We’ve tested many products and services. Discover our recommendations for the best tools and resources available for wholesaling real estate.

Welcome to the Tools For Wholesalers page! We are so excited to share this list of our top recommendations for all your real estate needs!

Every resource listed here is something that we have either personally used or have overwhelming evidence to know that it’s the one of the best things out there. We don’t take your trust as our audience lightly, so we would not recommend something unless we were absolutely sure it was worthy.

A lot of these tools we literally use in our business every day and we’re not exaggerating when we say that they have revolutionized our business.

Property Management

Looking for property management companies to assist you as you build your real estate portfolio? Here, we offer recommendations of companies we trust.

Rob Rollins is by far one of the best property managers we’ve ever come across! Rob loves to be the “boots on the ground” for out of state investors, providing rehab estimates, inspections and giving you the confidence you need in a property manager!

A Step Ahead Management comes highly recommended from some of our top buyers, as well as other highly respected wholesalers in the Indianapolis market. You can’t go wrong with these guys!

FS Houses is an innovative real estate company owned and operated by Ryan and Ashley Mullin. FS Houses features a combined 20 years of experience (between the 2 founders) and a fresh new outlook on Indianapolis houses and neighborhoods.

BHB is a full service Real Estate company who’s mission is to serve their clients with filling the holes in their real estate business. Whether you need rehab, management, or even properties these guys do it all -and with integrity!

This company comes highly recommended. They are a one-stop shop! Rehab, Rent, Residual Income to clients. They only rehab their client’s properties. They are investors themselves, so know what their owners are looking for.

One-stop-shop management company who manages Indianapolis, and surrounding counties. Smaller company. They do the Rehab, Manage, Etc.

Large Management Company in downtown Indianapolis, they are a one-stop shop management company and can do the rehab, and manage the property for you.

We recommend these guys. Good local company.


We recommend these contractors if you prefer to hire directly vs having a management company take care of everything.

These guys we can’t say enough about! Highly recommend them and they have been doing a lot of new retail flips in the Fountain Square, Bates Hendricks areas of Indianapolis. Top notch work!

Bildwise is a truly awesome company that is currently branching out into several different markets. If you’re familiar with the concept of a “Property” manager, think of these guys as a “Rehab” manager. If you are in need of a rehab for one of your properties, but you don’t want to deal with the headache of contractors or you’re investing out of state, you can hire Bildwise to manage the project for you. Brett has used these guys for his own personal flips in the past, and they are a pain-free way to get your investments flipped or rent ready.

We recommend these guys. Good team over at Indy Home Vault.

We have personally used these guys for roof jobs! Very good work and reasonable pricing. They specialize in roofing, gutters and siding!

Take the headaches of your inspection response. They have all subs to do the whole inspection response, so you don’t have to worry. A tad more money to alleviate the issues.

We were referred to him through No Flipping Excuses author, Jason Lucchesi

We have personally used them for some repairs to some of our units and have found them to be very reasonable on pricing!

With more than thirty five years of experience and hundreds of construction projects under their belts, owners Ross Parker and Josh Rinehart can handle anything thrown their way. They don’t view it as hired to do “a job”. They take the responsibility of a budget seriously, and work with you as your partner to complete the project on budget and on time.

Educational Products

Let’s face it: Real Estate Investing is notorious for being plagued by “Gurus”, that charge waaay too much money for the value that they deliver in their marketing material. In most cases, these “Gurus” are wolves in sheep’s clothing, so when you’re starting out, it can be tough to figure out who you can trust. So, we decided to help and do the legwork for you. Below are the best educational books, courses, guides and resources that we could find for real estate investors just getting started. These can really kick start you on your success as real estate investor, so enjoy!

BiggerPockets has one of the best introduction courses to real estate investors I’ve ever seen! This guide has over 60 free lessons on everything you’d need to know to get started. In addition, their books and ultimate guides are such an invaluable resources, that honestly, could arguably be the only thing you need in terms of education! Sign up today by following this link.

Seth Williams over at is one of the coolest, straight-forward guys you’ll ever met. He has an incredible course that pretty much hand-holds you through the process of going from newbie to successful land investor. If this is a strategy that suits you, this course could be the catalyst to launching you into your dreams. Click here to learn more!

HouseFlippingHQ is our an exceptional educational resource for those looking to learn how to flip houses! Justin Williams is as solid as they come and his heart is to truly see his students become successful. If the fix-and-flip business is the way you want to go, this is the place to be!

This is a complete list of the top 99 best business books in the world today. Feel free to search this topically, or if you’re up for the challenge try to make it a goal to read all of these. . . it may change more than just your business! Check out the list, right now!

Tools and Contacts for Business

This section covers all of the general business tools that we use in our business every day, and some additional ones that we give our official stamp of approval. These are not real estate specific business tools, but they are must-haves that can help you streamline your workflow and increase your productivity by leaps and bounds!

It’s a no brainer that the first spot on our company’s most recommended resources would be reserved for the guys over at Heaven in Business. Do you want your business to experience God in a powerful and supernatural way? Are you a Christian who wants to learn how to use entrepreneurship as a means to both spread the Kingdom of God and take care of your needs financially? Heaven in Business out of Redding, California is one of the most powerful business communities around. Their resources will teach you how to be a powerhouse for the Kingdom of God, how to practically be a light in the darkness regardless of your industry (even if you’re not allowed to openly share your faith) how to get supernatural insight into your work and more! We believe that every Christian business person should be apart of their online community, so don’t wait! Click here to join right now!

Jenny was referred to us by the Podcast Answerman himself -Mr. Cliff Ravenscraft. Our relationship started with her doing all of our podcast graphics and has developed into a lot more since. She has helped us with everything from direct mail flyer templates, promotional cards, thank you cards, business cards and more. If you have any graphic design needs, she is an excellent resource. Now, I will warn you, demand for her is great, so it may take a little longer for her to get back to you, but her quality is so worth it! For a 5% discount, send her a message saying “Hi From Simple Wholesaling!” today!

This is a customer relationship management software custom-made for real estate investors. If Podio and other CRM’s are too “techy” for you, and you want something that simply works straight out of the box, this is the best option, hands down! The features include automated follow-ups series, sections for private lenders, buyers and sellers, wholesalers, bird-dogs and much, much more! I cannot stress how amazing this CRM software is, if I were you, I’d check it out right now!

This is another great service provided by Danny Johnson from! If you’re looking to get a lead generation website but don’t know where to turn, Lead propeller is the easiest professional option out there. These guys know real estate investing like the back of their hand and have beautiful website designs for you to choose that have been proven to convert leads. If you’re looking to build a quick and simple website for your real estate business that will actually produce leads, these are the guys you want to talk too!

There have been a lot of people ask us how to establish a professional “company name” email address, and the easiest answer is to sign up for Google Apps for business. For $10 a month you can have access to all the computing software (in terms of a word processor, powerpoint and excel equivalent, etc.) you’d ever need. Plus with this comes over a 1 TB of storage memory for all of your business needs. Google Apps for business is an incredible resource: click to sign up today for a first year discount of 20%!

A lot of you may already be on our Simple Wholesaling Buyer’s List where we routinely send out all the updates regarding our current inventory. As you’ll soon find out, once your buyer’s list grows to more than 20 people, sending out properties through Gmail or Yahoo just becomes far too tedious to handle. That’s where Aweber comes in.

Aweber is the best email marketing software we have found. We run all of our property presentations, weekly newsletters and all mass email communication through Aweber. If you’re looking for this type of resource, and you need help on learning how to use it, Aweber is where you want to be.

They have a ton of free educational guides, videos and more just to help you out! Their customer service is also ridiculously helpful! Check them out today by clicking on this link.

Business Services

Looking for some extra assistance as you continue to grow your property portfolio? These resources can be a helpful leg up.

Click the link to the left for a free trial! This is a great tool for driving around and sending postcards right from your car on your phone!

An Indianapolis-based provider of virtual assistant services for real estate investors. Save time and scale your profits (and business) by injecting some professional assistance into your business model. This is a resource that we highly recommend!

We highly recommend these guys for any tasks that are one off like designing a website or translating a document.

We personally use these guys! They have all the automation and Follow Up built right into Podio for you.

These guys do our PPC Ads and really do well at getting us good leads! They are limited to how many client’s they allow in an area. They do great web design too!

These guys do our Facebook Ads management and really know how to hone in what areas and demographics we are targeting. Great way to start getting leads, without having to start up a website.

These guys are some of the best at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for getting your website to the top of search engine searches organically. We use them in our acquisition business!

Let’s face it -reliable hard money lenders can be difficult to find! That’s why we recommend Aloha Capital. Whenever one of our buyers have purchased a property from us using Aloha, the transaction has been easy and extremely smooth. If you’re looking for a hard money lender, these guys are the way to go!

Rentometer is a tool we use every day in our business. It is a calculator that will provide the average rents for any given area. Their first few searches are free and then you’ll be promoted to subscribe, but there service is far worth the price. Check them out today!

Having access to a third party escrow account is essential for your real estate business. is an online platform that makes it super easy to set up an escrow account, and this account can be used to buy and sell in any state! If you’re an out-of-state investor and you’re looking for a reliable escrow company, these guys are for you!

If you’re looking to wholesale real estate through the method of “double-closing,” and you’re in need of a transactional lender, look no further! Best Transactional Funding is one of the most notable transactional lenders out there! For those of you who might not know what “transactional lending” is, these are 1-day loans that can fund you closing on a property so that you can turn around and wholesale it to an end buyer the same day! This is one of the more solid ways to wholesale real estate, so don’t wait! Check these guys out right away!

For the few occasions where we sell one of our properties through owner-financing, we use Mountain States Escrows! These guys make owner-financing super simple. They provide the buyer a login so that they can check their loan balance whenever they’d like and they automatically handle the withdrawals, interest versus principal payment tracking and much, much more!

Dominion is another private lending company that we’ve had personal experience with our buyer’s using. They offer multiple different funding options are a fantastic resource for using OPM. Definitely, check these guys out!

Lima is setting out to redefine the standard for hard money lending! They have several different lending packages that truly fit your investment needs. These are another fantastic financing group that understands the investor mindset, so definitely check them out!

These guys fund it all -from fix-and-flip, to rehab-to-keep, transactional, small commercial and more, Freeland Ventures specializes in customizing their package to fit your specific needs. These guys are another fantastic option that you can trust!

These guys we use for some of our folders, meetup banner, vehicle graphics and apparel. They are about 2 hours from Indy. It’s better to get smaller graphics from them and apply them yourself to your back vehicle window or they also can mail you magnetic signs that come off.

These guys do a lot of our custom mailers and have anything you want from Google Image Postcards to Christmas Cards.

If you’re looking for a reliable direct mail company, Yellow Letters understands exactly what the real estate investor needs. These guys mail all over the U.S. and with so many different templates and options for you to choose from, these guys are honestly the only direct mail resource you’ll need to get the job done.

Home Staging

We’ve used this team several times and definitely recommend their services!

Home Share Consulting, Hosting, Managing. Livers of Life, providing exceptional client and guest services!


Inspections are a critical component of real estate purchase and management. These are our recommendations.

Good Company. I like working with Ric. He is involved with the Local CIRIEA and comes highly recommended. They do Partial Inspections as well for investors for the larger items of the home only for under $200. He is an investor friendly inspector.

Neil Perry, Owner of Indianapolis Home Inspections. Neil has occupied the real estate industry for more than 15 years in different roles including having been a licensed broker. He’s also flipped homes as the GC and owned many single family rentals. He offers speedy service, reports that are clean, easy to navigate, online and delivered immediately to the buyer and agents inbox before leaving the property!


Insurance options crafted to fit the needs of real estate investors.

REIGuard delivers custom insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of real estate investors.

We personally use these guys and have saved a lot

Title Companies

Interested in finding wholesale real estate financing solutions? Here, we’ve listed some of our go-to resources for this unique type of financing.

We use these guys for any deals outside of Indianapolis. They are also a great resource for any legal concerns we have.

We use these guys for any deals in Indianapolis and they close FAST!

We use these guys as well for properties in Indianapolis.

Community & Podcasts

Below are our most recommended real estate investing online communities. These sites really know their stuff! We recommend checking them out!

Like we’ve mentioned before, if you’re in real estate investing, you need to be on It’s really that simple!

Landlordology from is a powerful resource with tons of guides and articles related to streamlining your buy-and-hold investing. If you’re looking to make being a landlord as easy as humanly possible then stop what you’re doing, and click here to find out more, right now!

Seth Williams (already mentioned above) has some of the most straightforward, and helpful resources for people looking to get started in real estate investing. Specializing in Land, if you camp here for a while and then implement what Seth’s teaching, you’ll be sure to find yourself successful. If you join his newsletter, tell him, “Hi From Simple Wholesaling!” for us!

This is one of the coolest real estate communities online! Andy McFarland and his brother Jason run an incredibly entertaining online real estate show that you HAVE to see! This is some of the best content on the internet for real estate investors, and it’s all free! Don’t miss out -check it out today!

Danny Johnson is our #1 recommended resource on the subject of flipping houses. His content, software products and all around heart to serve people, give him the #1 spot in our book! If you are looking to learn more about the fix and flip business, honestly you don’t need to look anywhere else -this is where you want to be!

Deal Farm is the podcast ran by Ken Corsini, one of the top real estate investors in the country. Ken is a solid Christian who we know you can trust. The information coming from his show is priceless, so we highly recommend that you check it out.

This is a fantastic community around the subject of buy-and-hold. Steve VanCauwenbergh has a rags-to-riches story like none other and is sold out to the Lord Jesus! If you want to learn how to successfully grow a passive rental portfolio, we highly recommend you check out their podcast and additional resources!

Jimmy Moncrief over at is a real estate financial expert who teaches you all the “secrets” to getting a lender to say “yes” to funding your real estate business! An investor, a Christian, and an all around incredible guy, Jimmy teaches you all the in’s and outs of both the conventional and creative finance worlds. If you’re looking to learn how to develop an endless flow of working capital, this is where you need to be!

Al Williamson has some of the coolest resources on how to use real estate as a means to make a real difference in the world around you. As a buy and hold investor with a heart for God, Al has a proven track record of turning around neighborhoods by investing in the rough areas of his hometown of Sacramento, California. If you’re looking for creative ways to impact the lives around you through your real estate business, you have to check him out! Additionally, he also has some really savvy ways to generate income from your rentals outside of simply collecting rent, so don’t miss out!

So there you have it guys! If you’ve made it this far -kudos! I have one final thought before I go, and it’s this: Thank you.

Thank you for being a part of this community and looking to us as a guide on your real estate investment journey. We don’t want to get too sentimental, but we really do what we do so that we can see you become successful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments, questions or concerns! We’re here… see you on the flip!