent out this e-mail like we are going to talk about the future of Simple Wholesaling.

Brett: Yes. I think I was just kind of gone for a weekend. It was actually over Thanksgiving. That is when I was having all of these different thoughts. I went home and one of the gentlemen had come home with me from the team, Gary, to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. This Thanksgiving was really just difficult. I had all these things kind of going through my mind and Simple Wholesaling has had an amazing year guys. If you guys listen to our episodes, like I said, we do not talk a lot about numbers but we flipped about 354 deals to be exact and we made a lot more money than I ever thought we would make. I have made more money than I ever thought I would. People in the team had made more money than they thought that they would here at Simple Wholesaling.

It has been a great year but on the other side of that, the expense column I was kind of just getting kind of freaked out. If you guys have ever grown to a certain level and you start throwing stuff at the wall and let things splat and see where they land and you are put marketing dollars here, marketing dollars there, you are grown your team. You have gone from four people now at ten and everything is just getting like really big and all of a sudden you are like I do not know if I can keep this up. Every month you get the foot on the gas pedal going so hard and then everybody is going so hard and you start to ask your questions. Like why are we doing this? What if stop doing this? Is it going to affect me, is it affecting my health, my stress level, my family and what if we do that because I do not know if I can keep going this hard all the time and do I want to go this hard all the time. I mean heck, 350 deals guys is not…

Jaren: That is a lot.

Brett: Yes, it is not an easy thing to do.

Jaren: It is like close to 30 deals plus a month.

Brett: Yes. I was just with my dad this weekend. I do not like to talk about my parents a lot about, they listen to the podcast stuff. I do not talk to him about the success but back in 2008 when me and my dad were working together, we did about 150 deals and dad was talking about our business and he said, ‘Yes. You kind of seem like you guys did great this year. Did you guys do a 150 deals?’ I said I actually we did about 350.

He is like oh my gosh, that is like crazy and it is but I was starting to think of all these different things and just kind of thinking about my journey and where I want this company to go. Just going a little bit leaner kind of came to mind and I was asking some of the different wholesalers around the nation about pay structures and things like that and so I got some feedback on that. Just kind of hit everything kind of at once and that is kind of when I had a conversation with different people in the direction we were going and that is when I sat down with Jaren.

Then he was kind of maybe at a crossroad, really not knowing it maybe, and then after the conversation, after a few days of talking, just kind of talk and you talk to Azeah and your family and yes that is kind of started.

Jaren: We decided. Yes, you know it was kind of a God thing. There was definitely a shock element because from my perspective, like I kind of toyed with the idea of building a company on the side. We have been doing some land deals this year but I think in my heart of hearts, like what my exit strategy in my life was, to try and become your right hand man. Like become your implementor, right? Be put on salary, run kind of all the systems, where you go around the world speaking and living the high cool life.

I mean maybe being on salary at Simple Wholesaling and then just doing some land deals on the side to make extra income and grow wealth or what have you. But as things have developed, I kind of realized that somehow I do not understand how this works theologically because I do not understand how God works with like free will and all that but I know somehow in the depth of my core that this whole move was a God thing. Because I would have never pursued my full potential being a part of, like staying where I was that comfortable in India, in Carmel, Indiana. With everything that has transpired in the conversation that we had and you encouraging me to go out on my own and pursue that, that was really scary.

It is definitely a God thing because I think in a year from now, two years from now, three years from now, I am going to be in a place where I never would have been if this did not happened. I was very comfortable and that is something that I learned. I read Who Moved My Cheese, I mentioned that in the previous podcast and that book really helped put some things in perspective for me because I was hanging out and in the room with a bunch of cheese and I had lost my running shoes and I was like I made it, I can relax, I can work out all the time and just kind of make sure I do my part and continue to do my stuff but I am here. But there is something really important about never ever getting comfortable ever.

You can enjoy while the comforts are there but you should always, if you guys are not familiar with the book, you guys will understand what I am talking about if you read it. But you should always, no matter how much you are enjoying the cheese, cashew cheese because I am vegan, you should definitely always maintain your running shoes around your shoulders. Always have a heart pasture of being able to move and make moves if you need to.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Yes, that is kind of…

Brett: I think there is something to that. Just a lot of books obviously talk about living outside of your comfort zone. I think it is so easy for us to just get comfortable, even as Christians, we just get comfortable in our own church. We get comfortable just not really reaching out and trying to build new relationships and in business ventures we just get comfortable if you are in a W2 job and you have been there for 10 to 15 years and you do not really want to move beyond that or you just kind of get comfortable in that. I believe that God does not really call us to be comfortable. You can say it if I am wrong but…

Jaren: I agree.

Brett: I do not know if there is anything in the scripture that says you know what, ‘God, since you have become a Christian, you have given your life to Christ, now you can relax and just and just live out the rest and just be comfortable and not really do anything beyond that.’

Jaren: Yes. I mean without being outside your comfort zone, there is no growth. There is absolutely like when you are there, when you are settled, when you are binge watching Netflix and just clocking in, clocking out on iFlix, you will never reach your full potential. I am kind of obsessed with growth and with success. The last couple months with like the David Goggins stuff and all the stuff that I have been really going after like pursuing personal development like I think a large portion of why we are… If you get born again, right, you give your life to Jesus, why do not we just immediately just die right there on the spot and go to heaven and be eternally with God, right? Why are we still here if we have already accepted the gospel, right?

I think a large portion is about growth, it is about growing with God and growing as a person in this world and having the different experiences and really trying to reach this. You are on this journey to reach the fullness of what God created you to be. Like I am pretty passionate about pursuing that man. I am excited, I am nervous, I am scared on the journey but I am excited because I have learned so much this last year and I feel like a climax it all climaxed in last like two to three months with all that is going on that I will never ever ever be in a spot where I am lost in fear and I am always going to be pushing my limits.

Brett: Yes. I think I am in the same boat. I feel like that I have kind of gotten comfortable. Yes, we did really good, but this is like my comfort zone. Wholesaling houses, I know how to do that and I know… Obviously, I am being stretched a little bit about leading a team and that has been…I have done some different things with that but again I feel just kind of comfortable with everything and I am like what is God, how does God want to stretch me this year and what does that exactly look like? I feel like some of it is, I was telling you Jaren, that when I first… My goal was not even to build a team. It was basically I hired Gary as my first hire just because he needed a job and I may be needing some help and that was kind of how it all started.

Then one thing led after another and other people kind of just God just kind of brought other people into my path and then all of a sudden here we are and this is where we have come but really reflecting on that and thinking about that, it is maybe not my job and not my role to put the golden handcuffs on people and say, ‘Hey you know what, well you can make quite a bit of money and just stay here for five to ten years and it will be great. That is what a lot of people do. When I go to my Mastermind Groups, that is what a lot of people talk about. Just put the golden handcuffs on him, do not let him go out and do it on their own, do not even teach him many of the secrets, tell him to do this but do not tell him to do that and that is just the whole mentality because you do not want people to leave. But I was thinking about that and I was like you know I do not really want to live like that.

Jaren: I hate that.

Brett: I am almost like approaching it like what if I am like a college basketball coach and I bring people in kind of as freshmen and I teach them and then now they go through a couple years, two, three, four, years and then they graduate and now they are on their own. I know it is scary but it is also pretty pretty special. When you are leading a team like this, it is kind of like your team is your children almost and you want to protect them. I am thinking about raising my kids and when they are under your roof it is like you can call the shots, you can kind of protect them, you can let them go and do a little bit on their own, but then they always have a place to come back to and it is safe, it is a safe environment.

But then when they go off to like college or they go out really on their own, it is like it is scary for the kids but it is really scary for the parents too. I almost feel like that. I am like this is kind of scary all the way around but man like if I really want people to grow and stretch themselves, just like your kids, that is how you really get stretched by going through some of those experiences and not always being that protector all the time. That seem pretty cool.

Jaren: I prefer to approach things that way. Actually, I took on a guy who is going to be my boots in the ground in Indiana because I am moving to Chicago. I do not have… Outside of Simple Wholesaling, I do not have a side of several holes and I want to do my business here because I have my license here and I have Hawker & Associates because they are amazing and on a side note, now it is really funny the other day. Brett had a me on the wholesaler panel with CIRIA and I was like, ‘Let me tell you who the best title companies are in Indianapolis. I rattle off I think title companies and there is a company that I did not mentioned. He is like a vendor for CIRIA and they are like super networked involved and I totally made him Superman. They took like two minutes to get I will meet with you too, I am amazing too you guys. It was funny. I was like oops.

Brett: I gave him a shout out though.

Jaren: Brett, cover my butt. It looks funny though. I have some things that I want to continue to do business in Indiana but I am moving to Chicago. I hired this guy and how I took it on, how I approached it, is I have him signed a mentorship contract so he is with me for 12 months. I have his loyalty for twelve months and in exchange I am going to teach him everything from A to Z in the business and then help him transition out after twelve months into his own thing.

Brett: That is awesome.

Jaren: Yes. I think that way, the boundaries are very clearly set.

Brett: Yes. I think that we wrote a simple guide about how to find a mentor and I think this is a great way. If you are out there and you are brand new and you are looking for a mentor and there is an opportunity for you to work inside a successful wholesaling company or successful real estate investing company and you are able to be there for a year and just say, ‘You know what? I want to learn. I will do the sticky roles, the roles that nobody else wants and then you work your way up, you work your way through the ranks. I think there is definitely a mentorship opportunity here and that is kind of what I am doing with Jaren.

I have never really been like a on paper like mentor. I have been a mentor that some people will say, ‘Yes, Brett has been my mentor but has never been a set in stone organized program or anything like that and we are going to try to do something like that here so that is kind of exciting. I am also doing something possibly with that another guy, Tim Tyler and that is going to be pretty cool. It is also new to watch on the new guys, just kind of some of the ranks and kind of see what they can do with their opportunity and that is kind of where we are going with this. Yes, just a kind of little reflection man. It has just been pretty awesome. I remember sitting down, doing our very first podcast, and being super nervous giddy like Christmas morning.

Jaren: I remember Episode 2. Like we got Brandon Turner because like I used to work with whenever. We were so… If you go back to episode two, it is so funny because you are like we got Brandon Turner on our show. We are like so excited and like I bet he was thinking the whole time like man this is a bunch of school girls.

Brett: This is like my 300 and…

Jaren: Like, ‘These guys are so lame. Why am I here?’.

Brett: What do you think about like podcast? Do you think that they are just becoming saturated because now anybody it is so easy to have your own podcast now and it is like everybody is starting to do podcast?

Jaren: I think it is becoming saturated but I think my hunch, I could be wrong, but I think that there is going to be like there is a way where kind of like how the market cyclical. I think people are going to jump on, right now, we are kind of at the peak of the podcast cycle and there is going to be a depth where a bunch of people are going to stop doing podcast because there are the people who do it really well, it is amazing, right? You can have so much influence and all this but there is probably a lot of people that are doing it because they think they have to and it is a lot of work for free.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: I think that there is going to be a lot of fluff that gets cut with that maybe. Or maybe it will mirror the economy. The economy has a depth, maybe a lot of people will stop doing it and stuff like that but I think that it is going to be cyclical.

Brett: It has been a lot of fun. We are getting ready to… I have been talking to my daughter, we just got back from Florida, went on our father-daughter trip and we have been talking and doing a little podcast called The Daddy Daughter Show and that is just been pretty cool. Again, if nobody listens to it, it is just kind of a fun way just to kind of have a conversation with somebody. Like we have had pretty conversations on the podcast and I am going to the same thing with her like sometimes I will say, ‘Hey, how is this going?’ She will say, ‘I do not know. I am fine or whatever.’ But the podcast might help her open up and we can actually have a real conversation so it is worth it.

Jaren: Yes, man. You should do a link to wherever, if you have a Facebook page or website wherever in that thing.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: Shownotes, www.simplewholesaling.com/episode96.

Brett: Yes. we took some pictures down in Florida for it and it is going to be pretty cool but I want to just talk about, I know we are kind of just again kind of going everywhere on this but I want to really for kind of the Brett’s Insight of the Week. I want to talk more about this branding and I feel like the podcast for us has been a great branding tool. I think it has really gotten our name out there. People listen to our podcast and I never would have thought listen to it like a lot of my old high school friends or whatever. They said, ‘Oh, yes. We listen to your podcast.’ It is like wow, really, that is awesome. Whatever you guys can do to really help brand yourself, it does not take that long.

I feel like you are in control of your branding of your company and the more things you can do, the more content you can get out there as far as a podcast or going to networking meetings and just continuously saying who you are and your company, a lot of people just forget to brand themselves and I feel like that is one thing that we have really tried to hone in on here at Simple Wholesaling. It does not happen overnight guys. It takes many months and years to just continuously put yourself out there and now finally I feel like after a few years of doing this, we are starting to get some recognition here locally and even nationally as a brand and that is pretty cool.

Jaren: Yes, man. I am a fan. I think that in today’s day and age, if you are going to have any sense of real business, you have to have some type of medium to connect with your audience. Without having an audience, you are really not going to be able to go far. I am fan.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: I am fan.

Brett: Let us talk about you man. Let us just kind of dive into you. What are you going to be doing now? February 1st marked a really kind of now when this podcast kind of comes out, you are officially on your own, what are you going to be doing and what is all that going to look like to talk about your business venture right now?

Jaren: Yes. I am going to go pretty hard on land. I have changed my strategy quite a bit. I originally was going to be kind of going after bigger acres and the same say model that you do at Simple Wholesaling, vacant land. Originally, I was going to target like fifty 25 acres plus or whatever but I have realized with talking to Gary Horton and talking to other people that these little lots that nobody wants, that are leads for that every single wholesaler has and every single market, if I can buy them cheap enough, I can sell them almost at retail value owner financing. Then try to recuperate what I bought the property for in the down payment and then charged interest on top so I can set up a situation where if I am successful by the end of this year, I could have some residual income that is very easy to maintain.

Like the big push is I have to work really really really really hard to build up whatever I want that residual income about to be but then if I reach that, then moving forward what my strategy looks like is what do I have to do to maintain the residual income. Like what is projected to be paid off, if things have been paid off last quarter that were not expected to be paid off, what is my number this quarter that I have to hit in order to maintain the residual income amount, right? That is kind of what my main strategy is going to be, is to build that nest egg, and I think that maybe one or two a quarter, I might do you like a big cash acreage deal.

Obviously partner with you or if we get into doing something like private money lending that kind of thing to take some down those down but that is pretty much my main focus right now and then from there I really do you want to get into commercial multi-family. I am actually talking to a few people and actually I signed up to go to a conference in Texas in March. I am all about syndications and I am going to be going with Lucas Hall from Landlordology.com and so I am going to be slowly dipping my toe in that direction. I have a goal to get my first deal in the multi-family space done this year at some point. I just want to do one syndication of some kind even if I do not make any money, I just want to go through the process and start building a track record because when the market crashes that is when I am going to go like hard on that.

Brett: That is awesome.

Jaren: That is pretty much what I am going to be doing.

Brett: Let us talk about the land stuff a little bit.

Jaren: Yes.

Brett: I think it is a great strategy. If you guys are listening out there and you do not have a lot of money to do like the wholesaling like we do, and that is buy the house and sell it.

Jaren: What are you talking about? It is a terrible idea. No one should ever buy a lot land ever. Very stupid.

Brett: You guys know if you are wholesaling and all, you will get these little wrinky dink lots that somebody might want a thousand bucks for, let us just say, and nobody really wants them because you kind of have to, it is almost like a nuisance to a lot of people. You cannot really do much with it. Jaren, as actually taken this strategy on taking those lots that people might not want and sellers are probably a lot more motivated to sell a lot than they are their house, right? It is just what are they going to do with a lot?

It is just something that they maybe can get an extra few hundred bucks out of that and now they do not have mow the grass, they do not have to pay the taxes, amazing strategy. Now they are motivated to sell this lot and then tell us what a deal might look like here in Indiana that you might pick up that is like a good owner financing type of deal? Tell us what you might pay for it and then what your strategy is? How much you might sell it for, how much down payment and then how much of a monthly payment they might pay?

Jaren: In Crawfordsville, Indiana right now, we have a lot in a private kind of a rural subdivision that is around a lake called Lake Holiday. Right now we picked it up for $700. I am asking the cash price $7900. If it is owner financed, I am going to ask for $10,000 and ask for $1500 down so I essentially double my money in the down-payment and then if we if we proceeded then at $10,000, I would make that spread over maybe a two year term or something like that, roughly around to $350 a month and then I would charge 12% interest per year on that so 1% interest per month.

I would also, something I am going to do different than what we do at Simple Wholesaling, is I am going to have a six month minimum or they have an early payoff penalty.

Brett: Wow.

Jaren: So that I can at least maintain the six months of the payment.

Brett: That is awesome. That is a great strategy. You buy this lot for $700 and then you sell it for $10,000 and you get $1500 down so you have already made a few hundred dollars with the down payment. You are taking money and then the rest of that which is $8500 at 12% interest is just icing on the cake. How many of you out there would take, if somebody were just to write a note to you and say, ‘Hey, I am going to pay you $8,500, you do not have to give me any money. I am just going to give you $8,500 at 12% interest over the next few years?’ How many knows you will take? A lot.

You do not have any money in it and now you are building up these notes and plus 12% interest which 12% interest is a lot of guys. If you look at the stock market, I mean it is a lot of money. I was telling Jaren let us say you did a hundred of these, $10,000 a pop, a hundred $10,000 a pop, not a big math guy, I think it is a million dollars, it is a million bucks. Just the interest alone on a million dollars and 12% interest is a $120,000 a year and that is just the interest. Plus they are paying you back the million dollars that you did not even have in the properties in the first place.

Jaren: Yes.

Brett: It is like icing plus icing and more icing.

Jaren: Now, the trick is you are, obviously everything has a catch 22.

Brett: I am like giving away your whole strategy.

Jaren: No, it is fine. What is funny is that like this content is out there.

Brett: Yes, I know. That was all of our content.

Jaren: I am shocked that nobody does it. Like I do not know why but like I mean Land Academy, RATipster.com, The Land Geek, this is what they teach people all day long but for whatever reason, I do not know, people just do not find it sexy or something.

Brett: I think it is the perfect model that really hits home with the book The Millionaire Next Door because if you watch HE TV or these other TV shows to flipping houses, it is like one of the hardest strategies to do in real estate investing but it is the sexiest because you take this dumpy house and you put in crazy stuff and crazy kitchens and countertops and bathrooms and it looks amazing and it is really sexy but at the end of the day, the book The Millionaire Next Door, talks about that most millionaires not only lived next door in the $200,000 house or whatever it is in your neighborhood that you cannot even tell they are millionaire, number one.

But number two, most of the industries that they are in that they made their money are the not sexy mundane industries that not a lot of people really want to be a part of because they are not sexy. I think this fits that perfectly is because you are basically just buying and selling lots of land and you take a picture a piece of land and it is just like luh, it is nothing. You take a picture of a boozy house and it is sexy so I think it really fits that model perfectly and it is awesome.

Jaren: There are some, like with everything, there are some drawbacks. Land moves a lot slower and typical, if you are a killer deal, your typical turnaround time is like 60 days so you are going to be tying up capital. You have to be careful what you buy because you could buy things that are not buildable and at that point it is literally like a worthless thing. If you do, you are buying in bulk, sometimes it is easy to make mistakes there. You definitely can lose your shirt in it just like everything else but I like it because from everything that I have been exposed to in real estate, and that is why I am doing it, the best strategy has been selling land with an owner financing option attached to the back and then commercial multi-family for a long term. That is what I am pursuing.

Brett: Yes. I remember this guy when I was working with Timber Company. They were doing this back to 10 years ago, it is a little bit different but they would buy these rural pieces of land like a 100 acres and they would split them up into like five acre sections and sell them with the owner financing on the end. The other thing about owner financing with land is, guys, that a lot of people talk about, the Dodd-Frank Act and all the rules and regulations.

Jaren: Yes, that is a really good point.

Brett: Yes, things like that is land. You do not really have to follow those rules because it is not a residential house that somebody is going to be living in. Those rules apply to primary homeowners that they are going to buy a house to live in and this does not really apply to that. Again, great strategy. The other thing is that I always come back to is when I am selling these houses owner financing, guess what, if something goes wrong I get the house back but a lot of times the house is now like a complete dump. Somebody has had sixteen cats in it, they have been smoking like a chimney, and I have to go through. I got a paint it, flooring, whatever, this and that.

Jaren: They just decided to take a dump in the living room. That happened many times.

Brett: I got to take the $10,000 or $15,000 that they gave me over the past year or two and put it all back into the house and then sell it again. With land, I mean how are they going to like take a dump on your lawn? I do not know, I was just kidding. But they are going to… You do not have to worry about that. They cannot really tear up your land. Again, it goes a little bit slower, you do not have that much money, and not trying to give away all your secrets and all strategies. I just think it is…

Jaren: No, I mean the thing is just it is all out there anyway.

Brett: There is a lot of lots i lowland.

Jaren: Well, I mean from a strategy standpoint, I mean even on this podcast, we have had Jack Bosch, we have had Seth Williams, we have had Gary Horton, we have had I think a couple other guys that have done land stuff and it is like it is out there but people still do not… I think there is something about houses though that it moves quick.

Brett: It does.

Jaren: You can do value a lot easier than you can in land. Another thing too, you do not have as many repeat buyers. There are some repeat buyers out there like developers and timber companies and stuff like that but primarily for lots your buyers are going to be just as flaky as your sellers so you have to like have a lot of extensive follow up and you have to have marketing dollars spent there. It is a little different but from everything that I have seen, I prefer to do it because I do not mind moving slower.

I mean to give comparisons like working in acquisitions on the house side. If motivated texts your acquisition manager at eleven o’clock at night or one o’clock in the morning, they get it. They have to respond because that person is sitting with a stack of other more motivated seller cards or we buy houses cards, right? With land, I mean not that you want to be lazy or anything like that, but they leave a voicemail, I will call them back maybe two days later. They never had anybody else ever touch them with a postcard.

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: It is completely fine. Anyway, another thing that is crazy and why I like the strategy, with lots doing it this way, buying to the lots, there is almost less amount of opportunity for people to… Even if there were a million other, I think the land geek when had them on the show, he talked about it like when you run the numbers even if there were a million other land investors that started jumping to the game right now, there is a show much opportunity nobody would even feel it.

Brett: Right. That is true.

Jaren: The reason why is like you take something like Fort Wayne, right? If I go in a direct mail campaign for lots in Fort Wayne, you want to get into it right? You have Indianapolis, you have Bloomington, you have Evansville, you have Terre Haute. I mean there is so many areas that you can hit and all these little towns, there is sections of new developments or lots or whatever around lakes and stuff. There is almost an endless opportunity

Brett: Yes.

Jaren: It is hard for the market to get saturated.

Brett: Yes, definitely man that is exciting. Tell our audience what is your website is going to be and how can they get ahold of you if someone wants to reach out to you more about this. Maybe you can help them or direct them and want to talk about that a little bit?

Jaren: Yes. I am going to have… Right now, I have a website called by ibuyland.org, that is my seller facing website. You can reach me at Jaren@ibuyland.org. I also have a Facebook page there but again that is more towards motivated sellers. I am coming out with a website called CheapLandDeals.org that is in the process of being made. Eventually, there will be a Facebook page for that as well. It is probably about a month to two months in the making but if you guys just remind, save yourselves a reminder in the calendar in like three months to say look, do you search for cheaplanddeals.org, Jaren Barnes, then you guys would be able to find me on Facebook. But for now, probably the best way to keep in touch with me is on my Instagram because I post all my motivational stuff and stuff at Instagram. That is JaronB7. My Instagram is probably the easiest way to follow me personally right now.

Brett: Cool man. Those are all going to be in the links guys at the simplewholesaling.com/episode96. As we transition, I do not know where our time is exactly at but…

Jaren: Forty three minutes.

Brett: Yes. I just want to kind of rehash again guys. Jaren, you can kind of tell anybody but this is basically going to be the last episode with Jaren on the Simple Wholesaling podcast. I do not know exactly the Simple Wholesaling podcast is and will be moving forward and I will still be the host of the show. I do not know exactly what the co-host might look like or we have not got into all of that but you guys will be, we will let you guys know that. If you have any suggestions or anything where you would like to see this show go, please you can e-mail me at BrettSnodgrass@simplewholesaling.com right now but let us just kind of stick with you man. Just thank you so much for the past couple of years and I think that this show has been amazing. Cannot believe we are almost two years in and it has just been awesome man and thank you so much for sharing but do you kind of want to send off a little? I do not know.

Jaren: Yes, I do. Yes. I want to take the opportunity Brett to just say thank you to you. I would have never been anywhere remotely close to who I have become today and who I am going to become in the future without you giving me this opportunity. I was a pigheaded aggressive young buck that had absolutely no college degree, I had no track record, and you took a chance on me and you literally gave me an inch. I think when you first hired me like yes, maybe part time, you can write an e-book for me for like $8 an hour and then like the first week I worked like 60 hours for you and I like hit the ground running. I just thank you for the opportunity man.

You have changed my life, my family’s life, my family’s tree. My legacy moving forward is going to be completely influenced by what has transpired the last two years man. I do not know if this is going to make any sense to you but it makes sense to me so I am just going to take this opportunity to share it live with our audience here. I do want to apologize for looking hindsight. There were some things that I have done in the way of carrying myself that could have been better. I think I complained way too much. My wife is really good at highlighting my complaint.

Brett: Wives are good at that.

Jaren: But yes, like I got comfortable. In being comfortable… Obviously that makes it sound like it was bad. Obviously it was a mutual thing and you did not fire me or anything like that but I know for me personally looking hindsight, I got comfortable in my comfort. I was complaining and kind of had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder and some regards and those are some lessons that I have learned through this last transition that I am going to work really hard moving forward. Never to be comfortable, to always stay hungry, to always remain grateful because it is so hard when you are in the thick of it to be present and enjoy and just be thankful for the opportunity because you are like man I got to sell properties, I got this going on, I got this going on.

But like if I would have the last two years really look back and know that it was a time bomb, that there was an expiration date on everything, I think I would have really just enjoyed it more and just been more present and so thank you for dealing and putting up with all my book crap and my millennial entitlement and chip on my shoulder and stuff man. I mean I know I work hard and all that but looking back there is a lot that you put up with as a leader that you did not have to just for the sake of our relationship. I am really thankful for that. I mean I cannot…

Words really do fall short when it comes to how much I love this company and how much I am so grateful for the experience and the ride that we had together and the ride that we are going to continue to have. It is that it looks different with you kind of maybe partnering with deals on and continue to mentor me and helping me be successful and likewise. Maybe in the future we will own like a commercial real estate podcast or something. We will be like the new Jake and Gino or something. Simple apartment investing.

Brett: Yes, I look forward to it. Yes, man. It has been a good journey and again just thank you, very grateful. I have learned that I really really really enjoy seeing other people succeed. I actually think I enjoy seeing other people succeed more than myself succeeding. I have had a lot of success over the past few years. It is only been related to the team and you guys working really hard and doing really well at your roles.

I feel like I am in a season in my life really just really enjoying watching other people succeed and whether that is here in our company and watching them get deals that they have never gotten before or seeing them on their own getting deals and getting that first deal because I remember what that feels like. That first deal, like we have done thousands of deals here but I always remember the very first one that I got. There is always some that really just kind of stick out in your mind. Remember that first few thousand dollars check that I got and it was such a confidence booster. Wow, I really did, I cannot believe it.

I remember you got that big land deal this last year. Like the best deal that we ever did, we did like close to 90,000 plus on this big land deal and I could not even believe it. I was like I cannot believe we just did that. Like that was huge and there is going to be many many more like that and just again, I enjoyed you and Azea and Aaliyah. You guys have just been amazing to work with. You will be definitely missed like I said and the text, just really enjoyed all the stuff praying for each other, doing our crazy worship nights, putting church chairs together, praying over people or going to Florida together. Going to Denver, watching people smoking pot on the streets like crazy stuff. You on the wholesaling panel, starting the podcast, you praying over me with my hurt leg at the first meeting at the coffee shop.

Watching you go to these crazy conferences in Kansas and praying for people in the streets or going to the local Mexican restaurant. You praying with the waitress and it has been a lot of fun. This has been great but our journey will continue and we will see what God has in store.

Jaren: Yes, man. I love you guys. So grateful for you guys. Again, if you want to connect with me right now, the best is probably e-mail. Send me an e-mail at jaren@ibuyland.org and then if you want me to like add you to like an ongoing newsletter or something, just let me know. Like hey keep in touch with me and I will add you to some kind of a newsletter thing and then when I come up with a Facebook page, I will let you guys know. We are at cheaplanddeals.org. I really like my logo. I do not know if this is like kosher enough but it looks like it has a like with a turban because you know a lot of like Middle Eastern cultures, they are very good at negotiating and doing deals. It is Cheap Land Deals with this guy with a turban on his head and it is all land. It is really cool, I am excited about that.

Brett: That is awesome man. Well check that out guys in the show notes at simplewholesaling.com/episode96. We are signing off. Jaren Barnes, Brett Snodgrass, episode 96 on Simple Wholesaling podcast. Thank you guys. We will see you soon.

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